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by: Mrs. Amber Hane


Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > Theatre > TH 2413 > INTRO TO THE THEATER
Mrs. Amber Hane
OK State
GPA 3.98


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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Amber Hane on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to TH 2413 at Oklahoma State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/232782/th-2413-oklahoma-state-university in Theatre at Oklahoma State University.




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Date Created: 11/01/15
Introduction to Theatre TH2413002 Test 2 Study Guide Test will be Wednesday November 4quot Bring Scantron pencil A Doll s House 0 Plot 0 Nora is confronted with Kristine who wants her to help her to get Torvald to get her a job as a secretary Nora tells Kristine that when Torvald was ill she borrowed money from Krogstad but hasn t told Torvald Dr Rank tells Nora that he is ill with tuberculosis Frightened about losing his job Krogstad blackmails Nora to give him his job back and give him a promotion Kristine says that she will try to get Krogstad to relent Torvald attempts to read his mail but Nora distracts him Torvald says he will postpone reading his mail until the evening Kristine offers Krogstad her love Krogstad offers to take back his letter Torvald reads his letters and Nora trys to commit suicide Torvald is infuriated and tells Nora he s in Krogstad s power Torvald calls Nora a dishonest immoral woman He says that their marriage will be kept only to maintain appearances Nora has an epiphany that her husband is not who she thought he was And leaves him shutting the door behind her 0 Playwright o Henriklbsen TheSandbox 0 Plot 0 Young Man is working out near a sandbox Mommy and Daddy have brought Grandma to place her in the sandbox Mommy amp Daddy wait nearby Young Man is very pleasant greeting all the other characters with quotHiquot Mommy amp Daddy ignore Grandma Grandma begins talking to audience Grandma and Young Man talk to each other she likes him because he talks to her like a human Grandma calls for it to be nighttime Mommy amp Daddy hear onstage rumbling Mommy knows that Grandma s death is here Mommy briefly weeps by the sandbox before exiting with Daddy Grandma realizes she can t move Young Man stops working out and approaches Grandma and reveals that he s the Angel of Death and says I am come for you Grandma compliments him and closes her eyes with a smile o Playwright 0 Edward Albee Realism 0 Major playwrights o Henrik lbsen 0 August Strindberg 0 George Bernard Shaw 0 David Belasco o Emile Zola o Influences 0 Charles Darwin amp On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection 1859 o What is it 0 Where things are realistic o Naturalism o llA slice of life I More extreme realism appeals to senses Introduction to Theatre TH2413002 Test 2 Study Guide Test will be Wednesday November 4quot Bring Scantron pencil AntiRealism o AvanteGarde 0 Experimental work that rebelled against RealismNaturalism o Symbolism 0 Using symbols to create meaning Theatre of the Absurd Edward AlbeeThe Sandbox Samuel BeckettNot amp Waiting for Godot o Assumptions 0 The World is Neutral 0 Truth is Chaos 0 Morality is only what is assigned to the action by the individual 0 Any amp all attempts to improve the human condition 0 All events are as significant as another 0 Themes 0 Disintergration o Inability to communicate 0 Human loneliness in a world without God 0 Dehumanization amp impotence of individuals 0 Meaninglessness of life Theatrical Design 0 Process 0 0 Terms 0 Skenographia scene painting 0 Periaktoi prismshaped threesided scenic units 0 Pinakes flat painted scenery flats o Representational know very well 0 Scenery costumes lighting and sound imitate precisely the kind of environment amp details in which the action of the play would occur in real life 0 All 3D Objects 0 Outside Grass dirt trees 0 Inside Lamps books television 0 Clothing would look like clothing from the period 0 Presentational know very well 0 Working from the insideout o Symbolism o Miseenscene 0 quotTo Put on the Stage I Complete stage picture including costumes and lights Introduction to Theatre TH2413002 Test 2 Study Guide Test will be Wednesday November 4quot Bring Scantron pencil Scenic Design 1 concern of the scene designer What the script calls for What is needed for the play What the designer needs to consider Script considerations Stage Necessities Given Circumstance O O 0 Terms Time 0 Year month day season 0 Time of day morning night Place 0 Where does the play occur 0 Planet nation state city neighborhood 0 lndoors or outdoors 0 Park Street House Office Where Climate 0 Weather 0 Coolness amp warmness of the play Mood 0 Overall mood of the play 0 Set should help the audience feel the mood Type of People 0 Age 0 Income 0 Culture 0 Attitude Space 0 Available to design 0 Needed for actors amp costumes Stage Picture 0 Colors 0 Level Balance 0 Symmetry o Angles Thumbnail sketch Rough drawing Color rendering Finished 2dimensional presentation of the set Ground plan Scale mechanical drawing of the set Offers birdeye s view of set Purpose Show location position and measurement of set process on stage Front elevation Offers front view of set Introduction to Theatre TH2413002 Test 2 Study Guide Test will be Wednesday November 4quot Bring Scantron pencil I Show style amp placement of walls doors windows baseboard amp painting 0 Elements of scenic design 0 Line outline or silhouette of elements onstage Mass amp Composition the balance amp arrangement of elements Texture the feel projected by surface amp fabric Color the shadows and contrast of color combinations Rhythm visual rhythm 0 Movement between amp in scenes Lighting Design 0 Objectives 0 Provide Visibility 0 O O O o Shade amp Form 0 Focus amp Composition 0 Mood amp Style 0 Time amp Place 0 Rhythm 0 1 purpose of a lighting designer o llTo Light the Actor 0 Process 0 Read script at least three times Come up with rough ideas Have a production meeting Consult with the other designers amp directors about your ideas Watch several rehearsals to get a feel for the show amp set placement Hang focus amp color 0 Cue the show 0 Lighting plot 0 Map to the lighting design Costume Design 0 What is a costume o llAnything worn onstage is a costume whether it be layers of clothing or nothing at all 0 Goal of a costume 0 Indicates personality show relationships meet needs of actor o How costumes are acquired bought pulled built 0 Tools of a costume designer 0 Fabric I Texture amp bulk I Symbolic qualities 0 LineShapeSilhouette 0 Color I Similarity vs contrast I Symbolism o Other materials amp accessories I Metal feathers I Ornamentation OOOOO Introduction to Theatre TH2413002 Test 2 Study Guide Test will be Wednesday November 4quot Bring Scantron pencil o Specialized costume areas 0 Masks 0 Makeup 0 Wigs amphatmaking millinery o 2 types of costumes 0 Character I Designs that are dictated by specific information contained in the script I Facts such as historical period socioeconomic status occupation season amp climate personality traits 0 Decorative costume designs I Costumes that appear to be no more than decorative elements in the general stage picture 0 Ex Extras in the crowd scene One A Chorus Line 0 Costume Rendering A colored drawing of the costume 0 Before building the costume the designer must drain out the design 0 The duties of the producer 0 Raising money to finance production Securing rights to script Dealing with agents Hiring director performers designers crews Dealing with unions Renting the theatre space Supervising the work of those running the theatre box office auditorium business office 0 Supervising the advertising 0 Overseeing the budget Show Business The Road to Broadway 0 Four shows 0 Taboo Boy GeorgeRosie O Donnell 0 Caroline or Change 0 Wicked Stephen Schwartz 0 Avenue Q Robert Lopez amp Jeff Marx 0 Tony Award Winners 0 Book Jeff Whitty Avenue Q 0 Score Robert Lopez amp Jeff Marx Avenue Q 0 Actress ldinaMenzel Wicked 0 Musical Avenue Q OOOOOO


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