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Art in Context Midterm, Fall 2015

by: Nha-Thinh Nguyen

Art in Context Midterm, Fall 2015 Art 1A

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Art > Art 1A > Art in Context Midterm Fall 2015
Nha-Thinh Nguyen

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About this Document

This study guide contains information from Prof. Samaras' Lectures from Week 0-Week 5, information from her online study guide, and information from the assigned reading chapters.
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This 18 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nha-Thinh Nguyen on Tuesday October 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Art 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by APPEL, K., SAMARAS, C. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see ART IN CONTEXT in Art at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 10/27/15
NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide Art in Context Study Guide for Midterm The Mass Observation Movement 0 Camera Obscura Dark Chamber 0 Light enters through a hole and is projected onto the opposite wall 0 Used during the Renaissance to keep paintings in correct proportions o Surveillance 0 As filmsphotosmedia of certain instances become viral they cause changes in behaviorpolicy o How Little We Know of Our Neighbours 2005 film by Rebecca Baron o Discussed the Mass Observation Movement I Began in England I Volunteers were recruited to record others behavior 0 For example they watched the people s behavior their gestures at memorials o This was an example of amateur photography 0 The photographs were not taken for aesthetic purposes they weren t beautiful photos I They were taken to record what was happening in the event that the photographer shot I Scrutinizes behavior by keeping watch on the people in England I Hoped that behaviors would reveal hidden meaning insight into how and why people act the way they do 0 Images would be dissectedscrutinized by focusing on little pieces of information separately I It brings out a feeling of pleasure to the surveyor o Begins with an example of surveillance I scenes from a parkstreet is seen through a security camera lens 0 Raises the issue of the invasion of privacy 0 Best way to photograph someone would be to capture the image without the person knowing I These volunteers must use quottechniquesquot 0 Ex Hide the camera be casual about it to not raise suspicion o Volunteers were asked to photograph specific things I Ex Hats pins eating preferences couples kissing how long and how much was drank at pubs o The Mass Observation Movement eventually became Mass Observation Limited 0 Too much criticismsocial disapproval I Politicians raised the issue of the gross invasion of privacy 0 Even intimate actions of the public was taped which violated the concept of privacy 0 The Mass Observation Project was recently brought back as the quotanthropology of ourselves NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide Artists 0 Rebecca Baron 0 Works I quotHow Little We Know Our Neighbours o Explored the Mass Observation Movement 0 She is interested in what happens within history and memory I Combined official history with personal experiences 0 Brings into question was is and is not authentic I Cared more for what the frame didn t shoot what was excluded 0 Puts still photos in her film I Controlsdecreases the amount of time that each photo is viewed 0 So that the viewers cannot scrutinize each photo I Gives context to the outofcontext still photos through the information that follows 0 Doesn t support or condemn surveillance I Wants her viewers to understand the power and pleasure of looking 0 View on photography I It can be perceived as informationalevidence and aesthetic appealvisual quality and form Intimate Photography and Public Private Spheres The Photograph as Contemporary Art by Charlotte Cotton Chapter 5 0 She talks about artists who challenge the traditional image of family portraits and intimate moments 0 They challenge it in terms of quality I It is less about the quality of the photo I It is more about the idea of the everyday life and the everyday relationships 0 Photos were spontaneousin the moment Photographs of intimate life o It typically marks the importance in family life 0 Demonstrates critical moments in a personpeople s lives The quotemotional flipside o This type of photography which focuses on the moment rather than the actual quality of the photograph o This type of photography doesn t focus on telling a story although there is a slight narrative 0 Each photo is different to every viewer I The audience completes the work Artists 0 Nan Goldin O O O O NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide Background I Older sister committed suicide when Goldin was 11 I Moved to East Village in New York 0 The East Village had lots of crime and portable cameras were much more common She photographed taboos I Ex Gays queers transvestites and sensual