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Middle ages!

by: Brittany Notetaker

Middle ages! GenEd110

Brittany Notetaker
GPA 4.0
World of the Arts

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About this Document

Bundle of notes from this unit
World of the Arts
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Brittany Notetaker on Monday November 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GenEd110 at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater taught by Tunistra in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see World of the Arts in Writing at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.

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Date Created: 11/02/15
WOTA October 192015 The Pantheon Built in 118128 AD by Emperor Hadrian lt spans 150 ft by 150 ft Building materials are marbleconcrete and amphoria Built in honor of all the Roman Gods and converted into a Church c has Corinthian capitals which are more ornate The sides are weak points so the walls are extended 0 Marcus agrippa son of Lucius made this building when consu for the third time Is the inscription on the building 0 on the inside has a porch and free standing columns 1 Why is the Pantheon considered such an extraordinary structure The Pantheon is considered such an extraordinary structure because of the de gn 2 How long did the Pantheon remain the largest unsupported dome Roughly 1618 centuries 3 What is the rst problem the engineers had to solve The rst problem the engineers had to solve was how to direct the weight from the center This was accomplished by the foundationvertical walls light materials coffers little squares into the ceiling and the oculus 4 What is the purpose of the Oculus The purpose of the Oculus is to eliminate stress and light the interior It is a 30 ft hole on the top the brings light into the Pantheon and reduces stress from the roof because it is the weakest part 5 What is the major aw in the design The gateway is the biggest flaw because it is 10 ft too short This could be because they did not have enough to make it any higher Early Theatre 0 Theatre of convention Verisimilitude Orchestra Chorus Proscenium where most action took place Skene Vomitorium covered passageway for audience to exit and enter Theatron viewing place Questions based on the movie 1 Who was Dionysus Dionysus is the greek god of wine and the harvest 2 What was the dancing oor called and who performed there Orchestra the chorus or actors sang and danced on the dancing oor 3 What was the role of the chorus To sing Greek versions of hymns 4 What was the function of the skene A place where actors could rest or change 5 What does quottragedyquot mean Play in which the protagonist is presented with free choices and makes wrong choices and brings downfall and defeat 6 Where were greek theatres located Carved into the sides of hills and in sacredreligious places 7 What modi cations to greek were made by the Romans The Romans added relief sculpture of the life of Dionysus Addition to Marble thrones Walls are placed up to protect those in front rows due to the gladiatorial ghts Built more seats and segment circle for the orchestra Theatre of convention is a custom or a way of acting and doing things that are widely accepted or followed A set of rules and principles that everyone is aware of 5 principles Imagination is the key Audience accepts the description of something and does not need to see it Style of production lacking illusion or stage realism minimalist Fear to explore the ideal of theatre verisimilitude is a low degree Productions were part of religious festivals ByzantineZRomanesque 330 CE constantine declares byzantium the new capital Western Roman Empire is house in Rome Eastern Roman Empire in constantinople which is now istanbul 313 CE Christianity main Religion Byzantine style all existence is in the religious arts Narrative Christian Art lconography is the rst time seen as a picture representative of a religious person Haga Sophia 532537 CE converted into a mosque Nika Riots lead to the cathedral 532 CE Nika riots reassert temple for God and Justinian who was in charge 0 Originally meant called the Church of Holy Wisdom went through two architects with no construction Justinian had two demands one to make it as quickly as possible and make it the longest Notre Dame cathedral Amieng What is encoded in the central space Heaven is encoded in the Central Space o What is the traditional shape of the Gothic Cathedral The traditional shape of a cross is a cruciform Cross o How many architects were engaged during the building Three architects were engaged during the building 0 What was the problem with the 3rd architects design The problem with the third architects design was that the choir yers were not strong enough What happened The yers buckled and dislocated How was it resolved An additional yer was placed under the original support and an iron chain was added Two innovations that allow master masons to create larger and taller buildings with thinner walls The pointed arch to thrust the stress downward and the ying buttress The aothic cgthedral Church truly controlled the early history of all art in Europe The two purposes if religious art was to worship and to teacheducate because the generation was not literate This made the church important to communities and often occupied the central area of the townThis symbolized the dominance of the church on human affairs Nave was the main central portion where the congregation would sit also called the sanctuary Cerestory Stained glass windows covered the walls Transept Crossing arms in a cruci x form Choir where the choir sits behind the transept in the alter area Ambuatory The walkway behind the choiraltar area Narthex Vestibule area in the main entrance after you walk in before the naive Ap5e Small chapel behind the altar where monks do most of their worshipping Fyer5key architectural elements that support the outer walls structure Notre dame quotour Iadz Aise walkways on either side of the naive and between the outer walls Martyrs sacri ce self for their faith Relief sculptures depict the martyrs Labyrinth design in the naive Also called the house of daedalus or the hard path to God It has a clear de ned centerGOD and one entrance that is the only way to the center READ PAGES 242243 292293298300 Music in the Middle goes Music and the churchpainchant Music and church services The christian church determined the early history of music too All composers were in holy orders all musicians received training as church choirboys music cultivated by the church was the singing and chanting of sacred words in services The exception being the popular music and musicians because the church was literate and the rest were not Which means that music was rote orally passed from person to person Why sing in the church Tradition of singing in worship is borrowed from older religions Singing sets the words apart from ordinary speech Singing heightens words giving sung prayerdoctrine special status emphasis and credibility This heightening by music serves as a basic aim of religion and bring humans into contact with unseen spiritsdeitiesor even god Painchant offical music of the church of the middle ages Also called chant or plainsong It is plain because it only has a melody and no xed meter Gregorian chant after pope gregory 540604 very little organization to the liturgy church service or mass Assembled and standardized basic chants required for church service of this period He was a trained musician May have composed the gregorian chant Composers did not sign their works EXAMPLE QUESTION True or False Pope gregory composed gregorian chant and standardized the church service FALSE Secular music in the middle gaes Shift in political power from the church to the landowners and examples of music preserved from the age of chivalry Troubadours Southern france Trouveres Northern france Minnesingers Germany 0 Working class Minstrels performed wherever whenever and the jongleurs or the instrumentalist that traveled with the singers


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