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Introduction To Statistics

by: Barry Huel

Introduction To Statistics MATH 1121

Barry Huel

GPA 3.64

Walter Bolton

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About this Document

Walter Bolton
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Barry Huel on Monday November 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MATH 1121 at East Georgia State College taught by Walter Bolton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/234344/math-1121-east-georgia-state-college in Mathematics (M) at East Georgia State College.


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Date Created: 11/02/15
990w Wop96 rump96x Review Questions Chapter 6 1 Use your calculator nd the following areas Between 2 025 and z 125 Between 2 082 and z 114 Between 2 196 and z 045 To the right ofz 233 To the left ofz 258 To the left ofz 162 2 Suppose the mean score on a standardized test is 300 with a standard deviation of 25 Estimate these without using a calculator What percentage of scores would be between 275 and 325 What percentage of scores would be between 325 and 350 What percentage of scores would be greater than 350 What percentage of scores would be less than 250 3 Suppose X has a normal distribution with mean 50 and standard deviation 6 What is the probability that a randomly selected value will lie between 55 and 60 What is the probability that it will lies between 47 and 54 What is the probability that it will be greater than 60 What is the probability that it will be greater than 38 What is the probability that it will be less than 42 What is the probability that it will be less than 57 4 Suppose a company makes a product with a mean life of 72 months and a standard deviation of 8 months They want to guarantee to replace the product if it fails within a certain period of time but they do not want to replace more than 5 of their products To the nearest month how long should they guarantee their product V39 A high school graduating class has an average GPA of 23with a standard deviation of 094 The top 10 ofthe class is to be designated Honor Graduates To the nearest tenth of a point what is the minimum GPA required to be an Honor Graduate wrung96x Wop96 51 0quotm 6 Suppose scores on a certain test are normally distributed with a mean of 125 and a standard deviation of 10 What is the probability that a score lies between 110 and 120 What is the probability that a score lies between 126 and 135 What is the probability that a score lies between 118 and 138 What score cuts of the top 10 of the scores What score cuts offthe bottom 15 of the scores Between what 2 scores will the middle 30 of the scores lie What percentage of the scores lie within 15 standard deViations of 125 7 Find the following 2 values For this problem assume that z gt 0 82 ofthe area lies between 72 and z 5 ofthe area lies to the right ofz 25 ofthe area lies to the left of 72 90 ofthe area lies between 72 and z 99 ofthe area lies between 72 and z 5 ofthe area lies to the right ofz 8 Suppose the mean height for males is 69 inches with a standard deViation of 23 inches Find the following probabilities That a man s height is between 67 inches and 70 inches That a man s height is between 71 and 73 inches That a man s height is less than 65 inches That a man s height is less than 73 inches


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