moments Photographic works I Photo of 2 men being affectionate with each other 0 Not common for gay couples to be so publically intimate I Her in bed with her boyfriend who is smoking 0 The repetition of the smoking man emphasizes the action 0 The color which is red creates a warm atmosphere with contradicts with the emotion shown on her face 0 There is no love in her eyes her face expresses anger 0 There is not emotional connection between her and her boyfriend in the picture I She took a photo of her face 0 She had just been badly beaten by her boyfriend 0 She had applied make up 0 This raises the issue of domestic abuse Her book I The Ballad of Sexual Dependency o explores the sexual moments of her straight friends depicts the abuse by their boyfriends 0 Wolfgang Tilmans 0 He took pictures of queers 0 His gallery would display different photos in different sizes I The smaller photos were more intimate I The larger photos were more authoritative 0 He explores the performative aspect between the subject and the photographer o Often took photos of the quotmundane everyday scene or person 0 He also deals with abstraction o Yang Yong o Took photographs of his friends I They were often bored or preoccupied I It is their everyday life in China 0 Hiromix Hiromi Toshikawa 0 She took many photos ofJapanese people going about their everyday lives 0 Richard Billingham O O 0 He took photographs for his paintings of his family His photographs had their own power Gave the world insight into the lower class in England I They were not too preoccupied about their appearance NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Tina Barney Very wealthy Used cameras which were more expensive Took photos of the elite class Her photos of the elite are more poised and somewhat modelled compared to the photos of the lower class by Billingham I They are more subconscious about their appearance 0 Larry Sultan o Took pictures of intimate family moments o Took pictures of their mundane everyday actionschores 0 Diane Arbus 0 Had been criticized as a voyeur o Brought up in a big city 0 Was not comfortable with taking pictures with people looking at her in the eye I For this reason she often used a watch camera 0 Photographic works I Took photos of transvestites people who were considered outside of the norms or throwaways 0000 o This gave power to these people who were frowned upon by society 0 She tries to deconstruct what was known as freakish I Challenges the concept of it I Whyhow do we determinecategorize something as freakish Conceptual Art 60 s and 70 s 0 Decades that experienced a great social change 0 Photographs 0 Demonstrated a more conceptual art I Challenged the idea of mastery in photography o It didn t matter about how aesthetically pleasing a photograph was o It focused more on the concept of the relationship between the photographer and the photograph and the photograph and the audience I Emphasized the idea that the viewer completed the art I They wanted not to produce objects but ideas 0 Chris Burden 0 Created the lamp light and Metropolis exhibits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 0 Photographs of him was evidence of his incredible performances I Photographs of his were not for aesthetic purposes but for recording his performances o For the viewers who could not witness the actual performances 0 Adrian Piper NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Performances I She would walk around covered in wet paint 0 She did this in public in order to quotpushquot the people around her and to challenge the social norms I She dealt with the issues of racial identity 0 She did not shy away from what the people around her might have thought of her 0 Marcel Duchamp 0 Was an immigrant to the US during the time of Nazi Germany 0 Works I Fountain o This is a urinal that he took signed with quotR Mutt 1917 and attempted to have it displayed 0 Demonstrated that art can be anything that the artist made it to be I A normalmundaneinconspicuous object s image is changed when it is put in a different environment 0 Sophie Calle 0 Plays with the ideas of fiction and real world 0 Photographic works I quotHotelquot 0 She worked as a chambermaid in Venice and she would photograph the people s belongings I quotShadowquot 0 She hired a private detective to follow her 0 The photos that he took of her were part of her work 0 Gillian Wearing 0 British photographer o Photographic work I She gave strangers white boards and told them to write what they wanted to say and not what people would expect them to say 0 Challenged the norm of photography 0 Instead of meticulously framing something she gave the subject the power to control how viewers saw them 0 Not like the usual street art 0 Instead of taking a picture of a stranger on the street and making assumptions as to what the person was like she gave us an insight into that person 0 Shizuka Yokomito o Photographic work I She passed out letters to her neighbors asking them to stand by their window with the room lit up 0 When we the