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Iberian Civilization

by: Savanah Heathcote

Iberian Civilization SPAN 130

Savanah Heathcote
Penn State
GPA 3.88


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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savanah Heathcote on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SPAN 130 at Pennsylvania State University taught by Guerrero in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/232984/span-130-pennsylvania-state-university in Spanish at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 11/01/15
Exam 4 Study Guide Chapters 910121314 of SPAIN THE ROOT AND THE FLOWER Continuation of the Spanish Monarchy 1 Which dynasty of monarchs continued to rule Spain after the death of Charles I in 1788 2 What major event ensued over the course of the next decade in the country directly across the Pyrenees to Spain39s north What was that about in a nutshell 3 What war occurred in Spain from 1808 1814 4 Which 2 countries were involved in that war besides Spain 5 Who more than any other individual was instigator of that war 6 Who did he install as king of Spain 7 One positive result of that war was a 8 Explain the tactic involved in Spain s expelling the invaders A Who thought it up and promoted it B What was it called C What were its two principal advantages 1 2 9 Which Spanish artist depicted the atrocities of that war in paintings and in a series of vivid engravings in black ink 10 The same dynasty that was ousted in 1808 returned to power in 1814 that is the Monarchs 11 What religious policy was reinstated as the clergy gained more and more power which had been greatly lessened under the previous regime 12 As Spain s effectiveness in self governance faltered during the first decades of the 1800 s what was going on with its colonies 13 By 1868 there had been some progress in Spain s infrastructure under Fernando VI and later lsabel ll What was that and what positive effects did it have on Spain s different regions 14 Despite improvements in Spain s infrastructure there was a related problem A What was that problem B What happened to lsabel II as a result of General Prim s remedial actions C What was the name of the government that was set up A 15 As this new form of government had come to power King Alfonso Xll was named constitutional monarch After his death his queen ruled for another 16 years and then their son King Alfonso Xlll did It was a period of liberalism and democracy in which liberal and conservative governments alternated power in government Free thinking was occurring and educated individuals were able to realize their ideals One such key individual was a professor of law at the University of Madrid As a reaction to conservative forces in academia by the church he went on to set up an institute which became a springboard for writers philosophers lawyers and scientists some of whom went on to win Nobel Prizes in their respective fields A Who was that individual B and what was the institute called 16 What was Spain39s position during WWI 17 Name one way in which Spain contributed to improving conditions in Europe during WWI 18 At the beginning of the 1900 s as liberalism was taking root there was some progress in workers rights However there was a demand for further political reform Influenced by the Russian Revolution and currents in thought as regards greater egalitarianism there were massive workers union strikes in all the big cities in 1917 The country was paralyzed What was the result of that social upheaval by the leftist workers A Who was in charge of squelching the strikes and B what kind of government did he set up A B 19 The pendulum swings again in 1931 Spain was feeling the effects of the Great Depression in 1930 The government lost credibility and in that year a new government was elected what was it called 20 List four policies declared by this new government which were radical for Spain A B C D 21 Which 3 groups became disenfranchised as a result of the policies that you listed or others A 22 What word does Crow use to describe the leaders of the new Spanish government in 1931 23 What does that mean 24 How does Crow depict the government which was in power officially from 1931 to 1939 25 What was the name of the Spanish military leader who was ideologically opposed to that liberal government and whose aggression began the Spanish Civil War 26 With which other European leader did he ally himself and what was the result of that alliance as depicted in Pablo Picasso s famous painting of protest 27 Describe the role of the United States during the Spanish Civil War when the government was requesting assistance 28 Do you agree with that role Why or why not There is no right or wrong answer to this question Exam 3 Study Guide Chapters 5 6 7 8 of SPAIN THE ROOT AND THE FLOWER Name MEDIEVAL SPAIN 1 While the Moorish Kingdom of Granada flourished in southern Spain what was going on elsewhere on the Iberian Peninsula as far as government and economy were concerned Was there chaos or some kind of order Explain the significance of A the quotejidosquot to be imitated in Mexico centuries later p 122 par 2 AND B the quothermandesquot p 123 par 2 3 A 2 A The Book ofGood Love written in 1335 by Juan Ruiz on the one hand and the B thequotromancro poems written and or simply composed and recited by many individuals on the other hold prominent places in Spanish literature Explain the importance of both A 3 The Spanish business was a driving force in Medieval Spain which generated income for the various kingdoms within the peninsula With which other country now nonexistent by name did Spain engage in commerce Name at least one advantage and one disadvantage of that industry at the time THE SPANISH RENAISSANCE 4 Finish the English version of this motto which refers to the reign of Isabelle and Fernando from the time of their marriage to the time of the queen s death 1469 1504 quotTANTO MONTA MONTA TANTO 5 Which two major two Spanish regions were united when the quotCatholic sovereigns married 6 List 4 extraordinary accomplishments of the year 1492 which gave tremendous power to the Spanish monarchy THE GOLDEN AGE 7 The daughter of the Catholic sovereigns went by the nickname due to her jealousy of her husband Phillip the Handsome s extra marital affairs Their child was to become the next king of Spain at the age of 16 after Phillip died and it was obvious that she could not govern A What was the name of her son the grandson of Isabelle and Fernando B What was the royal lineage from which he came which continued to rule in Spain for many generations p 162 par 2 A King B 8 Describe the reign of that king of Spain as regards representation of the common man there p 163 par 23 9 How would you describe the military foreign policy of that king within Europe and the Americas p 164 par 2 p 167 par 1 10 That king s son Isabelle and Fernando s great grandson was groomed to lead Spain However he suffered from a health problem from which two younger siblings of his had died of previously What was it 12 Name 3 major accomplishments of King Isabelle and Fernando s great grandson which forever altered the course of Spanish history Each feat is entirely different from the other two What were they and what were the consequences of at least 2 of those accomplishments A 13 To which aspect of Iberian Civilization does the term quotThe Golden Agequot refer 14 Name at least one well known author of that time and the name of a piece of writing for which he is known NOTES


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