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by: Megane Sauer


Megane Sauer

GPA 3.69

Robert Rupert

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About this Document

Robert Rupert
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Megane Sauer on Thursday October 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC 3005 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Robert Rupert in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/232022/psyc-3005-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Psychlogy at University of Colorado at Boulder.




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Date Created: 10/29/15
Study Guide for Cognitive Psychology Final Exam Fall 2008 Not this crap again again What is a theory a hypothesis experimental hypothesis null hypothesis What is a population a sample a random sample What is an independent variable dependent variable experimental condition group control condition group 2 types of experimental design 1 between group design 2 withingroup design What is the advantage of the withingroup design Why can t the withingroup design always be used Why is replication needed in psychological research What does plt005 mean Statistical significance does not necessarily mean a nding is important or big What is effect size According to Jacob Cohen What are small medium and large size effects Methods continued How are the accomplishments of a researcher often measured number of publications number of citations of publications research grants What are possible problems with these methods How is the quality of a journal often measured number of citations of articles What is meta analysis What is an overall correlation mean treatment size effect What are the uses of metaanalysis What are the possible problems with metaanalysis What are ways around these problems Metaanalysis of the selfreference effect What is depth of processing the classic test of depth of processing the self reference effect SRE Metaanalysis of SRE studies How many studies were analyzed What is reference to others OR Was an overall SRE found Some conclusions Was the effect bigger in comparison to semantic processing or OR How big were the effects small medium large Did the type of dependent variable show a significant effect Did research design show an effect withinsubject vs betweensubject Which conclusions were derived from the metaanalysis itself not tested by any single experiment SRE compared to semantic processing vs reference to others age of participants type of dependent variable participant population experimental design Sensation and Perception What is psychophysics absolute threshold What is the basic method for finding an absolute threshold What are catch trials Signal detection theory How does it dilTer from classical psychophysics What are hits misses correct rejections false alarms Uses noise curve noise signal curve and criterion response to predict hits misses correct rejections Criterion response can take into account differences in sensitivity of sensory system response bias fatigue motivation experience and expectation Signal detection theory has been applied to higher level functions e g memory recognition Note the method depends on introspection 7 subject says if does or does not experience something Synesthesia What is it associated with some pathologies and drugs Who conducted the first scientific study of synesthesia published in 1883 What six solid conclusions have been drawn from the research What is the most common form of synesthesia Estimates of prevalence of synesthesia l in 250000 to l in 200 What are a person s chances of being a synesthete if a first degree relative has synesthesia Test of genuiness How is it conducted How well have synesthetes done on the test What type of control subjects is used What 3 factors argue that the test cannot be passed by using just memory What is the segregation test peripheral vision test attention shifting test How is it conducted with synesthetes Brain imaging studies What part of the brain is involved with synesthetic colors TPO junction of IemporalBarietal Qccipital lobes 3 theories of synesthesia I learned association especially children using colored alphabet books What are some problems with this theory 2 leakage of information from one sense to another 3 All humans are synesthetes for the first 2 or 3 months of life What evidence supports this theory What is it like to be synesthetic Some answers a transparent mist oating patches patterned overlay on a visual field not like hallucinations not like seeing stars when getting up too quickly not like hypnogogic or hypnopompic imagery What is strong synesthesia What form of strong synesthesia do most non synesthetes possess seeing pressure on eyeball What is weak synesthesia What types of colors intensities of light and size of objects or figures do nonsynesthetes match with auditory tones What is the significance of quotboubaquot and quotkikiquot to weak synesthesia What is the difference in the matchings between weak synesthesia and strong synesthesia What is the tipofthetongue phenomenon TOT What are the two defining features of TOT How is TOT induced in subjects in laboratory studies What general conclusions have been drawn from TOT research What is the relation of TOT and age What parts of the brain are associated with TOT Reading Read the handout The taste of words on the tip of the tongue


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