viewers look at these photos we are actually looking at the subject looking at their reflection in the glass 0 The subjects do not know when Yokomito would take their photos NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 PhilipLorcia diCorica o Photographic work I Hooked up a strobe flash light and took photos of the people passing under the light from far away 0 These subjects would not know that he was photographing them 0 Jeanne Dunning o Photographic work I quotThe Blob o A mass of silicon on a woman 0 Dealt with the issue of physical appearances 0 Nina Katchadourian 0 She started interacting with the natural world I Ex Photos of broken spider web which she repaired with starched string 0 Photographic works I Using materials on the plane she would dress up in the style of baroque portraiture I quotSorted Books 0 She made sentencesphrases from book titles 0 Catherine Opie o Photographic works I She photographed people form her community I Mainly interested in people with body modifications 0 Such as piercings and tattoos I Her photographs were greatly influenced by baroque paintings from the 1600 s o In term of the look of the subjects of the baroque portraitures 0 Lighting 0 Color backdrops I Surfer series 0 Photographed surfers at the beach I High school athletes series 0 Travelled around the country to photograph football players when they went off the field 0 Dealt with the issue of domestic space Appropriation o Discusses the various ways that photographers take photos 0 Ex A photo of a drawing of a photo 0 These artists challenge what is the truthreality 0 Ex A painting of a woman and a photograph of the same woman I Which is more true to the actual scene 0 Many will say the photograph however that too can be alteredmanipulated Appropriations of a work of art NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 When artists are taking a certain work of art by another artist and transforming it without actually touching the original artwork o quotThe study of how MEANING is made quothow meaning is created out of images 0 How an interpretation of a certain image is not set in stone 0 Ex Athumbs up I One interpretation good job I Another hitch hiking if the person happens to be on the side of the road Semiotics 0 Theory of signs and symbols 0 Applies to analyzing art 0 How meaning is created Photography 0 Replicable o Easily and widely distributed 0 Mainly perceived as quotrealquot even though it can easily be manipulated Artists 0 Robert Heineken 0 Style I Combined different images 0 Put into question the relationship between imagery sex mass media and war 0 Martha Rosler o Feminist 0 Works were montages and juxtapositions I Different images layered on top of each other to create a composite image 0 Her works dealt with the image of women I How they wereare seen as synonymous to cleaningcookinghouse keeping o Photographic works I Photo of a woman s breast imprinted on an oven I quotCleaning the drapes o Montage 0 Woman vacuum the drapes 0 Soldiers behind the drapes o Dealt with the image of womanhood and America s relationship with war 0 Cindy Sherman o Photographic works I quotUntitled Film Still 0 These images look as though they were taken during a film shooting but they are not and are completely constructed 0 She is the only modelhuman subject in these photos which were made to look like stills from a nonexistent movie NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Draws to attention of the issue of femininity I Although she is the only subject she looks different in each one o Femininity is something that can be taken off and on again 0 Although these works are selfportraits it reveals to the audiences nothing about Sherman 0 Barbara Kruger o Dealt with feminist ideas 0 Uses found images and the aesthetic of the commercial graphic design 0 Collier Schorr o Dealt with gender I Demonstrated how different a picture will be perceived when roles of gender are switched 0 Ex quotJens F She takes pictures of a man posing in sensual positions positions that would be perceived as seductive if the subject was a woman 0 Sharon Lockhart o Photographic works I Auditions 0 Children reenact a kissing scene in Francois Truffaut s film Small Changes 0 Creates discomfort o Denaturalizes the kiss 0 Richard Prince 0 Takes on the issue of the seductionproblematics of advertising 0 Photographic Works I quotFour men with interchangeable background I Recently he created an quotInstagram Series 0 Took Instagram photos of random people with their comments and Prince presented and sold them 0 This also raised the issue of quotauthorshipquot 0 John Baldessari 0 Worked mainly with film stills o Photographic work I quotASHPU39I39I39LEquot Tableau Photography Charlotte Cotton Chapter 2 quotOnce Upon a Time 0 Discusses contemporary art photography that tell stories and have narrative constructions o Collective unconsciousness o Comes from shared symbolic order I However not everyone shares the same symbolic order 0 Cultural references NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide