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study guide

by: Idalia Notetaker

study guide Ps2310.014

Idalia Notetaker
Texas State

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About this Document

I hope this is helpful for you guys to study for your exam. Good luck!
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Idalia Notetaker on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Ps2310.014 at Texas State University taught by RICK HENDERSON in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see PRINCIPLES OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT in Political Science at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
1 Political culture txt book def the orientation of citizens a state toward politics Henderson def each nation has 2 unique political culture it shapes the way people think about politics and govt and develops slowly over time 2 Political economy govt action that have economic consequences Individualism individual are responsible for their own well being Individualistic view is more power full Religion important in US History and politics how we limit the govt interference without limiting religion itself Chapter summary pg 356 Congress is bicamerial House of rep has 435 members 2 year term 100 senator 6 year term advocates of stability embrace the more deliberate senate House of rep and senate represent Us in multiple ways Geographic representation the election rules say members must live in state or district Descriptive representation does the assembly look like the people Substantive rep do members of congress effectively pursue constituent interests gt Committee system also fragment congress hided action form public view gt Floor procedures has to passed by house and senate and legislative committee and presidential veto or both Reapportionment book 334 recognization of the boundaries of house districts a process that follows the results of US census taken Every 10 years district lines are redrawn to ensure rough equality in the member on constituents represented by each house member reapportionment Henderson every 10 years America census determined which states has gained or lost population since each district is the same size house seats are reapportioned accordingly to it Delegates pg 330331 represent the view of his or her constitution Trustee his or her judgment on the issue house move to delegate theory because of every 2 year election Senate move to trustee theory because of every 6 year election Republican conference all together republican Democratscaucus do the same thing but called different The minority has no influence who is going to be speaker Another group will choose but who the speaker controls agenda of the house Pg 329 paragraph 2 speaker can t control floor of the house Majority floor leader control the business of the house n the floor pg338 339 Party whip roles of the whip is to make sure member get to the floor for important vote Conveys policies to other members Together legislative intle on ploiciy position House leadership 337 Speaker spoke person for the house and the majority part in congress The speaker committee on committee leadership of the one single person Speaker most influential person doing Speaker has the most control 2quot the whip the whip controls the leadership the position on the politics in the rank and file to gather legislative intelligence on policy position vice president is the president of senate president protempora majority senator with longest senate service longest serving member of the majority party truse leader in the senate is majority leader Mcconel 101515 Most of the work in congress is done in committee system by who Committee stuff The largest committee in number of congress is agriculture number of subcomitte The most important committee in taxation and SSS is ways and means Most important committee is rules committee Highest ranking member Member of the minority Party with most seniority leader of the house is speaker key committee in the house are appropritation budget ways and means key money committee in budeget the senate assignment all committee chairs are going to be members of the majority party used to be eading indicator is seniority now is loyalty PWP The highes ranking member majority party with most seniority Ranking member the longest serving member in the committee form the majority party whip is not the chair minority democrat caucus select minority floor leader known as chief legislative of minority floor leader nancy policy senate single majority leader pg342 last paragraph process of how a bill becomes law Every bill in the house introduce by sponsor Bills have sponsor and cosponsor when bills originate white house refered administration bill All bill are reffered to appropriate standing committee Draft rule pg 345 Pg 346 first line Rules of the committee and subcomitte First he subcommittee does hold hearing 347 mark up takes place in comitte and subcomitte def line by line revision of provision of a bill RP no bill goes to subcomitte 102015 fill a busteran action such as a prolonged speech that obstructs progress in a legislative assembly while not technically contravening the required procedures to kill a bill talking forever to kill the bill House is rule bound 1 Rules comitte will determined the amount of time allowed for debate 2 Number of amendments in the floor determined amount of time allowed each amendment modify closed rule amendments are certain provision of a bill and not others 3 Closed rule a committee that a rule that prohibits amendments to a bill from the floor no amends are allowed and no debate house will vote on bill up down as is reported of key committee Key function of whip In gross bill passed in chamber Both chamber roll Senate and house bill must be identical Unanimous consent a senate requirement applied to most of that body s business that all senator agree before an action can proceed there is no limit for debate in senate except for unanimous consent agreement or a cloture vote to end fill a buster cloture vote book definition the senate s only approved method for halting s filibuster of lifting a legislative hold f 35th of body changed in 1975 from the original 23rd vote for cloture the measure can proceed to a vote if president like the bill then they sign it if they don t like the bill then they send it back to original place with reasoning 102215 exam review Chapter 10 The Congress Chapter Summary 356 bullet points 35678 Table 101 Constitutional Powers quotCongressional Representation 330331 Top section quotWhat do You Think 332 realy what do you think quotThe two house of congress reflect different national priorities 330 332 quotReapportionment margin amp top paragraph A great deal of lecture on this area of study This is a key area of study that was very lecture driven The reapportionment of seats in the US House of Representatives is of fundamental importance in understanding of indirect representation and its basics both constitutionally and politically Get the notes if you wee not in class End of chapter Key Terms The important key terms for you to study revealed in the second study guide for you gtgt cloture vote committee markup session conference committee congressional caucus distinguish the difference between smaller congressional caucuses relative to the size of the Democratic Caucus and the Republican Conference as described in lecture Earmark342 filibuster President pro tempore reapportionment Reapportionment margin definition amp top paragraph Week of October 12th lecture Table 101 Constitutional Powers No examination questions from this table How much are members paid 335 Table 103 The quotMinnows and Whales LBJ 337 Congressional Leadership THE HIERARCHY 0F LEADERHIP IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND THE SENATE LECTURE amp TEXT quotHOUSE LEADERSHIP quotSENATE LEADERSHIP 337340 gtgtDetailed in lecture and reiterated through important portions of your assigned reading during exam review The Committee System Most of the work in the Congress is done in the committee system By whom Congressional Staff The Workhorses of Congress 340342 standing committees select committees and joint committees from Table 104 Recognize their responsibilities and functions Highlighted during exam review The Bottom Line 343 Oh yeah looking for your thoughts here in class gtgt porkquot 341 amp highlighted during exam review How a Bill Becomes a Law Pay particular attention to definitions but there is a significant lecture emphasis quotWhy is Congress So Unpopular 352 quotDivided Government 354 How productive is quotdivided government the recent polarization in the congress


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