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Business Ethics Notes (All)

by: Savanna Maheux

Business Ethics Notes (All) PHI 121 103

Marketplace > Pace University > PHI 121 103 > Business Ethics Notes All
Savanna Maheux
GPA 3.4
Ethics in the Workplace

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About this Document

These are all of the notes AND case examples from every class. These can be used to study for the midterm.
Ethics in the Workplace
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savanna Maheux on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHI 121 103 at Pace University taught by Brusseau in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views.


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Date Created: 11/04/15
Thursday October 29 2015 Review Toolbox Perennial Duties Self develop talents Others beneficence help someone to most reasonable extent fidelity true to self commitment or contract honesty true to others gratitude if others help you then you have obligation to help them reparation if you harm others then you have obligation to make it up to them Fakness Only one way to cut the pizza equally or any way to cut it is fair because you don t know which one the other person is going to choose Aristotle treat equals equally treat unequals unequally or Rawls veil of ignorance not knowing how the outcome is going to affect you Kant Dignity principle others are ends not means tools using them to get something elsereplaceable Consistency theory universalization an act is ethically acceptable if and only if you can imagine a world in which everybody does that act all the time and you can conceive that world Truth and lies evaporate because everybody else is lying faking Rights Rights is about freedom maximization I am free to do whatever I want in this world up until the point where my free actions affectinterferes with other people s freedom Libertarianism my property is an extension of myself Thursday October 29 2015 Chapter 3 Consequence ethics An act is good if it creates the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people 39 Happiness calculation practice of figuring out what causes happiness Monetized utilitarianism trying to use money to measure happiness Utilitarianism happiness to everyone happiness calculation Altruism happiness to everyone but selves Egosim happiness to selves Invisible hand enlightened egoism Example CEO is ethically justified in keeping the alcoholic even though he was losing money for the following reasons First he is obligated by gratitude Gratitude is the obligation to help others who have helped you Give an example of gratitude natural inclination to respond Definition of gratitude He was displaying signs of gratitude because he respected the employee and felt that he had an obligation to help him lf Next gratitude applies to the alcoholic because he has proven his importance to the company so the CEO feels the need to reciprocate that action Conclusion because he has helped my company reach its goals so many times it is my ethical obligationresponsibiity based on gratitude to help him reach his goals Definition How it attaches to the problem Conclusions Extra paragraph or two of countering opinions someone might say that my definition of is wrong or incorrect Thursday October 29 2015 Example First guy faking everything Second group is it ethically justifiable to be lip syncing in the Super Bowl but still creating your own music Justify Kant consistency theory making it universal that many people lip sync when performing live in order to sound their best and create the most happiness for their fans who paid to see them Against 1 Fairness treat equals equally and unequals unequally not knowing how outcome is going to affect you Ethically reproachable because they treated others as means and not ends This means that they used people for their own performance to make it the best Kant says that we treat others as ends and not means Treating people as a tool to get something or somewhere Kant does not accept this Using fans as means and not ends to promote their own album instead of the real experience to entertain their fans Not being fair to fans who wanted to see them perform live which is what the Super Bowl hired them to do 2 Honesty what s expected of fans Fidelity what was expected from the contract Doing well is not the point the point is that there are rules you have to follow and if you follow them then what you re doing is ethically acceptable Even though no one knew they were lying it was still ethically wrong Setup 1 Theory we re using and why 2 Defined theory 3 How it attaches Thursday October 29 2015 4 Conclusion


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