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Dynamics of the Atmosphere

by: Jon Johns

Dynamics of the Atmosphere ATOC 5060

Jon Johns

GPA 3.95


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About this Document

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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jon Johns on Friday October 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ATOC 5060 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/232063/atoc-5060-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Marine Science at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
ATOC 5060 Atmospheric Dynamics nal exam study guide We have covered almost all the material in Holton with an emphasis on chapters 6 7 8 and 10 and some of 12 Much of this is based on quasigeostrophic theory developed in chapter 6 and the more fundamental material in chapters 14 You should review these sections including problems at the end of the chapter in addition the reading assignments given on the web site expand on Holton s more traditional of many topics You review also the homework assignments and the objectives of weekly exercises and projects The following list could motivate your detailed review These are study questions not sample questions What is the method of normal modes How would one linearize an equation How can one determine if an equation system of equations has a wavelike solution What is the condition for exponential growth of waves What makes waves trapped What is the restoring force for gravity waves What about for Rossby waves Are baroclinic waves Rossby waves Does baroclinic wave growth involve energy conversion What are the mechanisms Does baroclinic wave growth require a rotation or a beta effect How is thermal wind balance maintained in baroclinically unstable systems How is thermal wind balance maintained in the Ferrel cell Why is the westerly jet not in excess of 150 ms What is the difference between potential energy internal energy and available potential energy Why would one suggest that surfaces of available potential energy coincide with potential temperature surfaces Which direction do inertagravity waves turn Does energy travel parallel to group velocity of phase speed What about momentum Whywhen can the atmosphere be treated like a shallow water system Is the shallow water system nondivergent ls adiabatic flow between two potential temperature surfaces nondivergent What determines the width of the Hadley cell Why is the temperature gradient in the tropics small Why would we think eddy vorticity ux is related to acceleration of the zonal flow How is this related to EP ux What is critical line breaking How is this different what is the difference in heat and momentum fluxdivergence from reflection How are Ertel Rossby and QG potential vorticity related ls Rossby PV quasigeostrophic How can one estimate the amplitude of a mountain wave from an aircraft flying at constant pressure What s the difference between stirring and mixing What has this got to do with Stokes theorem Why is there more vorticity at the poles Do you expect cyclonic storms to be to the north at the center or to the south of a westerly jet Can baroclinic instability occur near an Easterly jet Under what conditions If we represent the atmosphere as a number of layers taken to be shallow water system how is this different to assuming the atmosphere is stratified What is the difference between mixing and stirring Does stirring increase mixing Which is more important for the general circulation Can inertial instability be considered analogous to hydrostatic instability Is the period of a buoyancy wave greater in the stratosphere Can one obtain acoustic waves from a quasigeostrophic system If you were on a planet with a large Rossby number what would you expect the circulation to be like If there was no friction on earth would you still have a Ferrel cell Would you still have westerly surface winds Whywhen can we write the advection as a flux divergence What would be the advantage What assumptions lead to the quasigeostrophic equations What assumptions lead to the primitive equations What is the Boussinesq approximation How as angular momentum related to vorticity


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