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U.S. History 1877 to Present

by: Sadye Russel

U.S. History 1877 to Present AMH 2020

Marketplace > Valencia College > History Of The Americas > AMH 2020 > U S History 1877 to Present
Sadye Russel
GPA 3.82

Cynthia Poole

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About this Document

Cynthia Poole
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sadye Russel on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to AMH 2020 at Valencia College taught by Cynthia Poole in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/231192/amh-2020-valencia-college in History Of The Americas at Valencia College.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
AMH 2020 US History 1877 to Present Valencia Community College Spring 2007 Professor Cynthia Poole nnnnlpzfmnflaq 39 er n Course Description Survey of United States history from 1877 emphasizing political social and economic developments Examines such topics as expansion Populist amp Progressive movements Great Depression World Wars and the Vietnam con ict Text Required Murrin Johnson McPherson Gerstle Rosenberg amp Rosenberg Liberty Equality amp Power Volume 2 4th Edition Belmont CA Wadsworth 2005 Study Guide Optional Attendance The college and this instructor expect all students to attend all class meetings Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class and again after the break to ensure accuracy of attendance records Since the class only meets once a week missing one class will cause you to miss a great deal of information The student will be responsible for all of the missed work during an absence no exceptions Please see me at the next class for a handout and copy the notes from a classmate Papers not turned in on time due to absence will be penalized Do not miss an exam Makeup exams will only be given with a doctor s note or other written approval and prior notice is required except in emergency situations STUDENTS MAY BE DROPPED DUE TO EXCESSIVE ABSENCE HOWEVER IF IT IS YOUR DESIRE TO DROP THIS CLASS BE SURE TO DO SO YOURSELF AND DO NOT RELY ON ME TO DROP YOU DURING THE PROPER ADD DROP PERIOD Exams In this course you will be taking four exams The first exam will cover the period from reconstruction through Progressivism ch 1821 in the textbook The second exam will cover the emergence of the US as a world power through the Great Depression amp New Deal ch 2225 in the textbook The third exam will cover the Second World War through the 1950s ch 2628 in the textbook The final exam will be comprehensive The exams will be a combination of objective questions and short answers with essays Although the study guide is optional it may help you to review for the exams Do not miss an exam You will not be allowed to make up an exam without a doctor s note or other written approval Each of the first three exams will constitute 20 of your grade in this course and the final exam will be 40 Evaluation Grade Scale Test 1 20 90100 A Test 2 20 8089 B Test 3 20 7079 C Final Exam 40 6069 D 59 or below F ADDITIONAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES College The College has initiated withdrawal procedures and Withdrawal timelines in response to legislationrules adopted by the Procedure state legislature and State Board of Community Colleges The deadline to withdrawal from this course is in the current catalog and is also available online at httpvaenciaccedu After that date if you withdraw or are withdrawn from the course you will be assigned either a WP withdrawn passing or a WF withdrawn failing Additional information is available in the College Catalog httpvaenciacceducatalogO4 05defaulthtm on pages 62 65 Valencia Valencia faculty have de ned four interrelating Student competencies Think Value Communicate Act that Core prepare students to succeed in the world community Competencies These competencies are outlined in the College Catalog In this course through classroom lecture and discussion group work and other learning activities you will further your mastery ofthose core competencies Additional information is available in the College Catalog httpvaenciacceducatalogO4 05defaulthtm on page 14 Cell Phones Students are required to turn off all cell phones and pagers before the beginning of class lfa cell phone or pager vibrates or is audible the student may be asked to turn it off or leave for the remainder of the class fthere is an emergency situation warranting the use of a cell phone or pager during class time the student must notify the professor in writing prior to the beginning of class During a testing situation if a cell phone or pager vibrates or is audible the student s quiz test or examination will be collected and the student will be asked to leave without an option for completion CLAST The CollegeLevel Academic Skills Test CLAST measures the following reading skills essay skill English Competencies language skills and mathematics skills To the extent possible you will be encouraged to develop these skills as part ofyou work in this course Additional information is available in the College Catalog httpvalenciacceducatalogO405defaulthtm on pages 7880 Academic Dishonesty All forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited at Valencia Academic dishonesty included but is not limited to plagiarism cheating furnishing false information forgery alteration or misuse of documents misconduct during a testing situation and misuse of identi cation with intent to defraud or deceive Sanctions available to the professor should a violation occur are described in the Valencia Student Handbook or online at mpllvalenciaccfluspoliciesPDF1016pdf Student Code of Classroom Conduct Valencia is dedicated not only to the advancement of knowledge and learning but is concerned with the development of responsible personal and social conduct By enrolling at Valencia a student assumes the responsibility for becoming familiar with and abiding by the general rules of conduct The primary responsibility for managing the classroom environment rests with the professor Students who engage in any prohibited or unlawful acts that result in disruption of a class may be directed by the professor to leave the class Violation of any Valencia policiesprocedures or classroom rules may lead to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the College Disciplinary action could include being withdrawn from the class disciplinary warning probation suspension expulsion or other appropriate and authorized actions Valencia s Student Code of Classroom Conduct Policy 1018 can be found in the current Student handbook or online at httpvalenciaccfluspoliciesPDF1018pdf Additional information is available in the College Catalog httpvalenciacceducatalogO405defaulthtm on page 65 66 Students with Disabilities quotStudents with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a notification from the Of ce for Students with Disabilities OSD and discuss speci c needs with the instructor preferably during the rst two weeks of class The Of ce for Students with Disabilities determines accommodations based on appropriate documentation ofdisabilities The East Campus Of ce is located in Building 5 Room 216quot Date 1907 11607 12307 13007 2607 21307 22007 22707 3607 32007 32707 4307 41007 41707 42407 S agg h uzh s S agsllu g Introduction amp syllabus New Frontiers amp New South Economic Growth amp Urban life Progressivism Test 1 World Power amp World War I Roaring 20s The Great Depression amp New Deal Test 2 World War II Part 1 Extra Credit Paper Due World War II Part II Containment amp the 1950s Test 3 1960s Civil Rights ampVietnam Catchup time if necessary Final exam review 745915 Final Exam Student Preparation read ch 18 read ch 19 amp 20 read ch 21 review ch 1821 read ch 22 amp 23 read ch 24 read ch 25 review ch 2225 read ch 26 finish chapter 26 read ch 27 amp ch 28 review ch 2628 read ch 29 review all chapters review all chapters m5k l Mu w GE GEORGE wAsHlNGToN NEVER 60T wHAT HE WANTED M057 A PREVIOUS 1 ADMIN


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