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Intro Engineering

by: Alvah O'Keefe

Intro Engineering ENGR 100

Alvah O'Keefe
GPA 3.66

Jason Daida

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About this Document

Jason Daida
Study Guide
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alvah O'Keefe on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENGR 100 at University of Michigan taught by Jason Daida in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/231622/engr-100-university-of-michigan in Engineering and Tech at University of Michigan.

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Date Created: 10/29/15
De nition Engineering Design Engineering design is the process of devising a system component or process to meet desired needs Systems A regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a uni ed whole Systems Thinking Realization identi cation and variables I I I39 ion of key inter J and Adversity Unfortunate event or circumstances Contentions Adversity plays a crucial role in engr design Basic driver in improvement It is not or 7 ClientDesignerUser System Solves a problem Useful way of thinking Designer Creates things according to obj Client Employs the designer Responsible for manu and dist of things Jser Uses the thing Very Simplistic method for the branches Interdependency A simple part has a lot of different systems Most engineering systems have a lot of overlap Umbrella Analaysis Technical Comm Environ Teamwork and Management Ethics Concret and Abstraction Robustness Precision and Accuracy Design Perfection Having all of the required for desirable elements Absolutely free of every aw or shortcoming MP8 7 6 6 stages Engage De ne Stated Problem Create Internal Idea of Problem Plan a Sol n Execute Evaluate and Look Back Helps in problem solving by providing future steps or failure event Engage Co gnitiveAttitudnal Willing to Listen Ability to cope with ambiguity and risk Internal Idea of Problem 911 Commission Report Most Susceptible to False Assumptions Hinders efforts Need to Put Things Together Abstraction and Concretization Concrete Make Tangible Abstract Considering an object as a general quality Highlights certain attribute of concrete entity Interdependancy Small Things 1000 s of Parts Small Trivial Thing is Basis of Huge Thing Concrete Too Much Concrete Two Much Details Placeholders 7 Sub in Abstraction Black Box Labled Box 7 Inputs and Outputs Inputs 9 Outputs Labeled Diagram Cause 9 Reaction Shows Flow of Energy Concept Map Balance btwn abstract and concrete Rich in Detail AdV of Spatial Layout Focused Uses Hierachy Not Brainstorming Design Engineers are not just prob solv Engr create stuffs Creativity Syntheisis of the whole Descriptive Model Client 9 Concept 9 Prelim 9 Detailed 9 Final Invokes MPS6 Problem with Design Model Client doesn t pose excat details Designer doesn t design exact design Makes Desc Model Intros Prob Def as 2quotd Step Intro Design comm as 51h Prob Def Clarify Objs Being not doing Client has featuresattributes Estab User Reqs Being not doing User perspectives rather than client Features user s featuresattributes ID Constraints Practical Boundaries Cleary De ned Units 1 or 0 Limit the alternatives of design Establish Functions Design s Requirements Doing not being Conceptual Design Establish design specs Specs of design ID properties that all designs should have Measurement Criteria Quantities Way of Measuring Success Generate Alternatives ID set of poss alternatives Sketch Sol n and Model Preliminary Design ModelAnalysis Alternatives Measure Poss Designs to criteria Compare design alts to criteria Test Evaluate Alternatives Lab Tests Prototype Development Simulations Prototyping begins Prototype Finished Designs 7 Several Prototype Different Purposes for each prototype Detailed Design Re ne and Optimize Alternatives Speci cs of chosen design Made for Production Documentation Documentation for Client Describes Design to Client Design Reiterative Process Trial and Error Buliding More Things 10 Step Process Very NonLinear Requires Creativity Triggered Anywhere Re ning factors 7 time materials scope etc Design Regenerated by reexamining and challenging assumptions Precision Xbox 360 7 Red Ring of Death Close to a Point 7 Precision machinery Avoiding Totally Off Unit Check Quantifying Precision Mean Standard Derivation Too Much Precision 7 Too Costly Accuracy Closeness to Accuracy Quantifying Accuracy Relative Square error between actual and intended Absolute error between actual and intended Absolute A single value Two values a value and its comparative Precision Accuracy EX Missile Test in Bulgaria Cloud Interference w Laser 6 Blame Diff btwn Science and Engineering Science 9 Observation Engineering 9 Control Past Control of Magnitudes 101 to 10394 m Present Control 105 to 103914 m Application Car Parts 7 Brakes Lighter High Friction Low Abrasion Car Imperfections Reduced quality of drive vibrations excess noise Increased wear and maintenance Entire contact surface needs to be at Flatter the better State of art Better than ilS microns Improving PAR New Techniques EX Holographic Measurement Provides More Data More Control PAR 9 All About More Control Daily Operation for Engineers Robustness Quality of Being Strongly Built Customers value reliability Risk or Reward Early Adaptors V Customers Customer Demands Work all the time No Service ofthe Object Methods Dependant on engineering discipline Driven by Problem Employ various techniques Rule of Thumb Trial and Error Mathematical Model Computational Model Artorm in balance Demonstration Standing on Full Can of Coke v Empty Predominate Factor in Engineering Design The Real World De ne the Stated Problem More than open ending problem solving Finding good problem is human Need to Innovate and Create MathSci Problems 9 De ned Path Relies on seeing problem Seeing All Senses Surveys Marketing tools 9 Secondary Resources Needs active observations Hidden Infrastructure Complexity hidden from Public Google 9 Hardware Hidden Fire Hydrants 9 Hidden Pipes Fresh Ideas Ideas Created from New Items EX Water Guns Systems Incorporation EX iPod iTunes technology delivering content Inventors Not Lone Individuals EX Thomas Edison Created system for the light blubs Parallel circuits constant voltage fuses etc Light bulbs End Result Created System for it Systems Everything is created in and for a system Nonlinear Systems Output is nonaddititive EX of Linear Systems Checkbook Scoring EX of Nonlinear Systems Love Hypothermia Symptoms indication of magnitude Sluggish Nonstandard Symptom Good News Small Changes 9 Big Gains Make a difference Bad News Small things 9 Big Disaster EX Massive Blackout Electricity Dist Nonlinear Highly Complicated Cause 9 Neglecting of Pruning Duties


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