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CLS 1500 Study Guide

by: Essence Stanley-Savage

CLS 1500 Study Guide CLS 1500 - 03

Essence Stanley-Savage
Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture
Krishni Schaefgen Burns

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About this Document

Hey guys. Here is a little study guide I made for my midterm. Thought it could be useful for someone else. These terms aren't in any particular order. Just the order my instructor put them in. I ho...
Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture
Krishni Schaefgen Burns
Study Guide
cls 1500 study guide, cls1500, Ancient Greece
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Essence Stanley-Savage on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CLS 1500 - 03 at Wright State University taught by Krishni Schaefgen Burns in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture in Classical Studies at Wright State University.

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Date Created: 10/28/15
Cleopatra A young Macedonia women married to Phillip 2 Murdered w daughter Ptolemy GrecoEgyptian writer of Alexandria Alexandria Eqvnt Founded by Alexander The Great 14 different Alexandria s Chaeronea Village in Greece Battle of Chaeronea Fought in 338 BC Led by Phillip 2 Alexander the GreaL King of Macedonia in 336 BC Conquered Persia Egypt West Of Indus River Dies at 32 Philip ll King of Macedonia at 22 Introduces Phalanx Stabbed by bodyguard in 336 BC The Battle of Aegoslootami 171 Ships lost Prisoners are killed Athens surrenders Oligarchy becomes loyal to Sparta Battle of Arginusae Major naval victory Athens abandoned their because of a huge storm Major crime so six general are executed Sicilian Exnedition Total disaster Attacks Syracuse biggest city in Sicily Sparta re enforces Syracuse Athens sends huge forces to Sicily Alcibiades Aristocratic Athenian general Commits sacrilege Goes on the Sicilian Expedition Called back for trial but goes to Sparta instead Peace of Nicias 50 year Peace of Sparta Lasted 7 years Proxy war Athens kills all men and sells all the others Mvtilenean Deb Athens adopts clean plans Changes mind to leniency Thucydides Poor leadership Archidamian War Named for Spartan King Archidamus 1st 10 years of Peloponnesian War Ends in a stalemate The Athenian Plague 25 of population dies Happened in 430 BCE Pericles also diesDemagogues takes over Periclean Strategy Pericles leader of Athens Plan Don t fight the Spartans Import grain and supplies over seas Pericles Ruler of Athens Died 429 BCE Chorus Young citizen men Represents the audience view How citizens could pay their taxes Mechane A crane used to make God39s float about the stage in a play Ekkyklema A wheeled platform used to bring things on and off the stage Skene scene The backdrop or stage Greek Drama 5th century Plays written for Great Dionysia for God DionysusGod of wine Sappho Female poet from Lesbpos Wrote love poetry Best Lyric Poet Ever Greek Lyric Poetry Shorter poem Set to music and sung to a Lyre Include love death victories and religion Aristotle A greek philosopherscientist joined Plato s Academy Started new school called The LyceumTutored Alexander Alledorv of the Cave Presented by Plato in the republic The Republic Lays out the ideas for the perfect society Definition of Justice Plato Great philosopher Student of Socrates Founded The Academy First school Wrote 36 dialogues Platonic Love Theory Forms Socrates 1st great philosopher No writing survived Executed in 399 BCE for corrupting the youth Invented inductive reasoning Cycladic Culture Seafaring culture Iron copper lead gold silver Highly fertile crops Hearded sheep and goats Cycladic Figures Buried as graves Originally painted bright colors Gender specific Meant to lie on their back Minoan Civilization Greek word crareia meaning strong or ruling goddess Hill sanctuaries Linear A Knossos Very Large Building Lots of workshops Lots of Murals Abandoned in the Bronze Age Collapse Thera Santori Erupted c 1600 Covered Minoan settlement Destroyed islands Mycenaean Citadels A palace sacred cemetery houses and granies Secret well Lion s Gate entrance Megaron The king39s room Where rulers meet their people Tholos Circular tombs Looks like beehive Bronze Ade Collapse 1200 and 1150 BCE All the Mycenaean palaces were abandoned in the 10th century o Kouroleore tues Young maleyoung female statues Female clothed and male is naked 0 Cyrus King of Persia Confrontation w Persians and European Greeks


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