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Flashcards / ss unit test - prominent religions of southern and eastern asia

ss unit test - prominent religions of southern and eastern asia

ss unit test - prominent religions of southern and eastern asia


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Name: ss unit test - prominent religions of southern and eastern asia
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What religion is practiced widely in India and is the 3rd largest religion in the world?


Hinduism is one of the ________ in the world?


What group is the origins of Hinduism based on?


Where do rituals and hymns for Hinduism's come from ?

Vedas, of the Book of Knowledge

Why are Hinduism polytheistic?

they worship many gods

What do Hindus believe about there many gods?

All the gods are part of a supreme spirit named Brahman

Do Hindus believe all things have souls?

Yes, including animals especially the Cow which is very sacred

Are Hindus carnivores or vegetarians?


Why is reincarnation important in the Hindu religion?

the soul does not die with the body but enters the body of another person or animal

Does a Hindu reincarnate forever?

It reincarnates many times until the life it lives is good enough to be united with Brahman

Does the Life that a Hindu lives determine his next life?


What is the belief that one's actions determines one's fate?


What is the caste system in Hinduism?

the belief that social class is hereditary and does not change throughout a person's life

How can a Hindu improve his caste in life?

by being born into a higher caste in one's next life

What are the 4 Main Castes in Hinduism?

Brahmans, Kshtriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras

Who are the untouchables?

or pariahs are the 5th caste of Hindus

Where did Buddhism began?


Buddhism is the ____ largest religion in the world?


What % of the world population is Buddhist?


Who founded Buddhism?

Siddhartha Guatama

What do Buddhist believe in?

Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path

Why did Siddhartha Guatama begin Buddhism?

He lived a life of luxury but was concerned about the poor and those who suffered Became a monk to hoping to learn about suffering one could find peace if one rejected greed and desire

Do Buddhist believe in reincarnation and Karma like the Hindu?

yes but don't accept the caste system or need for priests

What did Siddhartha Guatama become known as?

Buddha or the Enlightened One

Who taught the 4 Noble Truths?


What are the 4 Noble Truths?

Life always brought pain Suffering and sorrow caused by greed and desire for material things giving up greedy desires a person could end suffering and reach Nirvana, a state of perfect peace To achieve Nirvana one must follow the Middle Way

What must one accomplish to follow the Middle Way?

Following the Eightfold Path (8 Rules of Conduct)

What is the Eightfold Path?

Try to recognize the truth try to avoid evil actions and bad people Don't say things that hurt other people Respect other people and their belongings Choose a job that does no harm to others Do not think evil thoughts Avoid excitement or anger Work at mediation

What religion is the second largest in the world?


Who is the founder of Islam?

Muhammad the prophet

Who introduced Islam to India?

Muslim armies

Who ruled India for almost 200 years?

the Mogul Empire established by Islams

What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?

Believe in 1 god and Muhammad as the messenger Pray 5 times a day toward Mecca Charity to the poor Fasting during month of Ramadan Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in lifetime

Islam is a _________ religion and they worship in a ___?

monotheistic religion and worship in a mosque

What is the holy book of Islam?


What is the earliest religion in Japan?


What do Shintoism believe?

Kami, divine spirits which live in beautiful places in nature, animals, and a person's ancestor

Why are mountains and rivers so sacred to Shintos?

homes of these Kami

What do Shintos do to show to honor and please the kami?

offer prayers and perform rituals

Do the Shintos believe in life after death?

they do not stress about it

What is the significance of creating gardens by Shintos?

worship of nature - a quiet place for reflection

What was once the state religion of Japan?


Who was one of the most important scholars in Chinese History?


What does Confucianism believe are the keys to peace and social order?

behave with good character virtue

What is the Golden Rule of Behavior?

what you do not like when done unto yourself, do not unto others

Was Confucius a religious prophet or religious leader?


What are the 5 basic relationships among men according to Confucianism?

Ruler and subject Father and Son Husband and Wife Older Brother and younger brother Friend and friend

What would happen in Confucianism if each relationship were based on kindness?

peace and harmony in the country