I They can shift be misunderstood or misinterpreted depending on the viewer s personal views 0 Some artists create their pieces as obliqueopenended narratives o The viewers are invited to create their own backgroundstory of the image 0 Tableau photography not about illustrating an event Tableau photography tableauvivant quotliving images in French 0 Pictorial narrative is concentrated into a single frame Unlike photo essay like magazines meaning is laid out sequentially o The meaning can be distinguished by flipping through the images on several different pages 0 May be part of a larger body of work 0 Since it focuses on a single frame people have to scrutinize that image for the meaning to be understood 0 What we see has been deliberately constructed 0 This acknowledgement of the fact that it has been constructed gives us insight into what the photographer wants to show 0 There are imposing aspects to the photo that makes us as the viewer scrutinize every detail of the frame 0 Dramatic lighting sense Tableau painting 0 quotThe Oath of the Horatii 1784 Jacques Louis David Neoclassical painting during the French revolution Father in the middle holding swords o 3 sons on the left pledging to the swordfather I Pledges to sacrifice themselves for the greater good I One of the sons is married to a women on the opposing side Daughters and mother on the right Repetition of shapes and lines in the painting I Triangles created by 0 quotThe Death of Socrates Jacque o Tells the story of Socrates being forces to drink Hemorrhoid because people believed that his beliefs were poisoning the minds of people 00 00 Artists 0 Jeff Wall 0 Was a painter 0 An art historian o The first to make photos tableau size 0 He would take photos of his rendition of older paintings I This puts the concept of photography into question 0 Photographic works NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide I quotA sudden gust of wind after Hokusai o This was a photograph of a scene depicted in a painting by Hokosai I quotPicture for Woman 0 Deconstruction of the artifice of photography 0 Mimics Monet s painting 0 His original painting I Makes it look as though the woman subject is somewhere between a public and private place I Insomnia 0 Way that it was constructed affects the audience s view of what is going on o It tells a story 0 The man subject lying on the ground seems overwhelmed I It is a disturbing psychological aspect PhilipLorcia diCorcia o Photographic works I Randomly lighting a strobe on the streets of new York in order to take a picture of the people I Paid men to pose for him in random places 0 These were taken out of context 0 Causes the viewers to create stories for them Sharon Lockhart 0 Her works have a sense of fiction to them 0 The narratives of each are imprinted onto the works by the viewer s interpretation of it o Photographic works I quotAuditionquot Gregory Crewdson 0 Most famous for his quotTwilightquot series I These photos cost a lot to shoot 0 These images give the viewers a chance to formulate their own story of it Thomas Demand 0 Started as a sculptor in the 1990 s 0 Constructs his photos I He would take photos of his sets of mundane locationsscenes o Removes people from the frame I Focuses on the culturalpsychological themes I This is an openended photo 0 Photos of mundane events I Openended for the public viewers James Casebere 0 Works are about taking architectural spaces and building models of them and then photographing them 0 He makes sculptures and displays them but is more famous for his photography 0 Like Demand he removes all people from his sets NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide Moments in History Charlotte Cotton Chapter 6 quotMoments in History 0 Doesn t necessarily show what was lost in wardestructions but show what is left 0 They photograph the aftermath of the destruction 0 They tend to use wider lens to shot more of the scene 0 Works of many photo journalists o Raises the question of the uselessnessaloof manner of the photographer Artists 0 Allan Sekula o Wrote pieces on the aspects of photography 0 Was interested with the labor and economics 0 Photographic works I Combines the images with writing I quotFish Story series 0 Maritime commerce 0 He was on a Korean cargo ship 0 Photo of the abundance of cargo 0 Sophie Ristlehueber o Photographic works I Iraq 0 Shoots photos of the land after the bombing of Kuwait 0 Photos of trees that were cut down I She shot aerial views 0 We can see the lines created by the tracks of military vehicles I quotFaitquot madedone in French 0 Double meaning 0 Luc Delahaye o Tableau style I This structure of his works causes the viewers to scrutinize the photo even more o It makes us think about how we are constructing the narrative o Photographic works I quotKabulRoadquot 0 People are standing around a dead body 0 Expresses social fatigue I Photo of US bombing in Taliban 0 Cloud of smoke over land I Photo of refugee camps 0 They create shelter in the rubble of destroyed