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by: Jeremy Steuber


Jeremy Steuber

GPA 3.87


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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jeremy Steuber on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOG 1982 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/231908/geog-1982-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Geography at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
GEOG 1982 COMPELETED MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE A List of Primarv Themes Kev Terms In general it is very useful to review the glossary at the back of the book the discussion points amp summaries already provided in the text Many of the terms overlap and are repeated in other chapters Midterm questions on overlapping terms are quite likely Since you will not have to write an essay or even a paragraph around these terms you should not worry about fully internalizing and understanding each concept but rather get a basic grasp of the term and then some sense of how these terms connect with other key terms HERE IS AN EXAMPLE QUESTION I will send you more example questions in the coming days From Chapter 2 1 According to human geographers social differentiation a occurs naturally b is produced through political and social struggles over power and resources c is established by societies recognition of innate human attributes The answer is Aharder variation of this question would add a choice D d in most societies re ects a hierarchical division based on individual merit and hard work Now you might have been tempted to say D but this would be a kind of ideological understanding of social differentiation that critical human geography challenges One could argue that in SOME instances social differentiation is the product of merit but the word most eliminates this as the likely choice All questions will be a mix of easy and more challenging MCQ s Cha 1 Culture Nature 8 17 Nature Culture binary Enlightenment Social Construction Social Constructions of Nature Marxist tradition First Second Third nature Representation Representation of nature landscape as a particular kind of process Representation as a political process Humanist Section 7 SOCIAL GEOGRAPHIES Introduction p 389 390 Social geography 7 how social processes operate through spaces place and environments Chapter 28 Identities p 391 3991 Pay attention to the quote from Frank Mort p392 Identity as uid and complex Relational Identity and the scale of relations Relational Thinking Essentialism How modernization has affected identities Cultural capital and identity Personal and collective identities Transnational Diaspora Relational identities Narrative Relation between identities amp narratives Chap 5 Self Othergp 61 77L OtherOtherness Difference To understand the other we must rst understand our own contingent identity in place and time SelfSame Identity Re exivity How is Re exivity important to critical geographical thinking ie Feminism PostColonialism Critical geopolitics Feminism PostColonialism Positionality Orientalism Orientalism as a kind of Representational Practice Relationship between Knowledge amp Power How do Orientalist representations of the East effect our knowledgeimage of places in Asia Representation Ethnography Chap 27 Nationalism p 378 3881 Civic Nationalism Ethnic Nationalism Difference between civic and ethnic nationalism Ethnicity Territory as a Landscape How are symbols used in the creation of nationalism How does Nationalism relate to Identity Ideological What does the term imagined communities suggest Socialization Chapter 2 SocietV Space D 18 3Q Social differentiation How are social di erences produced or are they natural Patriarchy Capitalism Colonialism How does the question of power relate to these terms patriarchy capitalism colonialism Other Otherness Race amp Racism Class Gender What is the spatial component of these terms race class gender Spatial process of social exclusion Thirdspace the basic idea Chap 35 Place 11 485 4941 Place the multiple meanings of eg as opposed to location sense of place social hierarchy Types of space publicprivate gendered malefemale ruralurban etc How is the Public Private diVide related to space amp power Plaza de Mayo Madres Mothers of the Disappeared Gender Representation Ideology ideological why are fundamental natural categories of space time ideological Bourdieu and the order of things Idea of the nationstate as ideology Transgression ofplace being out of place Sections Historical Geo ra hies Introduction 311 313 Historicity Memory Colonialism is it in the past Chan23C39 quot39 ampI 39 quot39 p326 3 Representations of space mapsmap projectionsmap quotas an ideological vehicle of colonial powerquot Spatial power center margin Prime Meridian Empire Imperialism Colonialism Postcolonialism Neocolonialism postcolonial present Richard Haass amp PaX Americana Colonization Decolonization Imaginative geographies Edward Said s insight into the term What effect on imaginative geographies might literary works like Robinson Crusoe have had Hybridity Diaspora Slavery Worldsystem Hegemony Winston Churchill quote p333 Cha 24 Moderni amp Modernization 339 349 Modernity and modernization as progress a break from the past positive beneficial painless economic transformations capitalism technological transformations science political transformations modern bureaucraciesterritorial nationstate Modernity amp landscape Hoover Dam postmodemity postmodern Rostow s Theory Nationstate Creative destruction Capitalism Commodity Multiple Modemities Chap 3 Local Global 1p 34 50 Epistemology Discourse discourse of exploration development compression Globalization Colonialism Race Nationstate Worldsystem Map Projection Mercator vs Peters DilTerentiation as a process Geographical difference between places 7 global amp local Ways of viewing world relationships mosaic system network Section 6 Political Geo ra hies Intro 351 352 Politics and hence relationships of power as a part of everyday life Chap 25 Critical Geopolitics p 353 3641 Colonialism Cold War Discourse Discursive Foucault Geopolitical Discourse Geopolitical metaphors domino theoryeffect The Critique of Geography as an aid to statecraft questioning the political innocence of geography of geopolitics as practical amp quotobjectivequot Critical Geopolitics vs Geopolitics geographical reasoning in the service of power Geopolitics not only re ect identity but actively constitute identities and the place of people Popular culture affects geopolitics Geopolitics and Power Mackinder s Heartland Thesis George Kennan Hegemony Ideology Gender Chap 11 Landscapes 1 156 1681 Class Gender Representation Race Ethnicity Imperialism Colonization Capitalism Naturalization normaivity from lectures Embodied As far as Human Geographers are concerned are landscapes a mere natural given or are they also crafted structured sculpted produced and represented in particular ways that re ect social relationships and particular meanings What is the link between Representations of landscapes and power What does it mean when cultural geographers talk about denaturalizing landscapes Being civilized and hence in a position to claim authority required a detachment from nature How is this related to class race gender and the broader processes of differentiation Closely observe figure 115 p163 The Bechuana Boy African Sketches What relationships of power does this picture normalize Stephan Daniels on landscape p 166 Chap 26 Citizenship 11 365 3771 Chap 15 Survival amp Resistance 11 211 2211 Chap 6 Image Reality 1p 79 901 These three chapters will not feature in the midterm but it will be part of the nal exam So you can concentrate for now on the chapters outlined above


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