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by: Stephan Kuvalis


Stephan Kuvalis

GPA 3.89

Jack Burns

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About this Document

Jack Burns
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stephan Kuvalis on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ASTR 1020 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Jack Burns in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/231949/astr-1020-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Astronomy at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
ASTR 1020 stars amp Galaxies March 12 2008 Reading for Monday Chapter 19 section 194 Chapter 20 section 201 MasteringAstronomy Homework on The Milky Way is due March 19th Wednesday Extra credit 1 pt observing opportunities at SBO See CULearn Exam 2 on Friday will cover Chapters 153 to 192 Exam Study Tips Study with a friend Check PowerPoints on class website against your notes homeworks are you comfortable with the relevant concepts Do more quiz and review questions in yourtext and in MasteringAstronorny Check out textbook Learning Goals at the beginning of each textbook Chapter and Key Concepts at end of Chapter Review Clicker Questions Exam is closed book but you may bring one sheet of paper both sides with notes The Day of the Exam Bring a 2 pencil and eraser Bring a calculator if you think you ll need one Please be prepared to get started right away at 1000 am msncw Sclen ngnms mm mm zoos ludyul Request and man Sdiedukd markups Astronomy in the News Juseph Parker v1 Today More Milky Way Disk includes spiral arms globular cluszexs Young new star formation Bulge amp Halo older MA stars globular clusters Looking Across the Spectrum Revlevvufvvaystu The Milky Way Across the Spectrum make mm mm Thermal UR V Synchru 39 REVlEW FlGURE 1a 12 intext nute symbuls furtelescupe types trun Wavelengths c Rama all 21 cm emisslun frurn hydrugen gas beluvv Emlsslun line Synchrutrun emisslun frurn supernuva remnants neutrun S 39 stars black hules etc aturns 9 visibleUV quot mulecules 91R 21 cm radlu FarlR Infrared 100 microns Emission from molecules CO Dust at a few hundred degrees K Near infrared Visible and UV light Cool stars unlike and holler stars lowmass main sequence stars red giants Hot 3 g s Dust absorbs light Another Galaxy in Visible Light Star formation dust found in spiral arms erays mllllon degree gas synchrotron emlsslon Hot gas bubbl eray blnarles Some es synchrotron emlsslon absorptlon by gasdust Clicker Question We want to map out the structures of very cold gas within the dusty disk of the Milky Way What wave ength should we be using and why a radio b visible light 2 X r ys A Radlol Dust obscures our vlslon of much ofthe galaxy In visible and uv llght Xerays only hlghllght the hottest and welrde Iace 21 cm radio waves Solar Circle Take about 230 million years to get ound Sun has been around about 20 times Mass in the Galaxy Star orbits are in response to gravity Measure star speeds via Doppler shift Faster orbits 9 more mass Measurin Mass Rotation curve 9 my Expectation for the Milky Way Example Solar 5 There are a lot of SYSlem WWW stars in the center but also some outside Almost ALL the mass is in the center Sun Vnnul an tam Mn mun mm mm Wquot Rotation curve should gum fall but more slowly wu newquot plum Gravity weaker farther than soar system out m in 4390 n 5 mm dlsloncu 1mm Sun lAul Rotation curve falls RealIty for the Milky Way x 3m mm a Rutatmn curve ls at Em mimi g ureven rlsm l Ill g E sv a Dark Matter 7 510m Mustufthe mass at i 397 the galaxy 5 BMW m mu 7 s 1on the sular lrclel g r 3 Elutfevvstars llttle m In imu mummyquot mm 91 Milk wz gas were thousands ntllght yearzl y I K h 5 n t 23 5 t I Wm m cm W DARK MAWERW mlwit4iinuvilKwtlanmzuxtuynlwlnwvwlauplnnlht39u tn Mass R x VZIG mud um irlnhxy rumquot lr tmunnwn llnllhi39llwllullx R rmms v nmml manly fl 39 Wm Very little gas or stars at large radii 9 not Stars and gas much to measure Ann are embedded g M V in a much Still don39t know the 52 39 larger Dark extent ofthe dark g Mailer Halt matter g m Don39t know Possibly outweigh stars if i f i iwii bquot What dark almanac 1mm center at Mtth way by factor of 10 thousands at Himyells matter Is ye


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