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suny albany bitm 215-review session test 1

Created by: Hosea Hamill Elite Notetaker

> suny albany bitm 215-review session test 1

suny albany bitm 215-review session test 1



collection of unprocessed items


collection of data organized as meaningful info that can be accessed, managed, stored, queried, sorted and reported


processed data from a database. The finished product of a database


main components that are created and used to make the database function


include data...made up of records and fields about one type of entity. Ex of entity: student, DVD, CD, piece of furniture


represent a complete set of all of the data elements (fields) about one particular entity


a number, phrase, or expression used to select records in a table.


the smallest pieces of data found in a table. Examples of fields include an individual person's first name, last name, and middle initial

caption property

used to create a more readable label- appear in top row in the data sheet view and in forms/reports-overrides the field name

Validation Rule Property

to restrict data entry in a field. ensure that correct type of data is entered/ data doesn't violate other enforced properties

field properties

characteristics of a field that determine how the field looks/behaves

input mask

Simplifies data entry by providing literal characters that are types for every entry ex SS# is displayed to user with hyphens


provides a label used in data sheet view or in reports

default value

automatically enter a predetermined value for a field each time a new record is added to the table

compacting [a database]

Avoids loss of data Recovers unclaimed space Defragments fragmented databases Repairs corrupt databases

Backup Feature

CRITICAL- creates a duplicate of the database

default extension for access databases


primary key

Identifier used to uniquely identify one instance of an entity. Must contain a unique value for each record in the table

foreign key

Foreign keys reference a related table through the primary key of the related table

relational database

Stores data in tables that consist of rows and columns Stores data relationships (connections within data) Uses specialized terminology

design view

change data type/format

data sheet view


One-one relationship

ex: drivers license/one person, SS#/one person

many-many relationship

artificially constructed relationship giving many matching records in each direction between tables It requires the creation of a third table, often called an junction table, to join the two many tables-uses foreign keys

one-many relationship

MOST COMMON primary key value in the primary table can match many of the foreign key values in a related table

referential integrity

ensures that data cannot be entered into a related table unless it first exists in the primary table Protects integrity of data Prevents accidental deletion of data Improves data accuracy

enforce referential integrity


order of operations

PEMDAS Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply/Divide, Add/Subtract PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY


Lists records in a specific sequence (ascending/descending)

and criteria

returns only records that meet all criteria ex: When the criteria are in the same row of the query design grid, Access interprets the instructions using the AND operator

or criteria

operator returns records meeting any of the specified criteria ex: When the criteria are positioned in different rows of the design grid, Access interprets the instructions using the OR operator. The results will return all records that satisfy any of the criteria listed

not criteria

returns all records except the specified criteria. ex: Access will return all records except the specified criteria.


displays a subset of records based on specified criteria Will always display the entire record selected based on criteria selected All data extracted must be contained within a single table Hides unwanted records, but does not delete them. When the filter is cleared, all of the records in the table will be displayed.

filer by form

Displays table records based on multiple criteria. Allows the use of AND and OR conditions Allows the use of comparison operators

filter by selection

Displays only records that match selected criteria Only the records that match the selected criteria will be displayed


is used to limit the results of a query

comparison operator

uals to (=) greater than (>) less than (=) less than or equal to (<=) and not equals to (<>)

arithmetic operator

addition (+) subtraction (-) multiply (*) and division (/)

layout view

alters the report design while still viewing the data

design view

displays the report's design without displaying data

print preview

allows you to see exactly what the report will look like when it is printed

report view

allows you to see what the printed report will look like in a continuous page layout

and operator

returns only records that meet all criteria

or operator

returns records meeting any of the specified criteria.

not operator

returns all records except the specified criteria.


set of language rules that access follows when evaluating expressions

expression builder

Helps to create expressions Provides access to built-in Access functions Allows you to perform date arithmetic Inserts placeholders


tell you where each argument belongs

pmt function

Calculates the monthly loan payment given

aggregate function

Perform calculations on an entire column of data and return a single value Average Standard Deviation Count Sum Maximum Variance Minimum

Three types of relationships used by Access to manage relationships between tables

Enforce referential integrity Cascade update related fields Cascade delete related records

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