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U.S. Government

by: Timmy Jenkins Sr.

U.S. Government POS 2041

Timmy Jenkins Sr.
GPA 3.86

Scott Crosby

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About this Document

Scott Crosby
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Timmy Jenkins Sr. on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POS 2041 at Valencia College taught by Scott Crosby in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/231212/pos-2041-valencia-college in Political Science at Valencia College.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
Politics in States and Communities Study Guide Chapter 12 908994P N 0 NHHHHHHHHHH pwwwmmewwep What is a metropolitan statistical area What is a micropolitan statistical area What is a megalopolis What is meant by heterogeneity Why can it be said that all 50 states are now metropolitanized What is fragmented government What is a boomburb What is an urbburb What is job sprawl What is a social class What is familism Why might the most important difference between cities and suburbs be race What is sprawl What are new urbanists How are the costs of government different between cities and suburbs How are taxes different between cities and suburbs What are some of the reasons for sprawl What is gentrification What is walkable urbanism What is regionalism What is localism What is fragmented government What is the environmental criticism of sprawl What is functional consolidation What is de facto segregation What are some typical arguments for metropolitan consolidation What is the Tiebout model What are free riders What is annexation What is a citycounty consolidation What are some typical arguments against citycounty consolidation What is a special district What is an authority What are some arguments against special districts or authorities What is an interjurisdictional agreement What is a metro government Chapter Fourteen Study Guide Concepts you will need to know and be prepared to discuss The role of and types of jurisdiction in the US judicial system The foundation and role of judicial review in the US judicial system Reasons for the selection of a case to the Supreme Court of the United States The process of deciding a case at the Supreme Court of the United States Opinions of a court differencesimpact The role of the writ of certiorari in the US judicial system The role of precedent in the US judicial system and its relationship to opinions Judicial activism and judicial restraint Differences between district courts and courts of appeal Why the US judicial system is called a dual court system Differences between state courts and federal courts How one becomes a federal courtjudge Term of office for federal court judges How many justices sit on the Supreme Court of the United States Differences between the facts of a case and the laws of a case Differences between civil criminal and procedural law Originalism V Living Constitution theories Checks on court power by the executive branch Checks on court power by the legislative branch Terms you will need to know and be prepared to discuss Appellate jurisdiction Brief Civil law Compliance Concurring opinion Criminal law Decision Dissenting opinion Facts Judicial activism Judicial conference Judicial restraint Judicial review Jurisdiction Laws Legitimacy Living constitution theory Majority opinion Opinion of a court Original jurisdiction Originalism theory Plurality opinion Precedent Procedural law Senatorial courtesy Writ of certiorari Politics in States and Communities Study Guide Chapter 10 1 What is the service function 2 What is the political function 3 What are push factors 4 What are pull factors 5 What are cleavages 6 What are the sources of community con ict 7 How do various groups typically respond to community con icts 8 What rights or privileges do local governments have according to the Constitution of the United States 9 What is a general purpose government 10 What is a special purpose government 11 Why do Americans nd it difficult to hold officials accountable 12 What are the general duties of the counties 13 What are the general duties of the cities 14 What are the general duties of the towns 15 What are the general duties of the school districts 16 What are the general duties of the special districts 17 What is an independent school district 18 What is a dependent school district 19 What is a single function special district 20 What is a multifunction special district 21 What are Louisianan counties called 22 What are Alaskan counties called 23 What is an urban county 24 What is a county commissioner 25 What is a traditional county commission structure 26 What is the structure of county government 27 What is a millage rate 28 What is the reformer criticism of county government 29 What is the county administrator structure 30 What is the elected county executivecounty mayor structure 31 What is the most common form of county government 32 What is a home rule charter 33 What is Dillon s rule 34 What is a county charter 35 What is atownship government 36 What is a town meeting government 37 What are the most common county officials 38 What does it mean ifa town is unincorporated 39 What is a municipal corporation 40 What is a city charter 41 What is a special act charter 42 What is a general act charter 43 4 45 What is a hybrid council manager government 4 48 What is the most common form of city government in the USA 50 5 l A A ION A o mu 5 What is an optional charter What is a commission government What is a council manager government What is a strong mayor council government What is a CAO What is a weak mayor council government On average what percentage of citizens attend local town meetings What is a nonpartisan election Why is it argued that the Republican party may have an advantage in nonpartisan elections CNUIUIUIUIUIUI wasgw ONONON LAND i Does nonpartisanship result in better quali ed candidates What is a pure at large electoral system What is an at large by position electoral system What is an at large residency district electoral system What is a single member district electoral system What is a mixed electoral system What is a proportional representation system What is cumulative voting What is a school board What is a school superintendent


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