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Final Exam Notes Health 1000

by: Cassaundra Sobers

Final Exam Notes Health 1000 HLTH 1000

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Health Sciences > HLTH 1000 > Final Exam Notes Health 1000
Cassaundra Sobers
Health 1000

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About this Document

All of the notes for the Health 1000 final exam
Health 1000
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Cassaundra Sobers on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HLTH 1000 at East Carolina University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 615 views. For similar materials see Health 1000 in Health Sciences at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Heath 1000 Final Exam Notes Important terms in bold Sleep and Health Alcohol is a depressant that helps people fall into a light sleep but it keeps them from getting enough REM sleep Alcohol affects the body s Circadian Rhythm which is a 24hour mental physical and behavior cycle We spend about 13 of our lives sleeping Getting 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis can help people maintain and even lose weight Naps shouldn t be longer than 45 minutes It takes a wellrested person 1520 minutes to fall asleep You can t cancel out sleep debt by sleeping more on the weekends 5 emotional affects of sleep deprivation Difficulty handling stress Lower anger threshold Irritability Frustration Nervousness Relationships and Communication Attachment Theory suggests that the attachment patterns in someone s previous relationships sets the template for their new relationships Assortive Mating is when people are attracted to other people that have the same characteristics as them Benefits of marriage Better mental health Better physical health Longer life expectancy Better financial health Both gay and straight people can be in a domestic partnership which is when an unmarried couple is living together Hooking up is casual noncommital physical encounters that can range from kissing to sex Empty love has commitment but no passion or intimacy Romantic love has passion and intimacy but no commitment Fatuous love has commitment and passion but no intimacy Sexuality Contraception and Conception Sexuality is someone s sexual orientation or preference The biggest sex organ is the skin The most powerful sex organ is the brain Erogenous zones are areas of the body that are responsive to stimulation Masters and Johnson s Sex Cycle 1 Excitement 2 Plateau 3 Orgasm 4 Resolution Common causes of painful intercourse STI s Endometriosis Menopause Vaginal Infections Pelvic In ammatory Disease Risks of anal sex Anal tearing which transfers blood Infections The vulva is the external female sex organ which includes the inner and outer labia The ovaries are the origin of ovulation they also produce estrogen and store the ova eggs Conception occurs in the fallopian tubes Implantation occurs in the uterus A female s rst visit to the gynecologist should be between the ages of 1315 or when she rst becomes sexually active A female s rst pap smear occurs at age 21 The menarche is a female s menstruation 3 stages of the menstrual cycle 1 Menstrual Stage a Actual bleeding occurs 2 ProliferativeFollicular Stage a Ovulation and estrogen production 3 SecretoryLuteal State a Estrogen and Progesterone is produced to prepare for egg fertilization Dysmenorrhea is the term for painful menstruation Toxic Shock Syndrome TSS is a bacterial infection caused by leaving a tampon in the vagina for too long The prepuce is the female clitoral hoodthe male foreskin Vasocongestion is the male erectionfemale vaginal lubrication The corpus spongiosum is the protective lining of the urethra in males Erectile Dysfunction ED can be caused by Stress Fatigue Medications Excessive alcohol or tobacco use Other health problems The refractory period is the time a male needs to rest before he can be stimulated again Ways that contraceptives prevent pregnancy Physically blocking sperm from reaching the egg Suppressing ovulation Killing sperm Not allowing implantation of fertilized eggs Contraceptives that require prescriptions Hormonal methods 0 Pills injections patches IUD Cervical Cap Diaphragm Sperm can live in the female body for up to 5 days The morning after pill or Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that can work up to 72 hours after unprotected sex it works by preventing ovulation implantation or fertilization Preventing STI s In the USA African American s are disproportionately infected with HIV The average timespan for the onset of symptoms in untreated people infected with HIV is 810 years SubSaharan Africa has the highest HIVAIDs rates HIV is the most dangerous to the immune system HIV can ONLY be passed through Semen Vaginal Fluids Blood Rectal uids Breast milk An HIV positive pregnant woman has a 25 chance of transmitting the infection to her baby if no precautions are taken Antiretroviral drugs can protect a baby from being infected with HIV With antiretroviral drugs a Csection and no breastfeeding there is only a 2 chance that a baby will get HIV from the mother The pathogens that can cause STI s are Viruses Bacteria Parasites Hepatitis B is a viral hepatitis that is transmitted by blood Hepatitis B symptoms Jaundice Joint pain Abdominal pain Dark urine Weakness Herpes can be transmitted even when there are no visible blisters Herpes is often transmitted through oral seX Herpes 1 is oral Herpes 2 is genital Human Papilloma Virus HPV can cause cervical cancer The HPV vaccines are Gardisil and CervariX Trichomoniasis is a parasitical STI that causes Itching Painful urination Greenishyellow discharge 3 stages of Syphilis 1 One or more sores lasting 36 weeks 2 Skin rash and sores in oral or genital areas 3 Problems with muscle control or paralysis Pelvic In ammatory Disease PID is a bacterial infection caused by bacteria traveling up and into the internal reproductive organs the uterus and the fallopian tubes If Gonorrhea or Chlamydia go untreated they can cause PID PID can cause Scar tissue on reproductive organs Infertility Abdominal pain Ectopic pregnancy


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