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by: Notetaker


Marketplace > University of St. Thomas > 207/41320 > BIO 207 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE WITH ANSWER KEY
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Genetics Ecology Evolution

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About this Document

Covering: - Chi squared - DNA/RNA processing - Epigenetic - Variability - mutations - malaria - sickle cell anemia
Genetics Ecology Evolution
Study Guide
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This 15 page Study Guide was uploaded by Notetaker on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 207/41320 at University of St. Thomas taught by Lewis in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 143 views.




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Date Created: 10/27/15
Biology Exam 2 Study Guide Chapter 15 1 Identify the type of mutation that occurred 1 AIBXClDlElFlF 2 DO INIKI LIME 3 KWLIMW XJ ilelEIFIGE 4 EIDICXBIFIGIE 5 AIBXCIDIDICIEIFIGW 6 wmgumm I F 61E TXJ 7 W lfli l 2 What phenomenon occurs when a particular allele will either be expressed or silenced depending on whether it is inherited from a male or a female a Aneuploidy b Polyploidy c Genomic imprinting 3 How are human mitochondria inherited 4 The inheritance of eye color in Drosophila is controlled by genes on each of the fly s four chromosome pairs One eye color gene is on the fly s X chromosome so the trait is inherited in a sex linked manner For this sex linked trait the wild type brick red aee is dominant over the mutant vermilion bright red allele A homozygous wild type female is mated with a vermillion male X X x XAv Y a Predict the eye color of the F1 females and F1 males b Predict the eye color of the F2 females and the F2 males Redgreen color blindness is due to an Xlinked recessive allele in humans A widow s peak a hairline that comes to a peak in the middle of the forehead is due to an autosomal dominant allele Consider the following family history A man with a widow s peak and normal color vision marries a colorblind woman with a straight hairline The man s father had a straight hairline as did both of the woman s parents Use the family history to make predictions about the couple s children a b d If the couple has a child what is the chance that it will be a son with a widow s peak What is the chance that any son the couple has will be color blind with a straight hairline What is the chance that any daughter the couple has will be color blind with a widow s peak Suppose the couple had a daughter with normal color vision and a widow s peak What is the chance she is heterozygous for both genes What is nondisjunction Does nondisjunction occur in mitosis or meiosis or both 8 A man with hemophilia a recessive sex linked trait has a daughter of normal phenotype She marries a man who is normal for the trait a What is the probability that the daughter will be hemophiliac b Probability that the son will be a hemophiliac c If the couple has four sons what is the probability that all four will be born with hemophilia 9 Determine the sequence of genes along a chromosome V 8 map units 28 map units 25 map units 20 map units mmbbb 000003 33 map units Chapter 16 1 Each unit of A T G or C is a single 2 What is the difference between DNA and RNA 3 What makes up nucleotides 4 DNA nucleotides are composed of sugars whereas RNA nucleotides are composed of sugars 5 Which nitrogenous base is found in DNA but not in RNA 6 Who demonstrated that DNA is the genetic material of the T2 phage 7 The hydroxyl OH s connected to the prime end and the phosphate group is connected to the prime end 8 What kind of bond holds together the bases 9 What kind of bond holds together the DNA backbone 10 In a DNA double helix an adenine strand always pairs with a and a guanine strand always pairs with a 11 What does the DNA double helix consist of after DNA replication is completed 12 The first step in the replication of DNA s catalyzed by a Helicase b DNA polymerase c Ligase 13 The action of helicase creates a Primers and replication bubbles b Primers and DNA fragments c Replication forks and replication bubbles 14 An old DNA strand is used as a for the assembly of a new DNA strand Chapter 17 1 Which codon is the quotstart codon 2 Where does the following occur a Formation of ribosomal subunits b Attachment of an amino acid to tRNA 10 11 12 13 14 15 c Translation of cytoplasmic proteins d Transcription and RNA processing e Translation of secreted proteins What is transcription What is translation What is a gene Which of the following is most dangerous to a cell a Substitution of one nucleotide for another b Deletion of one nucleotide c Deletion of three nucleotides In a situation where the mean beak size is 39 cm and the variability due to genetics is 5 cm while overall phenotypic variation is 25 cm what is the heritability of the trait If the genetic variation is 12 the total phenotypic variation and the total variation is 14 cm what is the variation from genetics Average value If the template strand is ATTCATTGCGCTTA what is the mRNA strand Which syndrome occurs when there is an extra X chromosome Which syndrome occurs when there is only one X chromosome Which syndrome occurs when there is 3 X chromosomes Which syndrome occurs when there is 2 Y chromsomes What are the causes of mutation Sex linked genetically inherited traits a Can appear in both males and females 16 17 18 19 20 The only people who likely would be genetically identical are 21 b Are only found in males c Are only found in females Y linked traits are inherited a By females b By males c By both males and females Harmful X linked traits are a Inherited from only mothers b More numerous than Y linked ones c Most likely to show up in the phenotype of daughters Red green color blindness is a An X linked trait b A Y linked trait c Both X and Y linked Which of these is an evolutionary relevant mutation a A point mutation in a gamete in a