buildings Deadpan o Monumental style NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 These prints are very large 0 Subjects are emotive o HOWEVER this type of art moves away from sentimentality o Perspective 0 Not from an individual standpoint o It tries to take on a completely neutral perspective 0 This was not an actual challenge to other forms of media sculpture painting 0 HOWEVER this was a very quotfreshquot change I Greater advances in digital printing 0 Considering how large scale each photo was Artists 0 Bernd and Hilla Becher o Photographic works I Started in the 50 s I Used black and white analog cameras I Some focused on the architectural vernacular 0 Ex Photos of water towers I Water Towers Series 0 Somewhat of a quotdisappearing architecture 0 Germany was being repaired after the late war 0 Andreas Gursky o Photographic works I Deals with consumer economy and excess I Pictures of the stock market exchange 0 Took many photos and digitizes them together 0 Lots of people lots of paper on the ground 0 Consumer economy excessive I quotPradaquot 0 Picture of a constructed display of Prada shoes 0 Since the image is so large the shoes seem to be displayed as endless almost excessive I Picture of apartment building in France I 99 cents store 0 Restacking of the products 0 Not digitized I Photo of landscapes 0 Causes us to think of what is natural and what has been altered I Photos of north Korean people making large images to celebrate Kim Jong Il s birthday 0 The great number of people and the great precision and detail of the image causes us to think of whether or not these people were forced to perform as such NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Ed Burtynsky o Photographic works I Presents neutral mappings of global systems 0 Does not condemn or advocate capitalism I Deals with the environment 0 Photos of oil field 0 Photos of oil spills in the ocean 0 Lewis Baltz o Photographic works I Very sharp visually clear I Most photographs had no horizon line 0 During this time buildings were being erected I He focused on many suburban buildingshomes o Candida Hofer o Photographic works I Focuses on architectural spaces 0 Such as modern and older libraries 0 Like museums they are seen as an archiving of objects I Not emotive very neutral 0 Thomas Struth o Photographic works I quotParadisequot series 0 They are photographs ofjungles from all over the world 0 Causes us to compare and contrast I He has shot some portraits 0 They in contrast to the paradise series they are very closed 0 They are very deadpan very neutral 0 People do not express a lot of emotion o Hiroshi Sugimoto o Photographic works I quotAnne Boleyn 0 Photograph of a wax figure 0 The figure s animated face causes the viewers to look for the truththe reality of the person even though it is not a photograph of the actual person I Puts into question people s instincts to guess facts from just a person s facial features and expressions 0 Rineke Dijkstra o Photographic works I Photographs of mothers hours after birth 0 They are in an overall sense are very neutral 0 Not much emotion it is just simply a woman with her baby I quotBullfighterquot series NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 She takes pictures of bull fighters hours after they came out of the bull pin 0 Dynamically contrasts with the mother series I Long term projects 0 Girl as she grows up 0 Man as he grows up through the war Carrie Mae Weems Ken GonzalesDay Zanele Muholi Artists and their history 0 Artists tend to shy away from sharing their backgroundshistory as a part of their art 0 HOWEVER peopleviewers find that an artist s history and the way that their art is influenced by it very interesting Physiognomy o Pseudoscience that attempts to find facial similarities within a certain category in order to predict the future of people with the same facial features 0 Scientists who attempted to prove the credibility of physiognomy o JC Lavater o Ezechia Marco Lombroso Topography deals with space Typology deals with type 0 Topology vs physiognomy o Physiognomy looks for the similarities o Typology looks for the differences Artists Carrie Mae Weems o Discusses her background 0 Family 0 Her family experienced many hardships because they were African American 0 Community 0 Has a background in folklore o Photographic works I African slaves series o It was in black and red with captions across the photo 0 This was meant to provoke a strong emotion of sadness disgust and discomfort 0 Used photos that were in the Harvard University 0 Attempted to sue her NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Demanded a fee each time a sale was made I Harvard University ended up buying her works that involved photos that were part of their collection 0 She has students reenact certain moments in history 0 Specifically moments of death 0 Ex JFK s Martin Luther King Jr s Malcom X s assassination 0 Deals with the African American peoplecommunity 0 Deals with the concept of domestic space Zanele Muholi 0 South African