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by: Chanel Pfannerstill
Chanel Pfannerstill
Western Washington University
GPA 3.72

Julia Sapin

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About this Document

Julia Sapin
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Chanel Pfannerstill on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to A at Western Washington University taught by Julia Sapin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/230973/a-western-washington-university in Art History at Western Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Faculty GUR Japan in the quotGlobal Image Streamquot Julia Sapin Art History Department of Art May 5 and 7 2009 Mock study guide based on those for AHI 271 Visual Culture in East Asia Japan Study Guide 4 May 5 and 7 May 5 Japan in the Modern World New Artistic Constructs and Conflicts Dates Asuka Period 552 645 Meiji era 1868 1912 Nara Period 710 94 Early Showa era 1926 45 Muromachi period 1392 1573 Late Showa era 1945 89 Edo period 1615 1868 Heisei era 1989 present Terms allegory Gutai ha Mono ha Images Meiji Era 18681912 1 KURODA Seiki Wisdom Sensibility Emotion ChiKanJo oil on panel each panel 4 x 9 cf p 374 1899 Early Showa era 192645 2 FUJITA Tsuguji Cats oil on canvas approx 25 x 33 1940 3 FUJITA Tsuguji Attack on Attu Aleutian Islands oil on canvas approx 65 x 86 1943 Late Showa era 194589 4 KITAWAKI Noboru Quo Vadis Where are you going oil on canvas approx 3 x 4 1949 5 SHIRAGA Kazuo of Gutai Challenging Mud performed at the first Gutai exhibition Tokyo 1955 6 TANAKA Atsuko of Gutai Electric Dress painted light bulbs electric cords performed for the second Gutai exhibition Tokyo 1956 7 LEE U FAN of Mono ha Relatum stones and cotton 1969 8 FUJII Chuichi Untitled cypress H 75 FEET 1990 May 7 Contemporary Japan Art in the quotGlobal Image Streamquot Dates Asuka Period 552 645 Meiji era 1868 1912 Nara Period 710 94 Early Showa era 1926 45 Muromachi period 1392 1573 Late Showa era 1945 89 Edo period 1615 1868 Heisei era 1989 present Terms Superflat kawaii culture DOB butoh Images Late Showa era 194589 9 Masami TERAOKA b 1936 Tale of 1000 Condoms Geisha and Skeleton watercolor and sumi on unstretched canvas 11 x 7 FEET 1989 10 MORIMURA Yasumasa Portrait Twin photomontage 7 x 10 FEET 1988 Heisei era 1989present 11 MURAKAMI Takashi The Castle of Tin Tin acrylic on canvas 10 x 10 FEET 1998 12 MURAKAMI Takashi and Marc JACOBS pop art top handle bag designed for Louis Vuitton s Spring 2003 collection 13 BAN Chinatsu V W X Yellow Elephant Underwear installed at 60th and 5th NYC Spring 2005 14 TAKANO Aya Noshi and Meg on Earth 2036 acrylic on canvas approx 3 x 25 2002 15 KATOU Izumi Untitled wood acrylic charcoal H 7 FEET 2004 16 SANKAI JUKU director AMAGATSU Ushio Resonancefrom FarAway Hlbiki 1998


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