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Business Info Systems Fluency

by: Rico Cummerata

Business Info Systems Fluency IS 1403

Marketplace > University of Texas at San Antonio > Science > IS 1403 > Business Info Systems Fluency
Rico Cummerata
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rico Cummerata on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to IS 1403 at University of Texas at San Antonio taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/231350/is-1403-university-of-texas-at-san-antonio in Science at University of Texas at San Antonio.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
Study Q1 1 STUDY QUESTIONS PRACTICE PROGRAMS TO WRITE NOTE These are for practice only A The exam programs may be different from any of these B The exam programs will incorporate features from more than one of these practice programs 1 ResponseW te Write a program to accomplish the following Place values in the following variables no input form is needed just say age 10 etc First name of person Age Date of birth Based on the data provided the program must output something similar to Dear rst name of person Based on your date of birth your age is years You say you are years old This is very suspicious if the age does not match or This is consistent if the age matches Sincerely Chino Rao 2 Input Forms Create an input form the input form ONLY to accept the following data from a user and sent to a program called acceptiinput asp Last name First name Social security number not to exceed 9 characters Would you like to apply for a credit card radio buttons default value yes Are you a student check box Credit cards that you already have use select tags Password that you would like to use Cofirm password that you would like to use A submit button Study Q1 2 3 Flow Control a Users are required to provide four inputs i their weight in pounds j their height in inches k the sports they play basketball football none 1 their GPA Based on these they will be told which scholarships they are eligible for if any Include a responsewrite statement to say which scholarships a student is eligible for There are 3 types of scholarships available academic basketball football The following rules are applied Students with a GPAgt35 are eligible for an academic scholarship If a student is lt6 feet tall then heshe is not eligible for a basketball scholarship If a student weighs less than 150 pounds or more than 400 pounds he she is not eligible for a football scholarship Students must have a GPA of at least 20 to get a football scholarship Students must have a GPA of at least 25 to get a basketball scholarship Use ifthen statements to apply these rules b Use SELECT CASE to do the following Students applying to UTSA are providing their high school GPAs The criteria for admission to the different colleges are given below Write messages to the students indicating their admission status in each of the schools There are 3 interests possible business arts and science For business GPA gt30 is accept lt20 is reject otherwise put on hold For arts GPA gt26 is accept lt20 is reject otherwise hold For science GPA 32 is accept lt25 is reject and rest hold c Write a program using DO loops to create the following pattern based on the number of lines specified by the user input form not required You should also be able to do it with FORNEXT loops Study Q1 3 4 Functions and Validation of Input a Users have been asked to enter the social security number in the format 999999999 Write a function to validate that the user has input the DDN correctly b Users have been asked to enter their birth date in the format MMDDYYYY Write the code to validate that the date has been entered in this format 5 Include Files Write the functions in 4a and 4b as separate files Write the include statement to use those functions in any program OUTPUTS PLEASE INDICATE THE OUTPUT OF THE FOLLOWING SEGMENTS OF CODE 1 Responsewrite clearly indicate blank spaces and line returns lt strX somnambulism strY Say what Responsewrite right strY 4 amp Left strX 