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Accelerated Introductory Astronomy 2

by: Stephan Kuvalis

Accelerated Introductory Astronomy 2 ASTR 1040

Marketplace > University of Colorado at Boulder > Astronomy > ASTR 1040 > Accelerated Introductory Astronomy 2
Stephan Kuvalis

GPA 3.89

Juri Toomre

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About this Document

Juri Toomre
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stephan Kuvalis on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ASTR 1040 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Juri Toomre in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/231958/astr-1040-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Astronomy at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/29/15
ASTR 1040 Accel Astra Stars amp Galaxies q 39 v star cluster 90 J39uri Toomre TA Kyle Auglsl son Lecture 10 771m 14 Feb 08 zeusooraabeatlastr10417Doomre Today Solar magnetism amp effects on Earth What can we measure in other stars How do we begin to classify other stars Why 0 B A such a nutty scheme Read in detail Chap 15 Surveying the Stars Review tonight by Kyle in G125 at 7pm for MidTerm Exam1 in recitation Mon Feb 18 Summary Clicker Solar Wind What are visible effects of the Earth being bathed in the wind of solar art39 les especially when wind has strong hiccup I A Auroral ightsquotvisibe at night Electric power grids have problems Shortwave radio talk interrupted 0093 Satellites and beepers may get 39ied I E All ofthe above But what really is a magnetic field TRACE so may image Arcade of magnetic loops on solar limb Complex magnetic carpet in low corona Huge prominence is big magnetic loop Coronal Mass Ejections CMEs Many Faces of the Sun Composite Combo CME and UV disk Clicker Energy is how 0 7 E I Light radiated from Sun s surface reaches 39 inutes but the energy of us in a 0 on in the that light wa released by fusi solar core about one year ago ten years ago I C a hundred years ago I D a thousand years ago I E a million years ago 93gt Discussion What are effects of solar activity on our technological society Solar Wind and Aurorae Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Now onward to measuring other stars Chap 15 SURVEYING THE STARS 39 Measuring stellar luminosities Measuring distances Measuring temgeratures Often only seeing a point of light Stars are so small comQared to their distance that we almost never have the resolution to see their sizes and details directly goint sources We deduce everything by measuring the amount of light brightness at different wavelengths color spectra So what can we nd out about other stars APPAREN T BRIGHTNESS POSI TI ON SPECTRUM WHAT CAN We MEaflle IN mm m 1 AWMW mama a Mewn MAW IAI fwmv Wm cam 39MMNVMFquot MMNonrv If KW Pm ch Race MimiIE fatMe MW grammar J Dfl onrr mice mmC92 Z Paarold mm 0mm of IT wrm fME VOEALLAX 7 Armcs 9 WOW Mo nvN 3 7766th Mama Ifme 275am was A memes 9 Comparmw Mm Ham CirFEW V W of Wquot 39 opAL Vim7v 777A W w 5 Wmm HEW Most Basic Problem in Astronomy Star of given APPARENT BRIGHTNESS could be either A very luminous star far away B low luminosity star closer by Need to know the DISTANCE to the star Inverse S uare Law of Br39 htness q 399 Clicker Dimming With distance 7 If you quadruple x4 your distance to a light and look again how much dimmer Apparent does it appear Brightness Lo dstance2 39 A onehalfas bright as originally onefourth as bright oneeight as bright onesixteenth as bright I E unchanged since really same light 0093 What we measure Stellar Luminosny Parallax to determine distance a Measure the aggarent Y 5 I muvement at stars ayer a year A PPARENT BRiGHTNESS or how bright it appears to us nere on Earth a Muvement is caused by y Earth s mu Ementaruund the Sun What we want to know absolute LUMlNOSTV or how much energy is emitted moniessec orwatts a Ciaser amen wm maye mare than ranner amen Needto know DlSTiWCE to the star How Stellar Parallax Works a an a Class selfdemo of parallax mummy Your nose is the Sun we 535W wnsee nus quotamb Your ieii eye is the Earth in January Every Jammy Your right eye is the Earth in June Watch the apparent motion of your thumb a ainst a distant reference point repeat at arm s ength Which move more closer or farther objects mcoMMEmc 742 qu GIVES lmAGE w Aim m2 172ch 5 A z H 3 WW 7mm Best parallax measurer Stellar Parallax quot 39 gt 5 Hipparcos satellite 1989 1993 measuring nearby WWW ambymwMovEAl 007 In 574 VA 1 W o dlstances WW nngfm Space measurements not affected by atmosphere 12 tarum nefaron Pmuax was P I a r r a e r r 0 Measurement made i 01 1 many times until accurate L J to 0001 arcsec 3300 lFf zoo ecuquot lightyears leme I 1 wave p5 y 0 K 3quot L M 0 100000 stars mapped Lle EV armlaw a Whamw rm 52117 z 001 190 PC 25 million to slightly Wac vscfm p001 100076 xlw lesser accurac LIMqu fAmaa lS iwnwfueelbenr 0057p T Evmwe of mm Mudmes Spectra help classify stars KH N 2quot ml bq39l n I Measuring Surface 0 TEMPERA TURE 92 m 40 Shape of 5W e Eggraw mm m spectrum 900d M r m We but m magwows WWW H 40 8 ectra lines w m m m eo much better WW w mmquot 65 Pram 1 Emma mu Am MILWPL 1 7 w 5 I w 1311quot Icv 39 1 I I cu ll quotI If I I U9 hi 1 0 WNQL II 5 0 Y0 ml I30 I ll l0 ff quot0 L Jql 49000 5000 who Wavelength A A bit of history Classifying Stars Spectral color World War I Harvard classi cation College observatory Women were hired by Pickering as calculators to help with a new survey of 39 the Milky Way 0 bluest hottest G yellow Sun Most had studied astronomy but were not allowed to work as scientists M reddest coolest Devising the strange temperature code Original classi cation of spectra 1890 was A strongest hydrogen feature B less strong I hydrogen C D etc ence made more sense 1910 I 1 wow y u m warm 390 v0 nu m n w a saw Wavelonqm A Spectral Classification 0 B A F G K M Hotteststars O B 0 ionized helium only B Hot stars A F helium hydrogen A Cooler stars G F I hydrogen heavier atoms Coolest stars M xm molecules complex absorption bands I w ed Tuamum saw nmm palm ems om Stars and their spectral classi cation munu


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