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Exam 2 Study Guide

by: Emily Mcp

Exam 2 Study Guide Bio 130

Emily Mcp
Introduction to Plant Biology
Virginia Freire

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About this Document

Introduction to Plant Biology
Virginia Freire
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily Mcp on Thursday November 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 130 at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point taught by Virginia Freire in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Plant Biology in Biology at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.


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Date Created: 11/05/15
B10 130 Study guide for Exam 2 Define the following Diffusion 0 Pigment 0 Plant Hormones Osmosis 0 Photosystem 0 Sexual water gradient 0 Photorespiration Reproduction Transpiration 0 Zygote 39 Gametic meiosis Soil 0 Gamete 0 Sporic meiosis Field Capacity 0 Fertilization 39 Zygotic mCiOSiS Permanent wilting 0 Haploid 39 RNA percentage 0 Diploid 0 Codon Photosynthesis 0 Life Cycle 0 Anticodon Answer the following question Where are water and solutes transported within the plant What is the adhesioncohesion theory Explain In which direction do sugars move in the phloem What are the main weathering agents that contribute to the genesis of soil Which soil horizon possesses the highest chemical physical and biological activity What is the purpose and formula of respiration What are the four steps of aerobic respiration Write the formula for photosynthesis Describe the process of meiosis How are meiosis and mitosis different What is obtained after meiosis on each life cycle Which colors of light are most efficient for photosynthesis What is an accessory pigment Name three accessory pigments for photosynthesis Name the essential pigment for photosynthesis Brie y describe the process of electron transport by the photosystems and carriers Brie y describe the Calvin cycle include main enzyme intermediate compounds and final products What is consumed during the Calvin cycle What is the hypothesis that explains the lack of specificity of Rubisco for C02 What is the advantage of C4 over C3 plants What are the essential nutrients for plants What are the macronutrients for plants Write the five major types of plant hormones For each major group of plant hormones write three functions Describe the role of auxins and cytokinins in Apical dominance and in rootshoot initiation in tissue culture and cuttings Explain the role of ethylene in abscission and fruit ripening What is the advantage of sexual reproduction over cloning Who was Gregor Mendel What happens after crossing homozygous dominant With homozygous recessive parents What genotypic and phenotypic ratio is obtained after crossing heterozygous parents for one character Explain the principle of segregation for one gene What is the importance of mutations Describe the structure of DNA Write the complementary strand of DNA for ACCCTTTGGAAT Explain the process of semiconservative replication of DNA Where does transcription take place What is the product of gene transcription What is the expected genotypic and phenotypic ratio for the cross RRYY X rryy What is the expected genotypic and phenotypic ratio for the cross RrYy X RrYy What are the elements required for DNA translation Describe DNA translation


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