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Study Guide for Quiz on Chapters 6 and 7

by: Nicole Dombey

Study Guide for Quiz on Chapters 6 and 7 STC 114

Marketplace > University of Miami > Strategic Communication > STC 114 > Study Guide for Quiz on Chapters 6 and 7
Nicole Dombey
Principles of Advertising
Katy Snell

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About this Document

This study guide is a combination of class notes and book notes! Guaranteed to help you get an A on the quiz tomorrow! Good luck! Hope this helps!
Principles of Advertising
Katy Snell
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nicole Dombey on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STC 114 at University of Miami taught by Katy Snell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 157 views. For similar materials see Principles of Advertising in Strategic Communication at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Study Guide STC114 Chapters 6 and 7 QUIZ ON October 28th CHAPTER 6 Research is nonnegotiable 0 You cannot come to know your customer base if you do not listen to them rst 0 Research is done before during and after a campaign emphasis on evaluation Areas of Research 0 1 Market Research often used in new product launches you are compiling information about the product category competitors size od the market chances for growth ex What does the market look like if a company was trying to sell physical books Chegg UM bookstore etc o 2 Consumer Research identify people who are in the market Their attitudes interests beliefs values etc Who are you going to target Who do you need to contact in order to reach those groups Difference between attitudes interests beliefs values Attitudes o Interests 0 Beliefs Values 0 3 Brand communication research researching how best to deliver your message What medium works the best What nonverbal elements What channel What time of day and place Ex What would be brand communication research results you would expect when launching a new video game console ESPN younger middleaged men 0 For Wii usually nickelodeon cartoon network Disney etc 0 Typically to young consumers used to assemble information needed in planning the use of a variety of marketing communication tools Types of Research 0 all the secondhand information that is already available to you Ex annual reports previous ads complaint letters trade articles sales gures You can drum up secondary research from a lot of places but there are some in marketing context used by industry leaders Nielson Pew Research Census data Actual suppliers of data Lexusnexus Dow Jones 0 research data that you amass on your own Surveys interviews focus groups experiments eld research content analysis textual analysis Qualitative v Quantitative inductive subjective impressionistic holisticinterdependent system purposefulkey informants not focused on generalization aims at new perspective case studies focus on words probing oThe WHY making generalizations from a small group of people o deductive objective conclusive independent statistical analysis counting focused on s o Marketers tend to focus on guarantee 0 Generalize from US what the entire population will be How do we use our research o To get a feel for how the market looks 0 Understand the consumer better o To see what sorts of media out consumers are using o Evaluate our campaigns l listened to consumers and changed image Domino s Pizza 0 New and improves o Domino s held focus groups and continuously found that people hated their pizza o Also market for fast and easy dwindling o Domino s rebranded itself as an open honest and funny company willing 0 tell consumer that its original recipes sucked 0 Ex commercial of them making fun of themselves quotOh yes we didquot quotfailure is an optionquot No longer just focused on pizza have other things on the menu now CEO s saying we sucked but not anymore Consumer Insight o You want to collect all the data you can on the consumer such as Blogs Telemarketing call results Social media responses Forum reviews monitoring buzz oThis is part of the larger trend of 0 Sales 0 0 How many people are talking about the brand What is the violence of the message 0 Ex brand with a lot of buzz is Shark Week Campaign Evaluation Website hits posttests survey polls what else Comparing ROI return on investment Customer response Expansion Partner response Salespeople Competitor response are people changing because of you Research Methods 1 data collection tools why consumers think feel and behave the way they do Online forums Online communities Web surveys chat Focus groups get to see people s real opinions Depth interviews triads diads talking for an hour I personal Textual Analysis Discourse analysis ethnography ex walking dead watching all scenes dialogues etc 0 Text any formalized media product book commercial Looking at power dynamics in something 0 How long was something 0 Angle of camera 0 look at what you write longterm study of people Ex Indonesia people who clean the dead and honor them Following someone around Having select group of people from all different stages for years and following the to know their lives and to see when and where they go to Starbucks oAlso known as longitudinal studies Also use researchers use video audio and disposable cameras to record consumers behavior at home in stores or wherever people buy and use their product 0 O 2 Two characteristics large sample sizes and random sampling Experimental research 0 Uses a control group and experimental group 0 Experimental research is needed to suggest a cause and effect relationship Survey research 0 Questionnaires interviews and sample polls 0 Represents response using statistically using graphs charts tables or percentages Content analysis 0 Analysis of text and media 0 Counting the number of occurrences of a particular phenomena Metaanalysis o Analyze patterns in existing research 0 Combining the results from a collection of existing research trying to run an experiment in a realworld setting Experimental Design 0 IV sleep 0 Group A 10 students sleep 2 hours a night Group B 10 different students sleep 10 hours a night 0 Dependent variable reaction time how quickly you spooked 0 Independent Variable hours of sleep 0 Guess hypothesis ln a eld experiment ex sending someone out clubbing one night and seeing how they did on a quiz the next day quotreal worldquot Reliability and Validity o the degree to which an assessment tool produces