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Study Guide Test 2

by: Tyler Murphy

Study Guide Test 2 amh 2097

Tyler Murphy
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash

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About this Document

Includes Key Terms for test 2
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash
Study Guide
amh 2097, immigrants, amh, race
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tyler Murphy on Wednesday November 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to amh 2097 at Florida State University taught by R. Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see American History race and ethnicity in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 11/04/15
Key Terms AMH Test 2 Study Guide Reconstruction 0 Special Field Order 15 Jan 1865 Gives portions of states in Carolinas and Georgia coastal areas to freed men slaves Each family would get 40 acres of land and loaned a mule from the army 40000 took advantage 0 Land Redistribution 0 Freedman s Bureau 0 Andrew Johnson Lincoln s VP Inaugurated Spring 1865 and took matters into his own hands Southerner from Tennessee came from poor family Before war worked his way up to senator and was one of the only members of congress to stay loyal to Union after South seceded Pro Union Very different view of reconstruction compared to republicans and Congress North 1 Grants pardons to majority of southerners who want back into Union easy on Confederates Enjoyed power of wealthy plantation owners begging for a pardon 0 Republican Party virtually nonexistent in south in 1860s changes as blacks vote Black citizens carpet baggers scalawags 0 14th and 15th Amendment 14th Amendment guarantees everyone born or naturalized in US would become a citizen 15th Amendment guarantees the rights of citizens to vote and cannot be abridged by race color or indentured servitude 0 Southern Republican Coalition Black citizens vote for republicans party most interested in protecting rights 0 Carpet baggers nickname for northerners who came down to south during reconstruction do gooders came down to help blacks adjust to freedom others wanted to set up stores and build up south but make money in process 0 Scalawags Southerners who supported Union maybe sympathetic for blacks or the planter aristocracy who controlled the south 0 Sharecropping poor whites and poor African Americans 0 Process plantation owner has sharecropper sign onto contract allows them to live on land in an apartment farming and producing crops and has to give large fixed amount of crops back to owner 0 Compromise measure most of society thought it was good How are sharecroppers screwed over makes sure they can never leave Goes into debt to the plantation owner if something natural hurricane drought occurs and stops production of crops If he dies debt does not go away and it is passed onto children or famil 0 Black Codes First implemented under provisional governors in aftermath of civil war Designed to recreate conditions of slavery without actually calling it slavery Made black children into apprentices so they could work for employers without pay Some states prohibited blacks from owning land or anti miscegenation laws Couldn t serve on the jury Contained vagrancy laws no job cant find onefined or required to work on plantations 0 Presidential Election of 1876 End of reconstruction Rutherford B Hayes The Chinese 0 Chain Migration Best candidate is sent over to US to make money for 5 years than return to China with the money 0 Eldest Male Sends the best candidate most important person in the clan When best candidate returns hand over money to eldest male wife will be picked out gets married has kid and sent back to US repeats for 30 years 0 Return Migration Chinese practice because of want to keep culture 0 Ethnic Enclave community formed by people of common descent and permanent home Chinatown in San Francisco formed their own community 0 Chinatown ethnic enclave they formed in San Francisco 0 Bachelor Society Send over best candidates malesmen dominate 0 Gam Saan gold rush translates to gold mountain WASPs go to China and spread that California is a gold mountain to in uence them to come to US They collect gold and don t get to keep it 0 Domestics 0 Lighters Railroad Job Blow way through the mountain 0 Yellow Race Implies sickness bad health Believed to cause disease 0 Yellow Peril moral and biological aspect incorporates idea that Chinese are unhealthy immoral and foreigners who want to take over 0 Foreign Miners Tax 1852 California 36 monthly tax for working for mining companies Drove Chinese out of mining industry 0 Naturalization Act of 1870 National Free whites and people of African descent are eligible for citizenship The Page Act 1875 National Prohibited prostitutes from entering country WASPs believed every Chinese woman was entering to become a prostitute The Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 National Prohibited the immigration of all Chinese laborers Can stay if here but if you leave you cant come back The Gilded Age and Progressive Era New vs Old Immigration New eastern and southern Europe Poland and southern Italy Nontraditional from Asia Middle East and Latin America WASPs reacted strongly compared to older immigrants from northern and western Europe Gilded Age 18701900 Industrial Revolution Monopolies rapid growthindustry factories mechanization large monopolies one large company control all businesses Gilded coined by Mark Twain to cover item with thin layer of gold Bc wealth covers social problems of the era Little to no regulation work places were death trapsinjury fire no health care Immigration Progressive Era 19001920 The Progressives 0 Political Reformers 1900519205 primary concern nd abuses during gilded age 0 Most known Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson 0 Characteristics WASPs Republican or Democrat middle upper class professionals doctors lawyers educators newspaper editors 0 They oppose worst excesses of gilded age monopolies urban political machines new immigrants worst aspectscogs They believe 0 quotThe Peoplequot white middle class those who look like them 0 The experts of the