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Review guide for health care management

by: Bri Jacobs

Review guide for health care management SPEA-H 124

Marketplace > Indiana University > Linguistics and Speech Pathology > SPEA-H 124 > Review guide for health care management
Bri Jacobs
Healthcare man
Hollingsworth A

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About this Document

This study guide is to help anyone with nursing regulations, nursing jobs, financing health care, and more! Check it out!
Healthcare man
Hollingsworth A
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bri Jacobs on Tuesday November 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SPEA-H 124 at Indiana University taught by Hollingsworth A in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Healthcare man in Linguistics and Speech Pathology at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 11/03/15
Review Guide This is an incomplete study guide the answers are on another document with the answers in red These questions are from chapter 8 in the book andor about allied health professional and different topics about the healthcare management and policies in the country Hope it helps 1 Technologists amp Technicians need what to work in a state Name 4 types of therapeutic science practitioners Describe each 2 What is a behavioral scientist What does a social worker do What degree is required 3 What is another name to describe someone who is a chiropractor 4 What does a chiropractor do What are the education requirements for this job What does MHA stand for What is complimentary and Alternative therapy What is the NCCAM What do they do What is integrative medicine mm This next section is TRUE or FALSE 7 Home care demands increase workforce needs and technical capabilities 8 Technologic advances decrease specialists and eliminate other classes of workers This next section of the review guide is Chapter 8 Financing healthcare 9 What do health care expenditures in uence What are the two types of sources of payments for medical services 10 Who is responsible for paying healthcare 11 What are the top three expenses 12 How much was spent on health insurance in 2010 What percent of the government nances total expenditures 13 What are factors that decreased expenditure growth 14 What is the US ranked when it comes to highest level of public spending on health care 15 In the US we do we have higher or lower provider incomes and medical care prices Does this make our health care better or worse 16 Why does about 40 of healthcare spending have no value 17 What are some reasons for the increase in health expenditures 18 What is DTCA and why is this so hard 19 What is the aging population 20 What is the projected number of elderly people going to be in 2030 21 What percentage of physicians are specialists 22 What percentage of Americans are uninsured 23 What are some reasons new jobs will be implemented in the healthcare eld 24 Who is Martin Hackmann 25 What is the cost of a skilled nurse in a nursing home 26 What are some economic incentives 27 De ne Premium Deductible Copayment Outof pocket Reimbursement 28 What is indemnity health insurance 29 In the 1930519705 how much did patients pay 30 In the 1970s1995 has much did patients and providers pay 31 What is commercial Health insurance 32 What is the Health Maintenance organization HMO Act of 1973 33 What are some fundamentals of the HMO act 34 De ne Staff Model 35 De ne Independent practice Association Model IPA 36 De ne Capitation 37 Why did consumers dislike HMOs 38 What does PPO stand for What does PPO do 39 What is the role of the gatekeeper 40 What did President Clinton do in of ce in regards to healthcare 41 Did the Bipartisan Patient Protection Act pass 42 Why did premiums rise in 1998 43 What were some of the impacts of rising premiums 44 What does NCQA stand for What do they do 45 What does HEDIS stand for What do they do 46 What is the third party administrator 47 What is a consumerdirected health plan CDHP 48 What are some government paid insurance plans 49 De ne system 50 What is an entitlement 51 What is JCAHO 52 Explain the components of medicare 53 How was medicare shifted in 1983 54 What is the difference between retrospective payment and prospective payment 55 What does the DRG implement 56 What does EMTALA stand for 57 What is the KennedyKassebaum Bill 58 What is the balanced budget act of 1997 59 What were the outcomes of the balanced budget Act 60 Who was Florence Nightingale 61 Who funds nursing schools 62 What are the requirements to be a registered nurse 63 What is a oor nurse 64 What are pharmacy trends 65


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