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by: Theodore Simonis


Marketplace > Virginia Commonwealth University > Chemistry > CHEM 101 > HONORS GENERAL CHEMISTRY I
Theodore Simonis
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.72

Jon Baker

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About this Document

Jon Baker
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Theodore Simonis on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 101 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Jon Baker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/230682/chem-101-virginia-commonwealth-university in Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
ChapTer3 Formulas EquaTions anol Moles Balanced o In each equaTion The numbers and kinds of aToms on boTh sides of The reacTion arrow are idenTical Consequence of The mass of conservaTion law STarT wiTh The mosT complicaTed compound Formula UniT 0 One uniT of anyThing aTom ion or molecule corresponding To a given formula 0 EX one formula uniT of NaCl is one Na ion and one Cl ion CoefficienT o The umbers placed before formulas To indicaTe how many formula uniTs of each subsTance are required To balance The equaTion o This is The only Thing ThaT can be changed when balancing equaTions Molecular Mass 0 Sum of aTomic masses of all aToms in a molecule 0 The average mass of The subsTance s molecules Formula Mass 0 Sum of aTomic masses of all aToms in a formula uniT of any compound molecular or ionic Mole 0 Mol o 6022 X lOA23 One mole has a mass in grams equal To The molecular or formula mass of The sunsTance The mass of one mole of subsTance Equal To The molecular or formula mass of The subsTance in grams Molar Mass 6022 X lOA23 NA EX Pg 75 One mole of hydrogen aToms has a molar mass of l O gmol 0 One mole of hydrogen molecules has a molar mass of 20 gmol Avogadro s Number SToichiomeTry o Molemass relaTionships beTween reacTanTs and producTs Yield 0 The amounT of producT acTually formed PercenT Yield 0 The amounT of producT acTually formed in a reacTion divided by The amounT TheoreTically possible and manipulaTed by lOO o PercenT yield acTual yieldTheoreTical yield of producT X lOO Limiting Redctont The redctdnt present in limiting dmount thdt controls the extent to which redction occurs To find he excess redctont find moles of edch substance and look of equdtion specificolly the coefficient tht ever is the excess is the excess redctont Molority o M o The number of moles in d substdnce o Molority Moles of soluteLiters of solution 0 Moles of solute molority x volume of solution Solute o The dissolved substance in 0 solution 0 Molecules need to be in on dqueous solution in order to enhdnce mobility Diluting Solutions The number of moles of the solute is constont Only the volume is chonged by odding more solvent Findl Molority nitiol molority x initidl volumefindl volume nitiol Volume findl molorityinitiol moldrity x finol volume Titrdtion Procedure for determining the concentration of 0 solution by ollowing d corefully medsured volume to react with 0 solution of another substance the stdnddrd solution whose concentration is known Neutrolizotion Reoction Acid redcting with d bdse to neutrdlize the substonce and vice verso Percent Composition A list of elements present in 0 compound and the moss percent of edch Empiricol Formuld A formulo which is determined from percent composition Moleculor Formuld Formuld which tells the dctudl numbers of otoms in 0 molecule Con be the some ds the empiricol formulo or 0 multiple of it Multiple Multiple Moleculor MossEmpiricol formulo moss


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