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CH 13 section 4,5,6 part 1

by: Danielle Banks

CH 13 section 4,5,6 part 1 BIOL 3303 - 001

Danielle Banks
GPA 3.6
Perry Fuchs

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About this Document

Perry Fuchs
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Danielle Banks on Friday November 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 3303 - 001 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Perry Fuchs in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see DRUGS AND BEHAVIOR in Biology at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 11/06/15
Area Of Focus CHAPTER 13 Behavioral effects Cassification AcuteChronic toxicity Withdrawal symptoms Mechanism of action Benzodiazepines Drug that decrease anxiety without the major sedative effects Sedavtive Hypnotics A depressant drugs that provide a sense of calm and sleep Antianxiety Drug Medications that make the user feel more peaceful or tranquil lnhalants Chemicals that produce breathable vapors Produce euphoriant and depressant effects when sniffed or inhaled Barbiturate Drug within a family of depressants derived from barbituric acid and used as a sedaticve hypnotic and antiepileptic medicatio Categories of Barbiture tasteless and ordorless induce sleep Von Baeyers discover of barbiturate Barbiture elimination half lives that range from 10 to 40 hours case of amobarbital CrossTolernce Tolerance for one drug induces tolerance for another drug that has not previously been used and Cross Dependence when one drug can decrease withdrawal symptoms produced by discontinuation of another drug Mechanism of action when benzodiazepines and barbiturates bind to their receptor they echance the normally inhibitory effect of GABA THE MAIN INHIBITORY NY IN THE CNS The Major Stimulants 1 Cocaine Basic Pharmacology Cocaine is an extremely potent n deprendence producing stimulant drug derived from the coca leaf Freud and Cocaine he was a young physician used cocaine and found himself exhilarating He was distributing cocaine to freinds and his lover Acute Effects OF COCAINE Powerfu burst of engery last for 5 to 10 mintues injected intravenously or smokedc If the drug was snorted thru nose is less intense last longer 15 to 30 minutes sexual arousal cocaine produces a sudden elevation in th sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system Can lead to cerebral hemorrhage or heart failure Chronic Effects of Cocaine depressed paranoid and irritable experienced cocaine bugs Cocaine psychosis a set of symptoms including hallucinations paranoia and disordered thinking produced by chronic use of cocaine another thing when you snort cocaine mess up your bronchial muscles to relax 2 Mechanism of action blocks reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine 3 Aborption and elimination chewing and sucking coca leaves are slow absorption and low blood levels relative to snorting Metablized by enzymes in the blood and liver 12 half life 1hr 12 life of MAJOR 4 Benefical use local anesthesia 5 Cause for concern a Acute leads to respiratory and cardic arrest cocaine and alcohol can form a drug called cocaethylene which can be more toxic than cocaine unpredictable toxic reactions to cocaine and other local anesthetics b Chronic toxicity Cocaine Psychosis Cocaine hydrochloride form of cocaine that is inhaledsnorted or injected into bloodstream Freebase cocaine A smokeable form of cocaine Crack Cocaine or crack A smokeable form of cocaine c Dependency Potential powerfully reinforcing drug significant psychological dependence THREE STAGES PROCESS 1 AS COCAINE WEAR OFF DYSPHORIC COCAINE BLUES DEPRESSION CRAVING PROLONGED PERIODS OF SLEEP 2 After crash anxiety boredom lack of motivation 3 Long lasting period of craving d Reproductive effects developing fetus crack cocaine do not enhance sexual pleasure Addicts often becomw unable to function sexually 6 Cocaine treatment Beta adrenergic blocking agents used to treat rapid irregular heart rate and increased blood pressure Psychotic reactiohn controlled with haloperidol Seizures controlled with diazapam valium Black tar A potent form of heroin generally brownish in color originating in mexico Fentanyl A chemical derivative of thebaine used as a prescription painkiller China White Opium was smuggled into the US from Turkey 1980s increased from 5 to 18 heroin 1994 90 heroin was in New York City Effects on the Mind N Body1 The amount and purity of the heroin is administered 2 Route through which heroin is administered 3the interval since the previous does of heroin 4 the degree of tolerance of the user to heroin itself LSD AND OTHER HALLUCINOGENS Chapter 6 lyseric acid diethylamide A synthetic serotnin related hallucingeic drug Hallucinogens A class of drugs producing distortions in perception and body image at moderate doses Classifying Hallucinogens 1 Hallucinogens that are chemically similar to serotonin 2 Hallucinogens that are chemically similar to noreoinephrine 3 Hallucinogens are similar to acetylcholine


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