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by: Madisen Robel


Madisen Robel

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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Madisen Robel on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to EBIO 3080 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/231855/ebio-3080-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Popular in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology




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Date Created: 10/29/15
EBIO 3080 Evolutionary Biology Review Questions for Ch 16 pp 636656 1 De ne Cenancestor 2 Suppose a fossil of an ancient bacterium is discovered from rocks 3 billion years old According to FampH pg 639 upper why and what are the problems associated with tting those organisms into the phylogenetic tree of life 3 Explain why morphological based phylogenies have dif culties with prokaryotes and other unicellular organisms 4 Who constructed the rst molecular based phylogeny of all life What genemolecule did he employ 5 Compare the Whittaker and Domain classi cation systems What are the principal differences 6 Why are the Protists an unnatural group 7 Draw simple 3 Domain trees as in Fig 1620 Plot parsimonious evolutionary scenarios for histones fmet transcription initiation membrane bound nucleus 8 Describe the methodological breakthrough achieved by Norm Pace now at CU DeLong and Barns What group of organisms was studied Why couldn t they be studied previously 9 For what organisms do we now have whole genome sequences What was the surprising result achieved when deep phylogenies were constructed from multiple diverse genes 10 Explain horizontal gene transfer as exempli ed by Fig 1623 11 Explain the cenancestor was not a single species but a community 12 Review Fig 1630 identify the three places where gene sequences from corn come out Explain 13 What evidence is there that genes have been transferred from organelles to the nucleus Why is it thought that most such transfers occurred early on in the symbiotic relationship rather than more recently Dear EBIO 3080 students Below please nd some questions that will help you study lecture material for the upcoming exam Here and there I also occasionally will put some helpful reminders or suggestions My apologies for typographical errors that I seem to make despite the advent of spell checkers Good luck Lecture Stud uestions for Exam 1 Week 1 F2005 22 Au 9 26 Au 1 What are the Latin roots of the word evolve What was its original meaning in biology 2 Did Darwin use the term evolution How many times If not what term did he use in its place Who popularized the term evolution 3 Differentiate between microevolution and macroevolution Classify the following traits a increase in the frequency of an allele from 06 to 065 over two generations b evolution of wings in stick insects 4 The Theory of Special Creation traces its origins to what two traditions of thought If you were a biologist working at a University around 1800 what would your views be concerning the capacity for organisms to change The history of the earth 5 What is Ussher s Chronology 6 What is Essentialism Contrast an essentialist view of variation in populations with the view that took hold after Darwin This ties in with the idea of Population Thinking discussed by Mayr in your reading for Recitation 7 What is the Great Chain of Being What is the difference between the Great Chain of Being in Greek Philosophy versus the one included by Lamarck in his evolutionary model 8 Know Catastrophism vs Uniformitarianism Who is credited with developing Catastrophism theory What is actualism Gradualism Who wrote Principles of Geology when and how was this book to in uence Darwin 9 What are the two components of Lamarck s evolutionary model Why is Lamarck considered to be an evolutionist Why is Lamarck s model Progressive but Darwin s model 50 years later not considered to be Progressive 10 What is spontaneous generation and role does it have in Lamarck s model According to Lamarck do organisms go eXinc 11 Did Lamarck invent Inheritance of Acquired characteristics What arguments did Cuvier make against Lamarck 12 When was Darwin born When was his trip on the Beagle When was the Origin of Species published What occurred to force Darwin to nally publish his ideas on the evolution of species 13 What are the three types of Geographical evidence observed by Darwin fostered his thoughts on evolution 14 What was the in uence of Thomas Malthus on Darwin 15 More directly related to your reading for recitation For Darwin demonstrating the mutability of species was critical Mutability in this sense means ability to change form How does arti cial selection demonstrate mutability l6 Outline Darwin s logical argument for Evolution by Natural Selection What is required in order for a population to become adapted ie via evolution to its environment


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