5 amp amp Please explain amp ltbrgt Responsewrite LenstrX Len strY amp ltbrgt Responsewrite instr4 strX m amp ltbrgt Responsewrite instr 6 StrX z amp ltbrgt Responsewrite instr strX b gt 2 This program is called INPUTHTML What is the output of these commands lthtmlgt ltheadgt lttitlegt This is the title lttitlegt ltheadgtltbodygt Study Q1 4 ltform methodpost action continueasp gt Enter Last Name ltInput Type text Name Lname Value chino size 20gt ltbrgt Would you like to receive email YES ltinput Typeradio Name Emailgt ltinput type radio Nameemailgt NO ltbrgt Please enter your password ltinput type password namepw value 23erft54Xgt ltbrgt ltSelect name preference multiple size3gt ltoption value ecomgt ltoption value mktggt ltoption value mgmtgt ltoption value biolgt ltoption value mathgt ltSelectgt THANK YOU ltinput type submit value CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT gt ltformgt 3 REQUEST OBJECT Assume that the values input into the program above INPUTHTML were Name Smith Password blooper and the preferences selected are biol and math Also the user clicked on the radio button for NO What will the output of the following program lthtmlgtltheadgt lttitlegt This is the outputlttitlegt ltheadgt ltbodygt StrOne welcome lt Responsewrite Hi my name is amp requestform lname amp Responsewrite Regarding email I would like to amp requestform email amp Responsewrite Please don t tell anyone but my password is amp requestform pw amp ltbrgt Study Q1 5 Responsewrite Lastly my preference for a major is amp requestf0rrn preference amp ltBRgt gt ltb0dygt lthtm1gt 4 What will the output of this code be if StrX betty hotter lt strX betty botter p 1 iCount 0 Do While p lt 1enstrX 1 If icount lt 8 then Responsewrite instrstrX b End if Icount icount 1 P P 1 Loop gt What is the output for the following for the three cases a I6 and J1 b J3 and I1 and c J5 and I5 lt TT HON ifI lt J then do while I lt J for k I to J reponsewrite quotIquot next reponsewrite quotltbrgtquot I I 1 Loop Else Do While J lt I For k J to I Responsewrite quotJquot Study Q1 6 Next Responsewrite ltbrgt J Jl Loop End if gt 5 What is the output for i chinoaolcom ii chinoaol iii aolc0m lt strMail chinoaol if instrstrMail 0 then responsewrite email address must contain amp ltbrgt End if If instrstrMail 0 then Responsewrite email address must contain amp ltbrgt End if If instrstrMail gt instrstrMail then Responsewrite must come before End if If rightstrX 3 com or rightstrX 3 edu or rightstrX 3 net then Responsewrite domain is Ok Else Responsewrite domain should com or edu or net End if gt What is the output if zipcode is a 45678 b xy34 c 345678k and d xyzer lt function zipivalid strX LenX len strX If LenX 5 then If isnumericstrX then Zipivalid Julia roberts Else Study Q1 7 Zipivalid Robert Redford End if Else If LenX lt 5 then Zipivalid Sarita Rai Else Zipivalid Mehdi Hassan End if End if End function gt lt strMsg zipivalidzipcode Responsewrite The code word is amp strMsg gt DEBUG CODE Debug the following code 7 The errors may be logic errors or syntax errors ResponseW139ite a programmer wishes to find the sum of two numbers responsewrite 45 87 b programmer wishes to find the sum of two numbers responsewrite 45 amp 87 c programmer wants to write a paragraph lt strXYZ Smith intABC 456 Study Q1 8 Responsewrite strXYZ has intABC books in his library gt Input forms a Programmer does not want the user to enter more than 9 characters ltinput typetext nameSSN maxvalue 9 value999999999gt b Programmer wants to user to input a gender ie male or female and b whether the user wants to join the club Programmer is using radio buttons for both Select Gender ltinput radio nameradio l gt MALE ltinput radio name radi02gt FEMALE Join Club ltinputradio nameradio lgt YES ltinput radio name radi02gt NO c Using the SELECT tag programmer wishes to display 3 out of 6 options to the user User should be able to choose more than one option ltSelect name preference length6 number3 gt ltoption valueecommercegt ltoption valuemarketinggt ltoption valuemanagementgt ltoption