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Paper preparation

by: Bérénice Bc

Paper preparation HIS 3308

Bérénice Bc
GPA 4.0
War and society
Francis Luca

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About this Document

War and society
Francis Luca
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bérénice Bc on Wednesday January 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIS 3308 at Florida International University taught by Francis Luca in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views.

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Date Created: 01/21/15
Study guide for your next exams 1 Review your classes every week gtDo not wait the end of the semester to start getting concerned about what s going on in your classes you have to know what you have to do each week So do your assignments every week check your blackboard and make some reminders to post in your room in front of your desk to remember what you have to do gtThere are also some to do lists available on blackboard that are very useful gtEvery week end make a resume of the courses you had in each class to get aware of the amount of knowledge you got and what you ll have to learn This helps a lot because you memorize a little every week and not a big amount in one shot 2 Do your papers gt When a teacher gives you a paper start thinking about it very soon because you ll have to make some researches at the library on the Internet on different websites and then you ll have to sum up all your sources to build your thinking gt This takes a while and this why you should start your papers early do your researches about the subject then analyze the subject and start thinking about the main problem and what your plan will be everything has to be constructed and logical gt Do not give information just because you found it was interesting every single word you say has to be related to the subject There is no bonus because you wrote more than 8 pages it has to be interesting and it s better having a short essay but perfectly written and concise than a long and boring one with plenty of information you don t know what to do with Short method to do your papers Read carefully the subject and write it down on a paper Analyze the subject that means analyzing every single word of the subject s title Try to find a definition to every word create links between the words and see where the subject wants to bring you what do you have to think about what are the information you have to keep and the ones you don t because you can t say everything about a subject Make a list of every single thing these words make you think about You ll start focusing on what s interesting for your problem and it s clearer Then you are supposed to have all your materials for the paper When you re at home you re allowed to make some researches on the Internet or in the books so make shorts summaries write it down it is important to write down everything in order to visualize You have to find what is the problem in this subject why the teacher asked you to think about this and so you have to go from the general to the particular to find accurately what you have to talk about This is the most important part of the paper Do it first after your researches Then make a plan organize your ideas logically follow your problematic this is your guideline You always have to keep that in mind Once you have all this you have to detail what s in your plan it has to be very accurate so that you don t have to think about it again when you re writing Then start writing be careful with the punctuation the grammar teachers are very demanding Respect the layout Re read your essay several times 3 Be serious 2 Go to class that sounds obvious but first you re gonna have better grades you ll have your notes and your teacher will know you better so you can improve your participation in class and get some extra points for this 2 When you re going to class stop texting during the lecture sit in the front row if it s possible to be more focused and to understand better what the teacher says 2 If you have any questions do not hesitate to go to your professor s office hours 2 Set aside one or two hours to study daily and find someone to study with if you don t want to be alone 2 When you have to study avoid the nighters set a good night sleep 4 Exams period 2 Set a study program every day in order to know what you have to do schedule your time and be focused turn off your phone for instance if you want to save time and being productive 2 Take study breaks that are efficient don t take too much but take one when you really need it for instance when you are hungry when you can t study anymore because your brain is burning etc 2 Eat healthy it is very important to eat fruits and cereals for instance they are very good for the brain and the memory don t eat fat things junk food because you want to sleep after your meal and you can t concentrate 2 Drink a lot of water avoid caffeine nicotine alcohol


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