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ENG 2320 Test 2 Study Guide

by: Marissa

ENG 2320 Test 2 Study Guide 2320

Marketplace > Texas State University > Foreign Language > 2320 > ENG 2320 Test 2 Study Guide
Texas State
GPA 3.3
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka

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About this Document

Key terms and ideas from the Victorian Era
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Marissa on Friday October 30, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 2320 at Texas State University taught by Susan Tilka in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see British Literature 1785 + in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/30/15
ENG 2320 Test 2 Study Guide 0 Laissezfaire o No government interference in economy 0 Resulted in a cycle of ups and downs unfair competition 0 Caused selfcompetition and selfabsorption o BenthamiteUtilitarian o If you re not practical or useful then you re no good 0 The greatest good for the greatest number of people 0 Created by John Bentham 0 Social Darwinism 0 Survival of the fittest 0 Oxford movement 0 Wanted to reform the Anglican church and bring it back to its roots Roman Catholic Church 0 Competition in capitalism leaves the poor behind and makes people unhappy 0 Major Victorian concerns 0 Religious doubt I England had been Christian for over 1000 years but now its being challenged as new translations of the bible bring new insight Looking at the original Greek scripture makes the text look fluid and subject to change which makes people anxious since they don t like change I Christianity keeps fragmenting I Scientific discoveries of the age of the earth and dinosaurs which weren t in the bible I These discoveries give anxiety and a sense of loss to the religious faith 0 Scientific advancement I Science was rejected in the 18th century but is now moving forward I Branches of science such as biology and chemistry were invented telescopes and geology becoming popular discover Neanderthals and evolution of the species I This is a blow to human pride people had thought they knew everything I Intellectuals step away from religion I Darwin makes humans not look special which hurts their pride they are simply one of many species and are wrong about creation 0 The Woman Question I Three ideas that literature responds to o What is a woman s social and political role Are women equal to men Do they have rights I Women should be domestic pure mother soothe her husband attractive I 90 of the working class is women in factories governess typists teachers nurses 0 Dramatic monologue 0 Created by Robert Browning 0 Character talks on and on creates psychological insight 0 Reading the human mind comes into style Aesthetic movement 0 Led by PreRaphaelites who reject that everything has to be useful or functional 0 Rebel against mannerism 0 Want to return to earlier phase before Raphael return the idea of beauty to art 0 Enjoy art for art s sake aesthetics Crystal Palace 0 Built by Prince Albert 0 Pavilion made of glass and steel 17 acres long 0 Houses the Great Exhibition Great Exhibition 0 The first world s fair with every culture on display 0 Six million people visit in six months Scientific and technological advancement 0 Darwin I Origin of Species counter to religious belief I Natural selection and survival of the fittest indicate human participation in an evolutionary chain I Little spiritual purpose I For the Victorians the position of man changed history governed by natural science instead of religion I Analyzed society in terms of materialism I All human history is a struggle between social classes for dominance I Views life in political terms I Works in psychoanalysis I Claimed that sexual repression is reflected in jokes dreams and language I His theories about the mind created a new narrative about human beings and their behavior 0 Challenge of dominant authority frustrates Victorians new means of making sense of life using science politics and psychology 0 New inventions electronic telegraphs newspapers trains and the steam engine canals paved roads subways I Things that connect and unite the community into a single culture 0 The speed of change creates anxiety in people change is moving too fast


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