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by: Dell Boehm DVM


Dell Boehm DVM
OK State
GPA 3.84

Alyson Greiner

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About this Document

Alyson Greiner
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dell Boehm DVM on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GEOG 5413 at Oklahoma State University taught by Alyson Greiner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/232819/geog-5413-oklahoma-state-university in Geography at Oklahoma State University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Equot E GEOG 5413 Study Guide for the Midterm Exam You will take an oral exam in my of ce on either Thursday Oct 16 or Friday Oct 17 You are responsible for chapters 13 and pp 6679 in Unwin Basic concepts theories traditions use your notes M textbook ways of approaching the study of the history and philosophy of geography major periods in the history of geographic thought 5 geography as the mother of sciences justi cations of disciplines 4 heliocent1ic geocent1ic zones of habitability teleology TandO maps characte1istics of Classical geography cosmogony cosmography Muslim contributions to geography House of Wisdom astrolabe Rahmani Chinese contributions to geography catastrophism uniformitarianism zusammenhang unity in diversity holism circle of sciences scienti c method universal scholars universal geographies paradigm in general use the rst paradigm paradigm according to Kuhn review Mair scientism enVironmental determinism possibilism probabilism free will Cartesianism deism doctrine of transcendental idealism tabula rasa raum 4 Dichotomies in geography and philosophy V39 induction vs deduction Plato vs Aristotle nomothetic vs idiographic description vs explanation Western Greek vs Eastern Chinese thought noumena vs phenomena a priori vs a posteriori knowledge metaphysics vs real or positive knowledge eXplanation vs understanding law vs theory rationalism vs empiricism rational sciences vs empirical sciences empirical questions vs normative questions eXperience vs authority systematic geography vs regional geography strict causality cause and effect vs indeterminism chaos vs cosmos Persons signi cant to the development of geography andor science Homer Hecateus Thales Plato Aristotle Hippocrates Alexander the Great Herodotus Eratosthenes Strabo Ptolemy Marco Polo Sir John Mandeville Prester John Cosmas Avicenna AlBiruni Edrisi IbnB attuta IbnKhaldun Phei Hsu Prince Henry the Navigator Varenius Pierre d Ailly Rene Descartes Francis Bacon Isaac Newton Immanuel Kant Bishop Ussher James Hutton Alexander von Humboldt Carl Ritter 9 Major Works in Geography The Odyssey The Travels of Emperor Mu Geography Strabo Almagest Guide to Geography Geographia Generalis General Geographyt Imago Mundi Kosmos Die Erdkunde 7 Turning Points and Key Events death of Ptolemy Muslim translations of Greek writings Age of Exploration Scienti c Revolution Kant s Critique of Pure Reason University of Berlin 1809 1859 8 You should be able to express and discuss the main ideas presented by the authors in reading sets 1 4 rst Gould article through the Taaffe article in the course reader As you review the articles think about each author s philosophy of geography How do they de ne or delimit the discipline What do they consider to be the intellectual value of the discipline How do they think geography should be practiced How do they think it should be taught Get in the habit of linking authors to speci c works eg The Four Traditions of Geography is Pattison s article Suggestions for studying for this exam Consider using index cards such that the nametermevent etc appears on one side and what is geographically signi cant about it appears on the reverse side Know several 3 or more signi cant points about each Don39tpanic You will start to see that there is considerable overlap among items on the list Get comfortable explaining things in your own words and work on proper pronunciation of names terms events etc Use your text in conjunction with your class notes to be most complete Don t overlook the glossary at the back of the Unwin text Composition of the exam The exam will consist of a mixture of short answeridenti cation questions as well as longer essaytype questions You will have 30 minutes to complete the exam What to bring to the exam Yourself and perhaps a bottle of water No pens pencils paper phones or pagers please


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