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Well Being and Harm

by: Jocelyn Rossell

Well Being and Harm PoliSci 3450

Jocelyn Rossell
GPA 3.325
Ethics and Public Policy
Eric MacGilvray

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About this Document

Study Guide on Well-Being and Harm All notes on Health care and Climate change
Ethics and Public Policy
Eric MacGilvray
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jocelyn Rossell on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PoliSci 3450 at Ohio State University taught by Eric MacGilvray in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Ethics and Public Policy in Political Science at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 11/05/15
Exam 2 and Paper 1 Well Being and Harm Health Care amp Climate Healthcare Inde nite amount we could spent on health care 0 No ceiling to what you can spend on healthcare Modern medicine has become effective on curing new things Rescue principal o If you can save a life you should do whatever it takes to do so No guidance to o Rationing of health care is necessary under modern services I Good life utilitarianism 0 Still are scarce resources Ability to pay Walzer 0 Health care is a need but also a special status 0 Long life is judged by what we do how we organize society 0 Shift from care of souls to care of bodies 0 Ability to pay 0 Lack of information 0 Special risks to you I If poor family health history smoker woman than your insurance costs more solely for expectation If took those factors away what insurance couldwould you buy So what should we insure everybody against Daniels Talks about difference between first half of 20th century and now 0 Practices and ethics 0 Doctors now rely on other things to provide care 0 Has become means of mass production 0 Hospital which now insures Doctors have to be a very specialized profession limited practice 0 License barrier o Autonomy to treat and refer o Autonomy about how to specialize o Autonomy to locate Unrestrained ideal advocate o Lawyer is supposed to do that 0 But a doctor doing that isn t ethical I Each person gets a time slot I Do whatever it takes no matter what Ideal advocate 0 Does what s best 0 Within constraint What should we do Sabin and Daniels MCO Manage Care Organizations 0 Make decisions about what doctors are and aren t allowed to do Publicity Reasonable 0 Goal isn t to make bigger pro t 0 Perhaps most important aspect 0 Have to constrain and support reasonably o Contestable 0 Be able to argue 0 Support why decision was made Regulation 0 Have to enforce plan Legitimacy and fairness 0 May not have authority Climate Change Ethical Basics Stephen M Gardiner quotEthics and Global Climate Changequot Risk and Uncertainty 0 Risk probability that something bad will happen Uncertainty something will happen but risk is unknown Uncertain how things may effect animals Observational data is short Climate is complex Nonlinear threshold effects I Temperature change and animal effects I Downside risk is extremely high what are those chances 00000 Cost Benefit Analysis 0 Economic models 0 Discount rate I How much to make things costs and be received in I Discount rate of letting years go by or getting today 0 Privileging the current livings interest not thinking about long run 0 Lowering value of future benefit 0 How much should we tolerate and do based on costliness 0 When genuinely uncertain of what will happen face maximum gains and minimum cost I Worst situation might face is as good as possible 0 Precautionary Principal Responsibility for Past Harms 0 Historical I Assumption 0 Common resource I Distribution Stephen M Gardiner quotA Perfect Moral Stormquot Spatial Problem Prisoner s Dilemma o Collectively rational o All want things to be better but that s in con ict for what is individually ration 0 Having others have less emissions but you keep doing what you re doing 0 Everyone will do what s individually rational o Tragedy of the Commons I Share of population or share of self I Goats grazing example 0 Create right policy to fix climate change I No right agreement I No global warming agency to focus on this Temporal Problem 0 Can hope someone else solves the problem 0 Only have access to same solutions at certain time Climate Change Global Challenges Polluter says principles Beneficiary pays principal Ability to pay principal Who should pay 0 States for within their boarders 0 Individual for their contribution o Corporation who develops that industrial good 0 International system Progressive tax or at tax 0 Either everyone pays same 0 People with less pay less 0 Regressive tax sales tax 3 principals of equity 0 Polluter pays I Including for past harms I And beneficiary pays 0 Ability to pay 0 Guaranteed minimum Don t emit more than your quota If you do since 1990 than compensate


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