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Book Notes detailed Chapter 6

by: Natalie Land

Book Notes detailed Chapter 6 STC 114

Marketplace > University of Miami > Strategic Communication > STC 114 > Book Notes detailed Chapter 6
Natalie Land
GPA 4.0
Principles of Advertising
Katy Snell

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About this Document

Study Guide for tommorow's quiz on chapter 6 and 7. this is chapter six only chapter 7 to come! very detailed notes by notes more than the powerpoint! perfect for the test as well
Principles of Advertising
Katy Snell
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Natalie Land on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STC 114 at University of Miami taught by Katy Snell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Principles of Advertising in Strategic Communication at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 10/27/15
Chapter 6 Notes from the Book 0 Strategic Research 0 In 2009 Pizza sales were really affected People wanted healthier stuff and Dominoes was an example of a Pizza company that stopped making money for almost four years They delivered super quick and ef ciently fast but customers cared more about the taste which dominoes had always ranked last in Dominoes conducted primary and secondary research to better their company They had to be more personal with customers admit to honest and loyalty and needed proof of better taste The second ingredient to success Dominoes had to be an honest and authentic company and in this case they admitted to bad tasting pizza had an entire campaign on this 0 How do you get insiders into consumer behavior 0 You will be a successful brand as mentioned before if you know your customer and you do this by listening 0 Consumer research is a tool that is considered a listening tool 0 Types of Research Market research mostly done with new product launches researches the product the product category its competitors the market size Consumer Research people who are in the market for the product their attitudes their values their motivations Brand Communication Research the forms of advertising including media planning evaluation message development market information and brand consumer research Strategic Research basically collecting all relevant background information to make a decision on how to advertise and market your brand 0 Basic Types of Research 0 Secondary Research Background research that uses available public information about a topic has been conducted and collected by someone other than t he company itself advertising campaigns often begin with secondary research Sources for Secondary Research include Government organizations provide statistical information such as the population size geographic distribution age occupation etc census beareu IE Trade Associations organizations that help companies monitor competitors in the same eld etc 0 IE American Advertisement Federation and Account Planning Secondary Research Suppliers because so much secondary research is available they divide the research into topics 0 FIND SVP Secondary Information on Internet for any company you will nd information about them online 0 Primary Research information that is collected for the rst time from the original source Companies and agencies do their own research IE DDB Lifestyle Survey horn says most important thing is conversation between brand and the consumers An example of a company that does primary research is Perdue Farms 0 Basic Research Designs 0 Primary Research Includes Qualitative Research and Quantitative Qualitative research that delivers numerical data such as number of users number of purchases etc MRI page is a quantitiative research data page Purchase intent is information given on the reactions of consumers to certain advertising Quantitative research is designed to count something such as sales levels or to predict something Large sample sizes and random sampling Quantitative research includes a lot of surveys and studies Problems with Qualitative Research is that 0 They give answers that the researches want to hear they don t know how to express their answers sometimes I Qualitative Research provides insights on consumers reasons and motivations for buying IE Cheetos switches from target audience being kids to target audience being adults after doing Qualitative research Interviews and case studies are examples of Qualitative Research O O O 0 Questions asked during Qualitative Research What motivates consumer to buy that speci c brand What do consumers think of certain ads Experimental Research uses hypothesis testing 0 How do we use research Research information has increased the need for it has In house and companies do it not the outside agencies but the actual companies themselves Market information consumer research message development research media planning brand information evaluation research IMC plan Market information 0 Marketing Research formal research used by marketing department for strategic planning 0 Includes focus groups interviews surveys 0 IE Iceland and the lamb industry had to do consumer research to see the new patterns and why people weren t buying lamb 0 Market research includes the inside scoop to information about the brand 0 Brand information Brand s role in the market place 0 Methods for gathering information about a brand The Brand Experience when an agency gets a new client they need to learn everything 0 Where has the brand been ho buys it also brand and customer relationship Competitive analysis you own one soap by another brand try it out yourself Marketing communication Audit gather all information on advertising that exists and belongs to the brand Content Analysis is different than marketing audit because it includes more formal and systematic tabulation of its competitors Consumer Insight 0 The most important thing for a brand to be successful is understanding and knowing the consumer 0 IE Icelanding Lamb during recession had to understand its customers new buying patterns 0 Insight Research helps understand the whys of buying something and the why not of buying something 0 Collecting Feedback social media recording information about customer 0 Monitoring Buzz internet to nd out what people are saying monitoring chats and blogs 0 Neuromarketing monitoring consumer brains Media information 0 Which media format makes the most sense to accomplish objectives 0 Media research gathers information about all possible media Message Development account planners writers involve themselves in informal and formal developmental research 0 Pretesting research on an execution when it is nished but before it goes to the media 0 Posttesting to determine effectiveness of an ad but it goes after the campaigning 0 Most common research methods Ways of contact 0 They use mostly survey types of research in marketing communication but sometimes you are approached in places like a mall and asked to participate in experimental research Survey research most common type of quantitative method in which a sample is gathered and asked the same set of questions 0 You have to know what sample to use and what survey method is best depending on the situation I Sampling and Data collection 0 Sampling a subset of the population that is representation of the entire population 0 Random sampling each person in population has equal chance of being chosen Qualitative methods 0 Researchers observe the people more insightfully how they behave in their homes etc o lndepths interviews 0 Focus groups a group of six to ten people where they sit in a room and have a conversational format type of time


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