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Environmental Chemistry 1

by: Guiseppe Bednar

Environmental Chemistry 1 CHEM 1011

Guiseppe Bednar

GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Guiseppe Bednar on Friday October 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 1011 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/232192/chem-1011-university-of-colorado-at-boulder in Chemistry at University of Colorado at Boulder.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Chem 101 1 Final Exam Review Chapter 1 1 The density of air is 119 gL What is the mass of air in a box that of dimensions 20cm X 20cm X 10cm J Classify the following as a pure substance a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture a gold coin 3 Which of the following are elements and which are compounds a SnO b NO c Br d HBr e Hg f HI 4 What is the Law of Definite Proportions Constant Composition 5 Label each of the following as a physical or chemical change a ice melting b punching a hole in a wall c tree leaves turning brown d chlorofluorocarbons CFCs damaging the ozone layer e lighting a match tip 6 Convert 48 C to K 7 Convert 46 x10quot2 Mm to m 1x 10396 Mm 1 m 8 What are the SI units for mass distance 9 What is the difference between mass and weight Chapter 2 lOThe fact that BaC12 is always made of two parts chloride to one part barium represents what law 11 What is the difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law l2The number of protons in an atom determines which property about that atom 13 A reaction tums carbon dioxide and water into gold not really we d be amazingly rich and less worried about oceans swallowing the land if that were possible Given 8 grams of carbon dioxide and excess water as starting materials what mass of gold can be made if 2 grams C02 and 1 gram H20 can produce 3 grams Au C02 H20 energy 9 Au l4The NOx gases NO and N02 play a major role in chemistry of the atmosphere at night The fact that 1 part oxygen and 1 part nitrogen compose a different compound NO from 2 parts oxygen and 1 part nitrogen N02 is a demonstration of which law 15Describe each of the following as a nonmetal transition metal alkali metal alkaline earth metal halide or noble gas more than one term might be applicable for some a Cr b Li c Cl d N e Ne Chapter 3 16 Give the electron configuration for titanium Na Which part makes up the valance shell 17 How many electrons can fit in an orbital How many electrons can fit in a sublevel for which the angular momentum quantum number is 2 18 Is this an isotope 19492U How many neutrons are in the nucleus 19 Millikan s oil drop experiment was able to use a spray of charged oil droplets subjected to an electric field to gure out what properties of the electron 20A beam of light traveling with wavelength A 590 nm has what energy 21 The energy released from an atom as an electron jumps from the 4th energy level to the 2nd energy level is 6X103918J What is the frequency associated with this energy 22Where do rainbows come from Chapter 4 23What is the product of alphadecay on uranium186 24What is produced in this nuclear reaction What type of radiative process is shown 201gng 01e 9 25Name some of the differences between nuclear and chemical reactions 26The halflife of cobalt60 is 53 years How much of a 1 mg sample of cobalt60 remains after a 159 year period 27Which conditions favor fusion i low or high mass number ii low or high binding energy 28List the types of radiation from greatest penetrating power to least penetrating power 01 3 y 291f you create a nucleus from individual protons and neutrons the nucleus has a lighter mass than the sum of is separate parts How is that possible with the conservation of mass requirement What equation describes this phenomenon Chapter 5 30Which ion will sulfur form a 85 b 82 c Squot d 8239 e S3quot 31 Draw the electrondot structure for a hydroxyl radical 32 Does CH4 form covalent or ionic bonds Are the bonds polar or nonpolar Is the molecule polar or nonpolar hint what shape is the molecule 33Give the chemical formula for MnOz Is this ionic or covalent bonding 34Give the chemical formula for ammonium nitrate used for fertilizer 35Which is an example of hydrogen bonding Can you name what the others are a HFHF b N N NN the represents an intermolecular force the represents an intra molecular force 36Why is it so difficult to miX olive oil and Vinegar salad dressing Chapter 6 37Balance the following chemical equation BF3 H20 9 HF H3BO3 38How many grams of HF are formed when 12 g H20 react with excess BF3 in the above reaction 3920 L of hydrogen gas ll a chamber that has a pressure of 1572 mmHg at temperature 300 K If the chamber is heated to 310 K what is the new pressure 40A helium balloon occupying 1L of space with a pressure of 1 atm What volume would it have to be in order to make it a pressure of 087 atm 411s each of the following statements true or false according to Kinetic Molecular Theory i Matter is composed of molecules ii Molecules can be stationary or move in spirals iii Temperature of a gas is a measure of the kinetic energy energy of motion of the gas iv The spaces between molecules in a gas is small compared to molecule size 42Given 10 mg NaOH dissolved in enough water to make a 500 mL solution calculate the molarity of the Na 43What is the mass percent of NaOH in this solution assuming the solution has the density of water 1gml Why wouldn t we find the percent by volume Chapter 7 44What is the BronstedLowry definition for an acid For a base 45Give the formula for the acid formed from the reaction of C02 with water 46Basic anhydrides are typically nonmetal oxides or metal oxides 47 Magnesium hydroxide can neutralize acids Write a reaction for this neutralization process using HCl as your acid 48 What is the Hl for a solution with a pH 54 49What is the pH for a solution with Hl 1x10quot4 M Is this basic neutral or acidic 50What does amphiprotic mean


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