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The Child From 6

by: Rozella Blanda

The Child From 6 CHF 2570

Rozella Blanda
Weber State University
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rozella Blanda on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHF 2570 at Weber State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/230772/chf-2570-weber-state-university in Child and Family Studies at Weber State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
CHF 2570 Study Guide 4 Environment Page 1 CHF 2570 Study Guide 4 Environmental Culture 1 List 5 Agents of socialization 2 According to Gallagher Vygotsky s theory believes people form their view of the world through what three means 3 What do cross cultural comparisons of education performance such as between Asians Hispanics African Americans and Caucasians indicate about the value these groups place on education refer to Stevenson s 1985 research 4 Define child advocacy What is NAEYC s position on advocacy Describe some advocacy strategies e g Keep informed maintain up to date information 5 The media is impersonal in its depiction of what Give examples of how and why governments attempt to control the media What government agency regulates the media in the United States 6 Which media is referred to as quotimagination is subservient to imitationquot 7 Describe some effects of television viewing have on children 8 Compared to other activities where does television viewing rank in amount of time spent What are some of the effects of television viewing on children Describe some of the concerns that professionals have about television viewing and its influence on children e g desensitizes 9 According to the research how does viewing violent programs influence children39s behavior 10 Why are books a more effective form for learning than television 11 The visual media is not all bad What type of television programming seems to be correlated with higher reading achievement What media seems to increase standardized reading test scores among poor children 12 Describe some techniques that parents can use to help minimize the negative impact of television viewing e g turn it off Family 13 What are the primary functions of the family What is its function as a socializing agent CHF 2570 Study Guide 4 Environment Page 2 14 Describe some important changes that have been occurring in the American family the past 50 years 15 What is the top stressor to families 16 What percentage of children under 18 years has a mother who is working outside of the home 17 Why does Bronfenbrenner feel that having both parents work can lead to juvenile delinquency 18 Under what conditions is having a mother who works beneficial to the child Under what conditions is it beneficial for mothers not to work As described in the readings and lectures what child behaviors seem to be related to having mothers who enjoy their work 19 What percent of marriages is a remarriage What percent involve children from a prior marriage 20 What is a distinct difference between the influences that children have on biological as opposed to stepfamilies 21 As listed in quotNine Steps Towards A Healthy Step Familyquot describe some techniques to help blended families adjust What are some benefits that stepfamilies have over biological families 22 What percentage of first marriages end in divorce 23 As discussed in class what percentage of children did Dr Wallerstein s longitudinal study find who were negatively impacted by divorce 24 As presented in class and described in the On line material list 8 general influences of divorce on children List at least 4 specific influences of divorce on children between 7 and 12 years old 25 What four changes typically occur due to divorce that have a major impact on children e g economic How can parents reduce the negative impact of divorce 26 Using the on line material describe some things that a teacher can do to lessen the probability of children having serious problems because of divorce 27 Describe the three major styles of parenting in terms of control clarity of communication maturity demands and nurturance 28 What behaviors in children are associated with each of these types of parenting styles 29 How do children influence parenting style CHF 2570 Study Guide 4 Environment Page 3 30 In an article on the state of American children quotConditions for American children youth and families Are we quotworld classquot what percentages of American children live in poverty How does America compare to 18 industrialized nations 31 In a study examining national differences in family support policy what were the difference academic achievement standard of living violence rate and teen age pregnancy between those countries who have a hands on policy versus those with a hands off policy Which approach does the United State tend to take 32 Be able to use information from this section to answer the questions from the Overview scenario on Aaron


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