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by: Mr. Orpha Wiza


Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > Biosystem Engineering > BAE 2023 > PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF BIOL MAT
Mr. Orpha Wiza
OK State
GPA 3.9

Carol Jones

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About this Document

Carol Jones
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mr. Orpha Wiza on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BAE 2023 at Oklahoma State University taught by Carol Jones in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/232831/bae-2023-oklahoma-state-university in Biosystem Engineering at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Welcome to BAE 2023 Physical Properties of Biological Materials M F 230 329 W 230 420 330 520 122 Ag Hall Dr Jones 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of Biological Materials The Basics 9 Name hometown classification one cool thing you did over Christmas break 9 Class website httpbiosvstemsokstateeduHomeicarolin dexhtml 9 Syllabus outline schedule 9 Book 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 2 Biological Materials lxl lxlxlxl 1142009 Why are we taking this course What is a biological material Difference of materials we work with and materials other engineers work with Homogeneous same Heterogeneous diverse Ag materials heterogeneous Food productshomogeneous usually BAE2023 Physical Properties of Biological Materials 9 What causes the variability 1142009 Moisture content Susceptibility to chemical reactions Living cells respire Mechanical properties Viscoelastic behavior BAE2023 Physical Properties of Biological Materials aw r Irrigated i e u a ats W 9 Dry39an 539 9b 9 Examples of interactions and accommodations of variability Wheat Harvest with combinesize shape density aerodynamic properties for sorting kernels from chaff and straw Control kernel damage during handlingresponse of kernels to impact loading frictional properties through chutes and augers Storage and market valuemoisture content and protein determined using dielectric properties and NIR 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 5 Biological Materials 9 Examples of interactions and accommodations of variability Wheat Flour millkernel hardness for grindingwheat is the only cereal flour strong and cohesive enough in dough stage to retain gas during baking due to gluten content Bakingdeformation characteristics of dough and finished loaf 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 6 Biological Materials 9 Examples of interactions and accommodations of variability Seed plantingone kind of seed or many kinds of seedssize and shape for plate design Fruit processing into juicejuice yield vs compression time and force Fruitjuicepureejuice is Newtonion puree is nonNewtonioninfo needed to determine flowrate through pumping equipment 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 7 Biological Materials 9 Examples of interactions and accommodations of variability 139 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Prope ies of Biological Materials 9 Examples of interactions and accommodations of variability Popcorn kernel coloroptical properties used to sort dark kernels from yellow or white kernels Animal selection for breeding programsultrasound used to determine fat and muscle content location on live animals Gravelsand for concrete forces required for size reduction angle of repose in piles for storage 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 9 Biological Materials 9 Information confounded by irregular shape heterogeneous nature and viscoelastic moisture dependent properties of biological materials 9 Difficult to mathematically describe the deformation and heat and mass transfer 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 10 Biological Materials Homework 1 1 Question 16 in your bookresearch your answer 2 Go to wwwasabeorq 1 Click on Technical Library 2 Search for an article having to do with physical properties of a biomaterial 3 Write a one page summary of the article in your own words Be sure to include the citation referencing the article in ASABE format 4 Example 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 11 Biological Materials Example of ASABE citation format Journal article Smith A B Brown and C White 2003 Why peaches turn brown Transactions of the ASABE 503180185 Meeting paper Anthony W S 1998 Performance characteristics of cotton ginning machinery ASAE Paper No 981010 St Joseph Mich ASAE 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 12 Biological Materials Example of article summary Why Peaches Turn Brown Objectives of the paper Using hyperspectral sensing techniques researchers looked for a way to predict brown esh in peaches and the cause ofthe brown flesh in peaches Methods and Materials Researchers used a hyperspectrometer to investigate 49 peaches that had been subjected to known deterioration causes such as freezing bruising and excess heat Seven sets of seven peaches were tested in the laboratory Spectral data from 300 nm to 2400 nm were collected and processed by the statistical software package SAS Conclusions Using the spectrometer bruising and freezing damage could be predicted 49 of the time while heat damage could be predicted 77 ofthe time Significance Peach buyers could use this method to determine which peaches to buy with the idea in mind that they would last longer Peaches with a higher prediction of deterioration could be culled by sorting machinery to provide a higher grade lot of peaches for sale Reference Smith A B Brown and C White 2003 Why peaches turn brown Transactions of the ASABE 503180185 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 13 Biological Materials Example of answer for other ques ons On engineering paperwritten in pencilfoded in halfname on outside of paper Question 17 rewrite the question here Given sort out the variables and facts here Solution give your answer here with all work shown for calculations When using an equation show which equation you used before you substitute values for the variables Answer Circle or underline your final answer This is what it will look like example 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 14 Biological Materials ll Obmpww EDA 0pr LwaiL ixg I905 2 W3 voibumg x gt m ma a Corr 2vij OHM speauw 1 2 0 u spam r o touch i3 17 bo39kzeirsznu HM bud Cumin n q CU 51 4 DMD H29 00 0 31va UAWQM wij39 M39f139f or K V7 hyxlDier x 1 601 quot3quot ma RECYCLED WHITE 5 SQUARE 2m RECYCLED WH YE 5 saunas lcxd b D t E 1 r g J s Z 391 Wain heavy lt7 1 v r i 539 v i m 903 VT El1 06 ADS 1 v 3 lt 7 Lklo Y V2 93139th L 3 J T U05 UT 1 Y 1 4 1142009 Ms quotM Questions Dr Jones 216 Ag Hall 7446667 icarolokstateedu htt bios stemsokstateeduHomel39carollClass NotesBAE 2023 Sprinq20082023 homehtml 1142009 BAE2023 Physical Properties of 16 Biological Materials


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