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by: Kevin Yu

midterm GEOG 2134

Kevin Yu

Energy Resources
Sklar, S

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About this Document

Energy Resources
Sklar, S
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kevin Yu on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOG 2134 at a university taught by Sklar, S in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
MIDTERM TEST for Energy GEOG2134101515Prof Sklar INSTRUCTIONS Read carefully ALL three questions must be answered Responses should be from twotothree paragraphs The responses must answer all the points raised in the question and be in the Logic Flow format handed out and reviewed in class The test will be formally emailed prior to the Monday October 19th class and is due back at the Monday October 26th class as a hard copy in a doublespaced format Remember cites must be either in a formal footnote format or the web site in parenthesis after the particular sentence Make sure your name class number and e mail are on your exam and please make sure your pages are numbered This is a take home exam which allows you to review the books and utilize search engines to construct your answer At no time may your work with other students on your questions Q1 The paragraph below addresses which trends of the 10 outlined issue in Friedman s book The World is Flat see list below does this paragraph address quotThe European Environment Agency reported that by the end of last year emissions produced by the current 27 member countries have fallen by more than 17 since 1990 However a report due to be published soon by the Policy Exchange think tank has measured the emissions generated by goods and services consumed by those countries and found that it has increased by more than 40 As a result quotdemonstrating success in reducing carbon levels is questionablequot said Simon Less the think tank39s head of environment and energy Although the Kyoto agreement only measures production the stark difference in the figures highlights a key controversy in negotiations about a new treaty which will continue at a big UN as some developing countries such as China argue they should not be held responsible for emissions generated by consumption in rich nationsquot Above Quote from httpmguardiancouk id102202ampstoryhttpwwwguardiancoukenvironment2010oct13europekyoto targetsemissions Q2 Friedman s book The Lexus and the Olive Tree discusses the interconnections on our planet and issues impacting sustainability From the quote below discuss any national state or local law either discussed in class or you have personally experienced that addresses the pointofview in paragraph below And reference the three drivers from Ho Flat and Crowded on how they impact this situation Page 281 As Robert Shapiro of Montsanto likes to say Human population is multiplied by human aspirations for a middle class existence divided by the current technological toolkit is putting unsustainable strains on the biological systems that support life on our planet When three guys living on a lake dumped garbage in it it was not a big deal When 30 thousand do it you better find a way not to make so much garbage or to have ewe people make garbage otherwise the lake is not going to be there Q3 In class we discussed many systems or networks established for energy water sewage communications computing transportation etc In the paragraph below the Lovins state The only effective protection is to make the architecture of the energy system inherently less vulnerable and to address the conditions that feed the pathology of hatred Give at least one example of how a network or system has evolved and changed to be inherently less vulnerable Reviewing the second paragraph about the pipeline explosions what would be the three top actions you would do as mayor of your town to protect pipelines power lines and electric power plants from human error terrorism and natural disasters Brittle Power39s findings remain broadly correct today despite many changes in detail Attacks on centralized energy systems have probably become more frequent since 20 years ago when they were already occurring every few days around the world To be sure some additional precautions have been taken since then Highschool kids can probably no longer sneak into major pipeline control centers at night for beer parties some of the softer targets have been modestly hardened marine tanker shipments of liquefied natural gas into Boston Harbor were suspended for five weeks after the 11 September 2001 attacks certain limited precautions have lately been taken at nuclear power plants though they continue to operate upwind of many major cities However in a world where ferocious competent and globalized attackers shop around for the softest targets these measures offer no real security Neither do even strenuous efforts to forestall attack through counterterrorist intelligence The only effective protection is to make the architecture of the energy system inherently less vulnerable and to address the conditions that feed the pathology of hatred Both of these strategies would cost less than current antiterrorism efforts and would in time displace as much as complement them From preface ABL amp LHL Old Snowmass Colorado 21 October 2001 Charts from DOE Energy Sector Vulnerabilities 2013httpenergygovsitesprodfiles201307f220130710EnergySector VulnerabilitiesReportpdf After pipeline blast widespread concern 50 years old right around the life expectancy for steel pipes It was part of a transmission line that had an quotunacceptably highquot risk of failure And it was in a densely populated area The blast was the latest in a series of deadly infrastructure failures in recent years including a bridge collapse in Minneapolis and a steam pipe explosion that tore open a Manhattan street in 2007 The steam pipe that ruptured was more than 80 years old The section of pipeline that ruptured in San Bruno was built in 1956 when the neighborhood had a handful of homes Christopher Hart vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said the expansion of the suburbs created a safety problem that exists elsewhere across the nationquotThat39s an issue we39re going to have to look on a bigger scale situations in which pipes of some age were put in before the dense population arrived and now the dense population is right over the pipequot he said Thousands of pipelines nationwide fit the bill and serious incidents are not infrequent Federal officials have recorded 2840 significant gas pipeline accidents since 1990 more than a third causing deaths and significant injuries quotIn reality there is a major pipeline incident every other day in this countryquot said Carl Weimer Pipeline Safety Trust39s executive director quotLuckily most of them don39t happen in populated areas but you still see too many failures to think something like this wasn39t going to happen sooner or laterquot RESOURCE LISTS THE WORLD IS FLAT by Thomas L Friedman Chap One subset pgs 912 Eras of Globilization summaries Era 1 1492 Columbus thru 1800 Muscle by countries many times inspired by religion and imperalism broke down borders knitted the world together colonies empires ltbig to mediumgt Era 2 1800 2000 multinational companies railroads telecommunications satellites internet creation of a true global economy ltmedium to smallgt Era 3 2000 unique power to individuals lt small to tiny or flatgt Chap Two Ten Forces that Flattened the World 1 Capitalism vs Controlled Economies 2 Age of Connectivity Apple Computer and Windows 3 Workflow Software it enabled more people in more places to design display manage an collaborate on business data previously handled manually 4 Uploading freedom of communities and individuals to send up and out their ideas and products 5 Outsourcing India s seven Institutes of technology ITT moving a function to another company place 6 Offshoring moving one s whole factory offshore 7 Supply Chaining following and meeting consumer needs by automation flexible consumerdriven supply 8 lnsourcing UPS has the 11th largest airline in the world synchronizing the world 9 lnForming Gogle Yahoo MSN Web 10 The Steriods Digital Mobile Personal Virtual LEXUS and the OLIVE TREE by Thomas Friedman the World in Six Dimensions Prof Sklar subtext What all of us in the world must balance to get along peacefully and grow globally and locally 1 Financial Markets 2 Politics 3 Culture 4 National Security 5 Technology 6 Environment HOT FLAT and CROWDED by Thomas L Friedman 1 Underpricing Risk 2 I ll be Gone or You ll be Gone 3 Privatizing Gains and Socializing Losses 4 Mother Nature s DOW BRITTLE POWER by Amory and Hunter Lovins 1982 Amory Lovins and L Hunter Lovins argue that domestic energy infrastructure is vulnerable to disruption by accident or malice often even more so than imported oil According to the authors a resilient energy system is feasible costs less works better is favored in the market but is rejected by US policy The book was originally prepared as a Pentagon study and was rereleased in 2001 following the September 11 attacks In the preface to the 2001 edition Lovins explains that the themes from the original manuscript are still relevant For the 2001 preface see quotPreface to the 2001 Edition of Brittle Powerquot RMI document ID 200121 DOE Energy Sector Vulnerabilities httpenergygovsitesprodfiles201307f220130710EnergySectorVulnerabilities Reportpdf


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