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by: Djernide Notetaker

NOTES FOR EXAM 2 (PART 1) Rel-153-22

Djernide Notetaker
La Salle
Exploring Religion
Vivienne Angeles

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About this Document

Buy this study guide and you will pass this very annoying test with flying colors. Ny notes are clean, clear and to the point. You won't regret buying. I will upload part 2 soon. Professor: V...
Exploring Religion
Vivienne Angeles
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Djernide Notetaker on Sunday November 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Rel-153-22 at La Salle University taught by Vivienne Angeles in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 105 views. For similar materials see Exploring Religion in Religious Studies at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 11/01/15
RELIGION EXAM 2 NOTES Mircea Eliade I Symbol way to represent something sacred in the religion ie caligrapgy in Islam DMyth Stories people tell to inform themselves of the sacred ie creation story divinity Hymn to Purusha lRitaalz Reliving sacred stories by integrating them into the religion ie Jesus baptism story turning into people today baptizing in Christianity Considered response to religion l they have meaning and significance to those who believe in them 1 7 Dimensions of Religion lDoctrinalPhilosophical Core beliefs in a religion ie trinity Immaculate Conception lMythicNarrative stories told in the religion ie creation stories Lazarus resuscitation story l Experiential Emotional response to the sacred ie some claim they can feel the power of God through them in churches l RitualPractical People s actions to respond to the sacred ie praying going to mass lSocialz Sense of community in the religion ie having community programs to help those in need lEthicalz Norms in religion ie The 10 commandments 5 precepts lMaterialz Objects or places important to the religion ie structures sacred places rosary beads Muslim 99 beads Sacred as Complex Word lThe sacred is a complex word because it is used for a wide range of phenomena places time persons events gods l4 characteristics of the sacred 0 Specially distinctive 0 Transcendence God seen as above ordinary existence ie Judaism Christianity Islam 0Immanence Less divide between the sacred and the natural world connected to nature ie Shinto religion and its ideas of the powers of the many kami or spirits Buddhism Hinduism 0 Sacred is to some extent beyond the volitional control of humans 0 Is independent does what he wants ie Uzzah s ark story 0 Still people try to make sacred do what they wish through prayer 0 Sacred seen as state of being to attain Buddhism through meditation Hinduism doing responsibilities to achieve moksha 0 Sacred responsible for human welfare 0 All the actions and decisions taken by the sacred affect humans 0ie The story of Lot in the Qur an where God got rid of evil people by dreadful rain 0 Sacred determines many aspects of human existence 0 The sacred s prominence in people s lives is legitimate 0 Some traditions express the idea people should apply notions of the sacred to their lives 0ie Buddhism to reach Nirvana you must order your life in the teachings of Buddha DJerasalem Al Quds why it s a sacred city to Jews Christians and Muslims 0 To ChristiansJews 0 It holds the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which marks the tomb where Christ s body was put after his sacrifice 0 Also hold the Wailing Wall what remains of the great temple destroyed in 70 CE 0 To Muslims 0 Jerusalem is Al Quds in Arabic It is a holy city 0 Has 2 of the most important mosques in Islam the Dome of the Rock marks the place where Abraham went to sacrifice his son and the AlAqsa mosque marks Muhammad s nocturnal journey and his ascent into heaven lDoctrine of God in the Talmud Jewish civil and ceremonial laws 0 Existence God always was He was never made 0 Monotheist Believing in one god 0 In corporeality God doesn t have a physical body You shouldn t imagine what God looks like or you re committing SHIRK 0 Omnipresence God is present everywhere 0 Omnipotent All powerful 0 Eternal Even when the earth is over God will still be 0 Justice and Mercy God is merciful 0 Fatherhood God is caring like a father 0 Holiness and Perfection God is holy 0 Ineffable name Don t say God s name or write it Don t write Yahweh and you should write God as Gd


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