noncoding segment b A point mutation in a somatic cell that does not change the amino acid c A chromosomal nondisjunction in a liver cell d An inversion in the 21St chromosome in a developing embryo e A mutation in a coding segment of a newly fertilized zygote twins The inheritance of new combinations of alleles in children results from 22 Linked genes are a Located on different chromosomes b Located on the same chromosome c Rarely inherited together Lecture Material 1 What is the null hypothesis for a coin toss 2 At what fraction does the result become significant 3 Using the Chi squared table answer the following questions a What is the chi squared value b How many degrees of freedom c Are the results significant Q OIOI Observed 819 181 Expected 750 250 Deviation 69 69 Deviation quot2 4761 4761 DAZe 635 1904 4 What is the notation for a a bird system b Insects 5 Find how many of each male or female will show the baldness trait homozygous recessive 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 a If a XAN XAN mates with a Xquotn Y b If a XAN Xquotn mates with a XAN Y c If a XAN Xquotn mates with an Xquotn Y Which X linked disease is dominant What are 3 X linked recessive diseases What is a barr body Gene mapping gives the for the trait What are the 4 kinds of chromosomal mutations and what do they do Give the terms for the following conditions a Short a chromosome only 1 in the diploid state b Extra chromosome 3 when you should have 2 c Many sets of chromosomes d Line up the chromosomes according to size e Extra chromosome in the let chromosome f Genes matter because of the environment they develop in g Organelle necessary for producing energy What are the sources of Genetic Variation 4 Some of variation is and What is a gene What is a protein What is the DNA code What are the four parts of an amino acid 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 TF Prokaryotic organisms skip RNA processing What is a point mutation What is a silent mutation What is a frameshift mutation What is epigenetics What are quantitative genetics What does a T test measure What do you use to measure 3 or more means What is the formula for the t Test Differentiate between monozygotic and dizygotic What is the equation for heritability How does new variation come about TF Mutations are always harmful TF Mutations are directional What is the drug for CM L What does CML stand for What is CML What kind of mutation causes sickle cell mutation What are the three life stages of Malaria What does it mean to be heterozygous for hemoglobin What is the name for converting from the language of DNA to RNA Malaria is a A normally recessive with incomplete dominance b Normally dominant c A gene expression with incomplete dominance d Gene expression with co dominance e None of the above 40 What is the virus in Malaria called Biology Exam 2 Answer Key Chapter 15 1 a deletion b duplication c translocation d inversion e duplication f translocation g inversion 2 c genomic imprinting 3 from the mother egg 4 a F1 females all wild type F1 males all wild type b F2 females all wild type F2 males 12 wild type 12 vermilion 5 a b 2 c 0 d 1 6 Nondisjunction is an error in cell division homologous chromosomes or sister chromatids move to the same cell during division 7 it can occur in both mitosis and meiosis 8 a 0 b 12 c116 9 DABC Chagter 16 1 nucleotide 2 DNA is double stranded whereas RNA is single stranded 3 Phosphate group nitrogenous base and a pentose sugar 4 Deoxyribose ribose 5 Thymine 6 Hershey and Chase 7 3 5 8 hydrogen 9 covalent 10 thymine cytosine 11 One old DNA strand and one new DNA strand 12 A 13 14 C Template Chapter 17 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 AUG a nucleolus b cytoplasm c ribosomes d nucleus e rough ER Transcription is the synthesis of RNA from DNA Translation is the synthesis of polypeptides from RNA A discrete unit of hereditary information built on a sequence of DNA B 20 7 cm can t find average from this problem UAAGUAACGCGAAU Klindefelder syndrome XXY Turner syndrome X Trisomy X XXX XYY syndrome chemicals viruses UV radiation ionizing radiation random error 20 Monozygotic 21 Recombination 22 B Lecture Material 1 It will provide the same number of heads and tails 2 120 3 a 2539 b 1 c highly significant 4 a ZW ZW female 22 male 5 a none b 1 male c 1 male 1 female 6 Rickets 7 Muscular dystrophy male pattern baldness hemophilia 8 An inactive X chromosome 9 Locus 10 Deletion chunk of DNA is deleted Duplication a strand of DNA is doubled Inversion the segment of DNA is reversed Translocation a segment from one chromosome moves to a nonhomologous chromosome 11 a Monosomatic b Trisomatic c Polyploidy d Karyotype e Trisomy 21 down syndrome 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 f Genomic imprinting g Mitochondria 1 2 parents 2 crossing over 3 base pair mutations 4 chromosomal mutations useful inheritable a discrete unit of hereditary information built on a sequence of DNA a biologically functioning molecule consuming of one or more polypeptides sugar phosphate group and a base carboxyl group R group amino group hydrogen True Mutation that occurs in 1 base pair miscopying or deletion of one nucleotide Silent mutation results in the same amino acid All blocks are screwed up by 1 bad Epigenetics is an environmental effect that changes the readability of DNA Quantitative genetics are polygenic traits and the environment A T Test measures the difference in the means between 2 groups Using a ANOVA Difference between group means variability of group Monozygotic means they developed in the same embryo dizygotic means they developed in different embryos HA2 VG VP Mutations False 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 False Gleevec Chronic Myelegenous Leukemia Translocation of the chromosome 22 philidelphia chromosome to chromosome 9 Point mutation 1 mosquito cycle 2 liver cycle 3 blood cycle Extra defense against Malaria Transcription Plasmodium


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