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KRN 101 Midterm Study Guide

by: Theresa To'o

KRN 101 Midterm Study Guide 101

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Theresa To'o

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About this Document

This is Korean 101 study guide format and all the answers.
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Theresa To'o on Wednesday October 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 101 at University of Oregon taught by Park in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see FIRST YEAR KOREAN 1 in Korean at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/28/15
Korean 101 Studv Guide 1 BASIC EXPRESSIONS Choose an appropriate expression from the box that you could use in the situations given below and ll in the blanks with the letter There are more expressions than you actually need Learn basic expressions included in LOllCanvashangul intro VWHTFQWWUOWP I 1 You are late to class PEI38 L I El 2 Say goodbye leaving El39 39 l 74WIEP Oh I HIE HelloHiHow are you 7 M IIR Goodbye to person leaVing I oI L I El Nice to meet you FL IEl Sorry formal No 571 H EI Thank you L I Ill339 El S LI El Thank you PM El Excuse me Eol El 0 H r5 r0 r0 Ito OII OII IJ 0gtII 0505 lI 39 II lJ i yes quot3939 3 EWIE Goodbye to the person staying hibye lgl HE sorry less formal F5 F P E III 11 gt El 11 SINOKOREAN NUMBERS AND COUNTERS Learn SinoKorean numbers LO32Canvassk numbersl and LO33Canvassk numbers2 95gt pr 0239 6 quot3 O E39s 539 Ans 1 Oa39Ol l 37 SEN 3 3 ol 7 739 El 123 9875406 Euquot 8 Equot oor 10F a39 Ans 2 Lesson 11 20239 El Al 9 rquot lessonchapt El L11J39 l 20th Floor OHS g 2 10 4 III DAILY EXPRESSIONS How do you say the following sentences in Korean Learn daily expressions and the following expressions 1 CIA OI What do you do T a 5HR 2 What is your phone number 73 H 7 l 5394 HIE 3 4 How s the weather L l39Ml 7 l 0I EH2 What grade are you in gig WEI OIOiIR IV GRAMMAR PARTICLES Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the particles provided in the box Each particle should ONLY be used once Learn Conversation 1 and Conversation 2 in Lesson 1 9595 7 i No after vowel also same No after consonant Intro subj after vowel Intro subj after consonant I39IO FIF 2 IH v GRAMMAR olollsaollsz AND oH Iollsa Fill in the blanks with olollsaollg or 0quot L IOiIR Learn Narration on p 52 and do Exercises on pp 52 53 VI WRITING Write your selfintroduction in Korean Be careful about spacing Hi My name is XXXXX I m school year I m nationality Nice to meet you EXTRA CREDIT Learn words included in LO33Canvassk numbers2 Complete the following table Monkey 914 0 Shoes rquot39I Onion Eh Li


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