day Science experts opinion call people into congress issues take away rights from minorities what if wrong 0 Regulation Political Bosses boss runs the machine comes into power by granting bribes favors to immigrants in block voting food shelter jobs in exchange for who he told them to vote for Scientific Racism attempt to use science to justify racist beliefs Germ Theory late 18005 craineometry study of the head 0 Through Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch infectious diseases caused by the spread of microorganisms germs most scientists don t understand how they actually spread O Splurge IQ Tests Original Intention invented by French scientist Alfred Binnaet created to help French students in class Potential Problems lots of different kinds of intelligence hard to measure all of them in quantitave fashion people are impacted by envirogood teacher re ects what you know background Again poor application use subjective terms like idiot moron Start applying it to race began to generalize results to groups from awed tests Applied at immigration stations to try and exclude them from coming into country Most of time tests were given in English not all know English Ellis Island Operated from 1892 1950s Processed over 12 million immigrants 5000 a day early 1900s The Progressive Era and WWI Positive Eugenics Negative Eugenics Buck v Bell The Extinction Thesis Huns 100 Percent Americanism Assimilation vs Acculturation 1917 Immigration Act New immigrants Southern and Eastern Europe believed to have come between 1880s 1924 Literacy test A list of reasons why immigrants could be kept out 3 Ds Espionage Act of 1917 can be arrested and put in work camp if the American government thinks you are speaking out against US ability to detain you for rest of war 1921 Quota Act Eliminate all immigration into country Hurt new immigrants more than old Don t explicitly say that you are targeting new immigrants Create a quota at 3 of an ethnic group s population in the US as of the 1910 census 1924 Quota Act Eliminate all immigration into country Hurt new immigrants more than old Don t explicitly say that you are targeting new immigrants Sets a quota at 2 as of the 1980 census Bans Asians from entering the country can explicitly target Asians they cant vote The Southern Italians both lectures 0 Campanilismo Pride in ones village region or town 0 Patriarchy male makes all important decisions for family strongest ttest for the Job 0 Vendettas ghts between families between one individualwhole family is engaged ex Romeo and Juliette 0 Padrones Italians who have been in US for long time who could speak English and knew how America worked would target Italians from their village to help them get accustomed 0 Little Italies ethnic enclaves in New York Boston Chicago 0 Municipal Work occupations for men city workbuilding bridges create tunnels for subway low paying dangerous 0 Sweat Shops low paying dangerous 0 Mongrel Race inferior race stereotype In between people White but not the right kind Not purely white with other blood in them unintelligent vs uneducated 0 Mutual Aid Societies Multiple families help out one another when in trouble They don39t trust government or Church to help them only family Both in US and Italy 0 La Cosa Nostra conquerors came through and mutual aids united to help quotThis thing of oursquot Organization to resolve disputes between families Expands Becomes more powerfulcorrupt Extortion of businesses Prohibition 18th Amendment America passes law against alcohol 0 Mafia Myth Mutual Aids get labeled by this violent and immoral stereotypes get applied to all southerners only 0025 southern Italians were engaged in organized crime 0 Anarchists people who support anarchy Led to the Immigration Act of 1918 0 Immigration Act of 1918 allows them to locate anarchists in US arrest them and potentially deport them 0 Immigration Act od 1903 targets anarchist Soon after one assassinated McKinley prohibits anarchists from entering country Asked what kind of government they believe in if say non may be barred from entering country The Lebanese 0 Spice Trade Reason for the greedy stereotype from Europeans Middle easterners acted as middle men for spices because most of them were only found in Asia 0 Orientalism stereotype Timelessness unchanging there are deserts stone buildings and camels In reality there are deserts but there are also large cities that are up to date 2 Exotic world of fire breathers sword swallowers and magic carpets In reality that does not go on in this day 3 Sensuous Arabs are polygamous and wealthy have heroms In reality those are just paintings done by the British and French in the 1800s 0 Little Syria the Syrian Quarter ethnic enclave where they settled 0 Long Distance Pack Peddling those who did not want to work in the factories The immigrant would get basic trinketsmaterials and travel while selling them to Americans door to door Advantageous for women and children because they could sell more Helped accustom them to the language and American customs 0 The Progressives Support Christianity and Assimilation Oppose factory work and political bosses 0 White new stereotype really important have to be white to have citizenship and vote Jewish 0 Reform Judaism mid 1800s wave adjust so they could fit in ex Holidays 0 Orthodox Judaism 18801924 Wave 0 Pogroms State sponsored population elimination ChildrenJewish boys were forced into army for roughly 20 years come out acting like Russians Jewish women often gang raped to breed Jewish nature out of them Sometimes hurt their own children to prevent going to Army 0 Russification desire to make population they re taking over exactly like Russia language religion 0 Isle of Tears Ellis Island if rejected no other country will take you in sent back to Russia 0 Lower East Side Ethnic enclave where the orthodox Jews settled in NYC 0 The Sabbath a day of religious observance and abstinence from work usually Friday evening to Saturday evening 0 The Jewish Mafia stereotpes of the J ews violent unstable inferior race religious 0 Conservative Judaism third sect formed from acculturation Not as exible or rigid


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