valueaccountinggt ltoption valuemathgt ltoption valuesciencegt ltSelectgt d Programmer wishes to offer the user a choice to submit the data entered in a form or clear the entries ltinput typesubmit value PRESS TO SUBM IT gt ltinput typeclear value PRESS HERE TO CLEAR gt lt1 HAVE NOT DISCUSSED THE SECOND TYPE IN CLASS gt e Programmer wishes to offer the user choice to either subscribe or not Would you like to subscribe ltinput typecheckbox namechkSubsgt YES ltinput typecheckbox namechkSubsgt NO Request Object You are provided the code for an input form INPUTHTML IT HAS NO ERROR Identify the errors logical or syntactical in the following sets of code lthtmlgtltbodygt Study Q1 9 lttitegt inputhtml lttitegt ltform method post action getdataaspgt ENTER FIRST NAME ltinput typetext namestrName gt ENTER YOUR AGE ltinput typenumber nameintAgegt ENTER YOUR DATE OF BIRTH ltinput typedate name dtmDOB gt ltinput type submit value PRESS HERE TO ENTER DATA gt ltformgt ltbodygtlthtmgt GETDATA ASP In this program I the programmer wishes to capture the values input by the user for First Name Age and Date of Birth 11 Then the programmer wishes to create an input form displaying the data input by the user lthtmgtltbodygt lttitegt inputhtml lttitegt lt o CAPTURING INPUT VALUES StrName requestfrom fname IntAge requestform age DtmDOB requestquerystring dateofbirth RECREATING INPUT FORM ltform methodget actiongetdataaspgt ENTER FIRST NAME ltinput typetext namestrName gt ENTER YOUR AGE ltinput typenumber nameintAgegt ENTER YOUR DATE OF BIRTH ltinput typedate name dtmDOB gt ltinput type submit value PRESS HERE TO CONFIRM DATA gt ltformgt gt ltbodygt lthtmlgt Ifthen CASE Prgorammer wants to respond with grade of A if intgrade gt 97 A if gt92 but lt97 else A lt If intgrade gt 89 then Select Case intgrade gtX Case cbool intgrade gt97 That is an A Case cbool intgrade gt 89 Study Q1 That is an A Case Else ihtgrade gt 92 and ihtgrade lt 97 That is an A Else ou did not make an A End if gt lt Select Case strGrade Case if strGrade A then Responsewrite Wow that is good Case if strGrade B then Responsewrite That s not bad either Case if strGrade C then Responsewrite Acceptable but could be better Case if strGrade something else then Responsewrite You have to repeat the course Select End gt Do While Do Until For Next Programmer accepts any number between 1 and 9 from the user Programmer wishes to display a total of siX singledigit numbers using one of these rules Starting with the user s number the programmer writes the siX numbers incrementing by 1 If the value reaches 10 then he reverses the sequence and decrements the numbers till siX digits are written out Example if user says 2 then programmer responds 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 If user says 6 then programmers responds 6 7 8 9 8 7 lt ihtStart requestform startihghumber ihtCount 0 Fori ihstart to ihstart 6 step 1 Responsewrite ihstart amp ltbrgt lCounticount 1 If lcountgt6 theh Exit for End if If ihstart gt8 theh Do while icount lt7 lhstart ihstart 1 Responsewrite ihstart amp ltbrgt lcount lcount 1 Loop Study Q1 11 Left Right Mid Instr Programmer wishes to test if the rst three characters of testicharacters or the last three characters of testicharacters contains the letter X lt strTest req uestform Testcharacters If Instr leftstrTest 3 X or lnstrrightstrTest 3 X 0 then esponsewrite Test characters do not contain X Else Responsewrite Test characters do contain X End if gt Function Programmer allows the user to enter hisher birth date and that of a friend Wants to write a FUNCTION which does the following If both were born before a given date Nov 20 1980 else they are incompatible lt dthserBdate requestform Bdate1 dthriendBdate requestform Bdate2 responsewrite fnTest Bdates Function bdate l bdate2 If cdate 112080 gt dthserBdate and cdate l l2080 gt dthriendBdate then Fntest Compatible Else Fntest Not compatible End if gt Include les Programmer wishes to include the file footertxt in a program Demoasp footertXt


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