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Exam Study Guide

by: Sydney Purpora

Exam Study Guide History 125

Sydney Purpora
GPA 3.62
World History Since 1500
Louisa Rice

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About this Document

World History Since 1500
Louisa Rice
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sydney Purpora on Friday October 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 125 at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire taught by Louisa Rice in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see World History Since 1500 in History at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.


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Date Created: 10/30/15
Exam Study Guide Seven Years War 0 17561763 0 British vs France 0 Over trade off the coast of India British having East India Trading Company and France having it s own commerce in Indian Ocean trade Also over North America the Caribbean the Mediterranean West Africa and South Asia 0 Ended With Treaty of Paris in 1763 Popular Sovereignty O The doctrine that the sovereignty or independence of the state is vested in the people and that the government is responsible to the Will of the citizenry 0 During French Revolution 17891799 and French American War 17541763 0 France held this idea alone With liberty and equality No taxation Without representation 0 American Revolution 17751783 0 British lost a lot of money in the Seven Years War and taxed the colonists to gain some money back 0 Colonists revolted Declaration of Independence o 1776 0 Established a public separate from British 0 Freedom from Britain 0 Americas Three Estates 0 O The principle social classes or orders constituting societies in premodem Europe Roman Catholic clergy the titled nobility and everyone else 0 French tradition from the medieval times that came back into play during Louis XVI reign 0 France Declaration of the Rights of Man 0 1789 0 Stating that the nation the people possessed sovereignty not the king 0 France St DominqueHaiti 0 Island of Hispaniola 0 Gained independence in 1804 after fighting the colonial armies Olympe de Gouges 0 Wrote Declaration of the Rights of Women 1791 0 Wanted to give women the same rights declared in the Declaration of the Rights of Man 0 France Toussaint Louverture 0 Leader of Haitian Revolution 17941802 0 EXslave 0 Ironically tired to start forced labor and reenslave the liberated slaves during his governorship of Saint Domingue in 1800 Nationalism 0 An ideology centered on the natural rights of a people or nation to constitute a sovereign state 0 Started by Napoleonic regime bringing ideas of national identity 0 Late 1700s Biological Old Regime 0 Human history before the nineteenth century when economic production depended almost entirely on capturing ows of energy from the sun 0 Late 1700s 0 Thinking that the resources of the earth are finite 0 Europe Liberalism 0 A set of economic and political doctrines advocating individual freedom unrestricted market competition free trade constitutional government and confidence in human progress 0 Limited government 0 Europe 0 MidLate 1800s Adam Smith 0 1790 0 Scottish philosopher 0 Suggested Laissez Faire or nonintervention for government division of labor 0 France Division of Labor 0 Josiah Wedgwood 0 British industrialist 0 Experimenting with division of labor in 1760s 0 Machines out of men Free Trade 0 An economic doctrine contending that trade among states should be unrestricted principally by lowering or eliminating tariffs or duties on imported goods factors of supply and demand should mainly determine price 0 1820s and after 0 Britain 0 Britain would benefit the most because it was the top industrial and naval power First Opium War 0 After China prohibits Opium in 1838 war starts 18391842 0 British using Opium as a trading material and getting addicts in China to trade most of their silver away for the drug I China s first trade deficit 0 Ended with unequal treaties of Britain making China pay Treaty of Nanking Treaty of Nanking 0 1842 0 Britain making China pay for them trading with China 0 Britain also made China open up their trading ports again 0 China and Britain Socialism 0 A variety of ideologies that advocate social equality and justice and the community s collective control and management of economic institutions 0 Marx thought socialism followed capitalism 1800s Europe and United States Communist Manifesto 0 1848 0 Marx German 0 Set forth his fundamental idea that the laboring masses could achieve economic and social justice only through revolutionary struggle 0 Bourgeoisie vs proletariat 0 Europe Blood and Iron Indian Removal 0 1830s end 1840s 0 United States 0 Andrew Jackson I Plan to remove Indians west of Mississippi 0 Through treaties transportation force manipulation 0 Exclusion from the nation Great Trek 0 South Africa 0 1830s British pushed native Boer people back into hinterland 0 Provokes frontier wars with indigenous people 0 African nationalism Taiping Rebellion 0 185 1 1 864 0 China 0 Causing destruction of Qing Dynasty 0 Socialism I Creation of communal wealth sharing 0 Feminism I Foot binding concubines Great Indian Rebellion 0 18571859 DO 0 India 0 Hindu and Muslim come together to revolt against use of cow and pig fat to grease bullets by the British 0 British won Deindustrialization 0 An economic process in which a state or region loses at least part of the capability it previously had to manufacture goods 0 South Asia India 0 1850s Meiji Restoration 0 Japanese industrialization 0 1853 Perry arrives to start trade with Japan and United States 0 Starts in 1867 silk exportation TransSiberian Railway 0 Shows economic gainsprogress in Russia 0 Industrialization 0 Connecting of their empire 0 1890s New Imperialism 0 The campaigns of colonial empire building that several European powers plus Japan and the United States undertook in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries against other societies 0 What Europe uses to take over new areas 0 Supply and demand 0 Late 1800s King Leopold II 0 King of Belgium 0 1880s 0 Taking over Congo to keep up with New Imperialism 0 Ivory and rubber main commodities of Congo Social Darwinism 0 Europe taking the teachings of Darwin and applying it to humans survival of the fittest 0 Late 1800s 0 Europe SpanishAmericanCubanWar 0 18981899 0 US won war against Spain Cuba Puerto Rico Philippines now in their possession 0 US business interests in Caribbean Samori Ture 0 18301900 0 West Africa 0 Fighting the French able to keep fighting for awhile but loses 0 White man s Burden 0 1899 0 Encouraging the US to join large powers and help the colonialists the Philippines 0 United States


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