lesbian 0 Deals with the concepts of gender queer 0 Especially black lesbians and transwomen 0 Deals with concept of the abused female body 0 Photographic works 0 Presents the diversity of African lesbians and transwomen I Especially in her community Ken GonzalesDay o Began to research the lynching of Asian Americans and Latinos 0 Using photos and research of these events he discovered where these trees were located 0 Works 0 Photographic works I Photographed the trees that were involved in the hangings in 18501935 I quotProfiledquot Series 0 Research of the concept of physiognomy throughout the years 0 Juxtaposed the busts of indigenous people Asian bodies Caucasian bodies 0 Puts into question of what is the ideal body what is beauty 0 Book I quotLynching in the West 0 Research that grew from his photographic research of the trees Conceptual quotStill Art Quotidian matter 0 Quotidian dealing with the everyday 0 Everyday objects are given meaning and quotvisual charge through photograph 0 They are what the photographer wants them to mean 0 Photographers take deliberate photos 0 Everyday objects are not only recognizable but also embody a conceptual idea 0 The world around us as seen in more imaginative ways NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 These photos less on the subjects and more on the invitation for the audience to see the world differently Artists 0 Peter Fischli and David Weiss 0 Deals with minimalist sculptures I Art depends on the environment in which it is perceived in 0 Created sculptures for photos exclusively 0 Gabriel Orozco o Photographic works I A highly polished piano with the condensation of his breath on it o The surface of a 2dimensial object very important in photography and paintings o FelixGonzales Torres 0 Conceptualist o Photographic works I Raised the issue of AIDS I Billboard of a bed with textures that imply that two people had slept on it o The bed belonged to him and his boyfriend 0 Powerful work 0 Strange to see something as personal as a bed in public spaces 0 Anthony Hernandez o Took photos of objects of the everyday life 0 Photographic works I Abandoned spaces series 0 Took photos of the objects and the spaces in an abandoned building in Los Angeles 0 Makes the viewers think about who had lived there and why the left the objects as they did 0 Demonstrates that whoever lived there is no longer there I Homeless series 0 Took photos of the spaces created and occupied by the homeless Physical and Material Photographic Materiality Meanings of photography 0 These artists are shifting the meanings of photography Digital photography 0 Increased the efficiency of the distribution of photos 0 Reshaped commercial industries and the common person s use of photography Material art NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Focuses on materiality of the photograph Artists 0 James Welling 0 Two positions on art I Pleasure from modern aspects of photography I Postmodernist experimentation with photography 0 Photographic works I Light sources series 0 Took a photo of different light bulbs and light fixtures organized in sequences I Glass house series 0 Adds filters to the lenses of the camera to get different effects 0 Reminds us that we are looking through a glass filter to look at a glass house 0 Moves away from the marvel of architecture 0 Uta Barth 0 Deals with the spaces of things 0 Did not focus on taking sharp photos but rather on dealing with the density of the space around her Physical and Material Photographic Materiality 0 James Welling o Photographic works I Aluminum foil series 0 Took pictures on crumpled up aluminum foil 0 Aluminum foil everyday object that is given a new way of being perceived 0 Christopher Williams 0 Photographic works I Highly structured and stylized I Took a photo of corn 0 Corn common object I Used the color strip in his photos 0 Took a photo of a women with a yellow towel 0 Makes a reference to the Kodak Girl I This woman represented the color yellow as color photography came out I However the style of the photograph placed a greater emphasis on the female subject than the use of color as comparison factor 0 Sara VanDerBeek o Creates 3 dimensional works in order to be photographed NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context Midterm Study Guide 0 Matt Lipps o Photographic works I Library 0 Built shelves with insets of black and white pictures cut from an encyclopedia 0 Works with the photos in their material form 0 Juxtaposes the pictures in terms of various thingsideassubjects o Walead Beshty o Photographic works I Folded paper series 0 Photos look like different strips of color 0 AnMy Le o Photographic works I Deals with photographing the military I Photographed the Vietnam War reenactments 0 She acted as the nurse I Photos are very refined and meticulously shot 0 Makes the viewers rethink about whether or not her photos are war photos 0 Photographed military exercises and war reenactments not actual war activity


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