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by: Martina Rohan


Martina Rohan
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.9

Barbara Myers

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About this Document

Barbara Myers
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Martina Rohan on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC 301 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Barbara Myers in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/230659/psyc-301-virginia-commonwealth-university in Psychlogy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
I a stage of sleep na a n u u dreamll lg decrea r II f otnermammals Mostthll lklng feelll lg A berthatextends tmpulses from ftoer n m m Hl ul n ldlll n p neurons Transient plal ll lll lg 39 39 t n 39 eyes ears wn t nmr 39 processtng l m order d f p t I 39 dlseases Ventral Temporal Cortexpart of brall l l Fragilex A results H l more allergtes er6 en ulimulul 39a o I for Whel l bables n ormotor 39 39 39 tnree type ll rm w r I suckll lg l39lolse al39ld so on al ldtrlesto lll ld r landlh m 39 39 l UUd Kl p mantpulated eniar enema 39 f ll a w r actlvltles varyll lg ms or ner responses as a way of a form a Mr 4 few nours or lmagall lg r 39 compares humal lthll lkll lg processes by analogy to computeranalysts of data p col39ll39lectlol39lS t r dm m n W t r people places 39 39 39 p39 p numans eytdent H l vlsual audltory tactlle and otner preferences Reminder Session a perceptual experlel lce tnat expenel lce 39 39 pt n d Slmpllfled Also called oaoy Iak or 39 certatn llahl 7 39 39 I about 18 rn arrlrrlfllltn mntl 39 quot ru u l I r for 39 for sttmulus brll lgS tnem to mll ld Chapter7 39 I 39I face otrtn Trustu I Toddlers etner succeed or selfrrule oyertnetr M A I a set of 39 r quot a ner from a careglvel39 39t t39 f s departure and return Epigenetic Theorytemperament l5 key factor Chapters M V nemtspneresoftne brawl t t A pdm wrlyrear of memory p parts oftne brall l 39 p f avemng narrn H l hlghrnsk stuattons H l mll lutes oefore lt could occurrefu5lng alconol to 39 39 ft an tnmr 39 to anyone under 39 lnvestlgated 39 aplan for d I n n order Cogl39lltlol39l tncludtng planntng and complex forms of goalrdll ected oenaytor cna ter9 Preoperational a o for logtcal 39 39 39 orgal llzll lg and I Dlaget sterml r r mtnetr 39 I t for master 39 39 39 I TheoryTheory Theorv ofM39 A p quot 39 Chapterlo r 39 acttytttes and feel H r a u a 1 Y 139 P I v feeltngs of 39 a r focus of 39 p p pI fatnerand ths mother s loye Superego and W ram r d roles are learned tneyare result of nurture not nature Pyscnoanalytic Theorygenderrole deyelopment empnastzes r r y r t fI t Iresearcnerfor Class Notes Th k 39 l axontermll lals Glial Cellsdo all theextel lslol l 39 I fnew 39 39 I I II forrnarope and from tnner 39 39 ofour fI d p t t IIn I Watson fatnerofoenaytortsrn x u couldteacntnem 39 t d f I H r un to ur oao l H a ll unto larger quot 39 39 quot 39 39 A eyerynew cogntttye stage tne cntld Receptive L ls wroductive L A w 39I t r all r M quot39 pf id ul 39 39 n for P W I now anotaaatrlctofgrammar 39 Don t naye to be taugnt Oursptecesnast 39 39 39 Rule r yl a l o Cognltlve 39 39 r


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