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by: Phyllis Batz


Phyllis Batz
OK State
GPA 3.59

Jerry Jordan

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About this Document

Jerry Jordan
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Phyllis Batz on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to LEIS 2433 at Oklahoma State University taught by Jerry Jordan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/232891/leis-2433-oklahoma-state-university in Leisure Management at Oklahoma State University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
Intro to Therapeutic Recreation Final Review 7 lj39nguiinii l 5quot l the potential ability to perform speci c functions in each of the ve domains of health status 2 Play is spontaneous activity in which the person participates in for pleasure 3 Recreation is structured play the person participates for the enjoyment derived from the participation 4 American Therapeutic Recreation Association ATRA An entity founded in 1984 as an independent professional therapeutic recreation organization that emphasizes the role of therapeutic recreation services in health care settings 5 National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification NCTRC The national organization that coordinates and administers a voluntary credentialing program for therapeutic recreation professionals 6 Levels of the Spinal Cord Cervical 8 Thoracic 12 Lumbar 5 Sacral 5 Coccygeal 1 7 if 1 it is the first to develop receptors are over the total body They respond to touch pressure pain and temperature 8 i39i provides the individual with information about the position of the body r Body parts relative to each other 9 interprets the relationship of the body to earth respond to spinning motion 10 i it happens prior to birth and results when the vertebral arches fail to close completely around the spinal cord is the degeneration of the head of the femur 13 Osgood slaughter disease is when the bone below the knee starts to tear and splinter H J Cerebral Palsy A NonProgressive congenital defect that results from traumatic brain injury to the motor portion of the brain and can happen before during or immediately after birth 15 1 fll ll5lll wj 397 a 39 are bed sores and result from lack of oxygen to a certain spot cm lic llg39nr is when two limbs are affected Can t understand certain words or speech inability to carry out motor activities despite intact comprehension and motor function failure to recognize or identify objects despite intact sensory functions 21 I ll39lli gr lll39ligliil gill Diagnosed before age 18 IQ below 70 Having significant defects or have a limiting condition in day to day functions or adaptive functioning ll39ll39lull ln 4 i walzu 1 When it significantly alters the nature of the activity 2 Unrealistic cost to make the activity accessible 3 When there is a greater chance the the other participants will be injured Having a physical or mental limitation or being perceived as 26 1 Has a physical or mental impairment that limits the individual 2 There is a record of such impairment 3 Regarded as having such impairment c the process of identifying specific disorders Vilig39ll uiwf Prediction of the course and the end of a disease observed emotion 30 rapid onset short course 31 Chronic slow and drawn out It means assessment plan implementation and evaluation 33 Attention the ability to focus on one task 34 Anxiety tension uneasiness apprehension Catatonic Behavior marked motor abnormalities Defense Mechanisms patterns of feelings thoughts or behaviors that are involuntary and arise in response to danger Most common is Denial or rationalization a false personal belief based on incorrect inference about external reality False ldea 46 What is the diagnostic criteria for Schizophrenia The presence of any of these psychotic symptoms lasting for at least one week delusions hallucinations catatonic behavior flat or glossy inappropriate affect incoherence or marked loosening of associations and continuous signs of the behavior of at least 6 months Impairment in short or long term memory Abstract thinking Judgment control lmpulse control Aphasia Agnosia Apraxia quot ls when a person restricts caloric intake to the point of showing physical signs or malnutrition What is the diagnostic criteria for Anorexia Refusal to maintain body weight over the minimal normal for age and height lntense fear of becoming obese amenorrhea What are the symptoms and treatment for Anorexia Nervosa Refusal to eat normally or to eat at all Preoccupation with calorie counting and food Weighing constantly frequent strenuous exercise excessive constipation Depression loss of hair fatigue Treatment includes discussion of the problem with the patient with her family specific dietary instruction and careful monitoring of weight r u l It is consuming an extremely large amount of food and then purging in order to get rid of it Purging can be done by self induce vomiting laxatives or others What is the diagnostic criteria for Bulimia Recurrent episodes of binge eating lack of control over eating behaviors regularly engages in self induces vomiting a minimum of two binge eating episodes per week for at least three weeks 48 What is the treatment for Bulimia Stabilize eating patterns plan meals out antidepressants and behavioral treatment approaches 49 The assessment ofan emotional illness can be related to the frequency duration intensity and choice and they must cause a disruption in one or a combination of spheres of an individual s life including work family and social areas 0 Fear of crime Use day programs Provide door to door transportation Bring programs to people 0 Lack of knowledge about available programs Publicize in all available media Use outreach programs 0 Lack oftransportation Provide transportation Organize volunteers 0 Lack of companionship Outreach programs Reunions 0 Negative attitudes toward leisure Leisure education programs Work like activities 0 Fear of failure Supportive environment Well trained staff 0 The weather Plan around weather Keeps walkways snow free 51 What is Unilateral neglect It is when V of vision is blocked Muscular dystrophy 55 39 intervention to bring about emotional cog with disabilities l c l TR is the use of recreation for purposeful nitive physical or other positive changes in persons 56 Tactile Defensiveness discomfort caused by touch it can be one s own or another m characterized by periods of exacerbations and remission with progressive degeneration caused by plaques 58 Premorbid the conditions prior to or before the onset of an illness 59 Legally Blind 20200 or less 60 Draw label and define the activity triangle Client Activity Therapist It is the interaction between the client and the therapist is what makes the difference


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