stable and consistent results o refers to how well a test measures what it is purposed to measure 0 General threats to validity of research one treatment is done at morning and the other one at night participants in one treatment are older than those in another one people change get married get older get jobs etc Ex with Starbucks study ethnography the person they were following could have moved what do you do Extras from book 0 7 ways research is used in marketing communication planning market information consumer insight research I brand information media research message development research Advertising or IMC plan Evaluation Research o research on an execution in its nished stages but before it appears in the media last step where diagnostics can generate changes in the message CHAPTER 7 lntro ChickfilA gets love from renegade cows 0 1995 quotEat Mor Chikinquot campaign to convince consumers to switch from beef to chicken 0 great example of how you don t have to be the biggest company to have great advertising 0 positioned ChickfilA chicken sandwiches as the premium alternative to hamburgers 0 Couldn t afford national campaign so decided to advertise on billboards strategic planning o the process of identifying a problem that can be solved with communication then coming up with suitable idea to solve the problem A PLAN Determine what you want to accomplish with the message Decide on how to accomplish the objectives Implement the speci c activities that make the plan come to life Business 0 Kodak is an example of a company that went obsolete as technology advances a line of products with all the offerings under a single name brand 0 Mission statement and business philosophy may be used to describe where the business is headed Strategic marketing planning 0 Goals 0 Current situation 0 Strategic and tactical planning 0 Implementation and monitoring Mission Statement 0 This is a concise expression of the broad goals and policies of the business 0 Ex Walt Disney 0 One of the easiest identifying things for a company Business Philosophy 0 The fundamental principles that guide the operation of the business 0 For many its to make a pro t for other its more Ex Tom s of Maine organic deodorant toothpaste etc Goals and Objectives 0 eral statements involving intention of instruction 0 measurable way of achieving goals Focused on maximizing pro t and a measurement that shows whether in general the costs of conducting the business are more than matches by the revenue produced in return SWOT Analysis 0 Strengths o Weaknesses 0 Opportunities 0 o Threats Marketing Assessment 0 McDonalds 0 Internal successful advertising and name brand competitive price weak product development management of franchise 0 External Internationalization growing dining out market more health conscious customer threat from local competitor global economic recessions playing in a mature and saturated industry Desired results tactics o The book pushes its own quotplanquot IMC plan but its still the tactical phase of a marketing plan 0 are actions carefully planes to achieve a speci c end Who what where Example of marketing plan 0 Goals Establish out brand in social media 0 Objectives Get 1000 Facebook fans Get 1000 Twitter followers 0 Strategies Provide reasons for people to become Facebook Fans 0 Engage with the community Offer special deals 0 Find and follow relevant people 0 Tactics Share news and buzz Tweet and retweet regularly Other Unique Tactics Ex Sprint 0 Comparing Sprint TMobile Verizon ATampT Account Planning 0 Correlates with budget and operational plans in the original chart 0 is the research and analysis process used to gain knowledge about the key consumer 1 Understand the meaning of the brand 2 Understand the target audience s relationship to the brand 3 Articulate communication strategies 4 Prepare creative briefs based on an understanding of the consumer and brand 5 Evaluate the effectiveness of the communication in terms of how the target reacts to it Insight Research 0 Advertisers ask themselves a ton of questions hoping to gain insight about their key consumers O basically about asking and listening and then asking more questions to probe deeper into thoughts opinions attitudes desires and motivations What is the product reason for being What is the products history How do our consumers see themselves What are the barriers to using the product VIDEO Magic Johnson and Starbucks Extras from book 0 philosophy that describes the operations of companies whose corporate mission re ects their desire to do good Notes Tom s of Maine 0 Marketing Plan developed for a brand or product line Step 1 based on extensive market research that assesses the external and internal environments that affect marketing programs 0 Making analysis look back in notes Step 2 set objective 0 Usually focused on sales and measurements referring to the percentage of the category purchases that are made by the brand s customers Step 3 asses consumer needs and wants relative to the product segment the market into groups that are likely to respond and target speci c audiences and uncover insights about their thoughts and behaviors Step 4 Develop brand strategy differentiating and positioning product relative to the competition Step 5 develop the marketing mix strategy selecting product design and performance criteria pricing distribution and marketing communication Step 6 implementation of tactical programs that execute the strategic decisions Brand Identity Strategy 0 Brand personality and liking 0 Brand position and leadership 0 Brand image 0 Brand promise and brand preference 0 Brand loyalty Brand Positioning o how consumers de ne the product or brand relative to its competitors 0 Differentiation and competitive advantage strategy to focus attention on product differences that are important to consumers already learned this products that are the same milk gas etc helps structure an assessment of features relative to competitor s products to identify were a brand has an advantage Creative Brief 0 explains the consumer insight and summarizes the basic strategy decisions Planners main product should be clear logical and focused Article to know for TEST Mistake 1 Drinking and Driving Drunk 0 Nightlife Navigators University of Florida Safe and affordable late night transportation 0 Decided to take humorous approach that students can relate to instead of feeling like they re being lectured to


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