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Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission

by: Mrs. Lacy Schneider

Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission ECEN 3410

Mrs. Lacy Schneider

GPA 3.9

Rafael Piestun

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About this Document

Rafael Piestun
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Lacy Schneider on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ECEN 3410 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Rafael Piestun in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/231781/ecen-3410-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Colorado at Boulder.



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Date Created: 10/29/15
ECEN 3410 Electromagnetic Fields and Transmission Spring semester 2007 University of Colorado at Boulder List of questions that can come up in the exam on 30907 Note 8090 of the test will be from this list of questions This is going to be a closed book exam No calculators will be allowed 39 V gt19 00 t O O NH What is a transmission line Sketch at least four physical types of transmission lines When is a transmission line ideal How do we analyze transmission lines Write the Telegraphist39s equations Sketch the equivalent circuit for an ideal distributed transmission line From the Telegraphist39s equations derive the wave equation Provide a general solution for the voltage distribution along the transmission line For a parallel plane transmission line discuss how you can derive the line capacitance and inductance by starting from Maxwell39s equations How would you model metal and dielectric losses on a transmission line If an ideal transmission line has line inductance of L4mHm and line capacitance of lOOnFm compute its characteristic impedance and the phase velocity of the propagating wave What is the re ection coefficient 7 provide the definition and the formula how to compute it if we know the impedance of the load and the characteristic impedance of the line What is the re ection coefficient for the perfect match perfect open and perfect short How can you compute the re ected power A transmission line has a characteristic impedance of 500hms and load impedance of 750hms compute its re ection and transmission coefficients Write the Telegraphist39s equations for the timeharmonic case phasor forms and derive the voltage and current distribution on the line What is the wavelength What is the propagation constant What is the phase velocity Describe how you would solve for the input impedance of the transmission line structure given below ZL Lquot O H O N N N N L N 1 Why do standing waves arise Write the time domain expression for the voltage distribution on a line that supports standing waves Sketch the voltage distribution vs distance for certain time moment on a line that supports standing waves Assume that the phase of the reflection coefficient is 6p70 Define the standing wave ratio SWR and provide the formula for computing it if you know the magnitude of the re ection coefficient What are the bounds limits for SWR Is the input impedance constant on the line that supports the standing wave If it is not provide the bounds for the impedance measured at an arbitrary point on the line How would you measure the SWR on a transmission line If you do not know the load impedance can you measure it if you do not have direct access to the load If yes explain how If not explain why What is a Smith chart Sketch the impedance Smith chart with circles r05 l 239 x2 l 05 05 l 2 Denote the open end short end perfectly matched point Will a Smith chart derived for a 50 Ohm impedance differ from a chart derived for a 70 Ohm impedance Given load impedance of 80 Ohms on a 50 Ohm transmission line provide values for the SWR and re ectivity using the Smith chart Explain Given a load impedance Zl 25j25 Ohm on a 50 Ohm transmission line find the input impedance at 02 wavelengths away from the load Explain the algorithm in detail A 50 Ohm transmission line has a load impedance Zl 25j25 Ohm Find the SWR and the position of a voltage and current maximums Explain the algorithm in detail Given cascaded transmission lines with line lengths 1102cm 1203cm and respective characteristic impedances and phase velocities of ch vpl Zc2 vp2 choose your own example and the load impedance ZllOOOhm Use a Smith chart to find the percentage of power dissipated in the load ZoSOOhm Frequency is f lGHz Explain the algorithm in detail Sketch the admittance Smith chart with circles g05l239 b2l0505l2 Denote the position of an open end short end and perfectly matched point Consider a stub tuning circuit Provide the graphical Smith chart solution for the lengths of the stub ls and position of the stub lm to provide matching to the load What is a lossy line Describe the loss mechanisms in an arbitrary transmission line Sketch the equivalent circuit of a lossy line and write telegraphist39s equations for the time harmonic case How can you compute the complex propagation constant of a lossy line What is the physical meaning for the real and imaginary parts of gamma For a line oriented in a z direction write the voltage phasor distribution that includes attenuation and propagation constants Can we use a Smith chart for graphical solutions of problems on lossy transmission lines If the answer is yes describe how If the answer is no provide an explanation What are the units for a what are the units for 8 What is mi diagram Can you compute the phase and group velocities from this diagram What is a dispersive line 29 What are the phase group and energy velocities When is the phase velocity equal to the group L O velocity How would you show that in a transmission line the group velocity and the energy velocity are equal Is it possible to have a transmission line such that the group and phase velocity vectors are oriented in different directions If yes explain how and provide an example If not explain Why What is the Q factor What is its physical meaning Provide examples of application of high Q transmission lines ECEN 3410 Electromagnetic Fields and Transmission Spring semester 2007 University of Colorado at Boulder List of questions that can come up in the exam on 2907 Note 8090 of the test will be from this list of questions This is going to be a closed book exam No calculators will be allowed 1 List six vector quantities used in the description of the EM phenomena and give their units Also provide the values with units for the vacuum permittivity and permeability 2 Write Maxwell s equations in integral and differential forms Provide expressions for the constitutive equations 3 Write Generalized Ampere s Law MaxwellAmpere s Law describe in words the meaning of it and discuss the nature of the current terms J quot quot and J39 J 39 4 Write Faraday s Law describe in words the meaning of it and state what type of induction mechanisms exist 5 Write Gauss s and Stoke s theorems and using an example of Maxwell39s equations in integral form show how you can use these to derive the differential form 6 Why are we interested in the timeperiodic EM problems and how can we describe them write Maxwell s equations in phasor form Given the timeharmonic electric eld described as E 1 j i determine its time domain expression 7 How do we derive the continuity equation and what is its meaning If you have a capacitor connected to a generator discuss why the current ows if the generator is of the AC type and why it does not ow if the generator is of DC type 9 What are plane waves What are the fundamental properties of uniform plane waves 50 How do we analyze electromagnetic plane waves Outline the procedure including assumptions that will lead you to the 1D wave equation How does the general form of the solution look like 0 For a material with dielectric constant of 8r 4 and magnetic permeability of pr 1 determine the velocity of the plane wave that propagates inside that material LA 4 ON 00 Derive the 3D wave equation in the source free medium Do EM waves carry energy What is the Poynting vector What does Poynting theorem states do not need to derive it The current intensity through a resistor of resistance R is I Find the ux of the Poynting vector through any closed surface enclosing the resistor The current intensity through a coil of inductance L is it Find the ux of the Poynting vector through any closed surface enclosing the coil Why do we care about boundary conditions How do we derive the boundary conditions you can outline the steps here not go through the whole derivation How do we quantify penetration of the electric eld in conductors What is the skin depth How can you compute the skin depth Why are potential functions useful Establish a set of possible potentials for timevarying fields


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