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Exam #2 Study Guide

by: Ann Carter Herbert

Exam #2 Study Guide 82379 AAH 1010-001

Ann Carter Herbert
Survey of Art and Architectural History I
Beth Ann Lauritis

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About this Document

Survey of Art and Architectural History I
Beth Ann Lauritis
Study Guide
Art History
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ann Carter Herbert on Friday November 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 82379 AAH 1010-001 at Clemson University taught by Beth Ann Lauritis in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 115 views. For similar materials see Survey of Art and Architectural History I in Art History at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 11/06/15
Intro to Art History Exam 2 Study Guide Does not address Korea know how different leaders are aligned with different eras EXAM ID LIST 5 will appear 0 Polykleitos Doryphoros or Spear Bearer c 450440 BCE Greece o 7 7 7 A 0 Bodhisattva Padmapani Ajanta 2nd half of 5th century CE South Asia 0 Shiva as Nataraja Naltunai Ishvaram Temple c 1000 South Asia O o 1 L V w j 0 Colosseum Flavian Amphitheater 7080 CE Roman O 2 a 0 Column of Trajan c 112 CE Roman O 0 Arch of Constantine c 312315 CE Roman O 0 Vairocana BuddhaLpngmen Caves O o EXAM ESSAY LIST 3 of 6 will show up on exam 0 Army of the First Emperor of Qin c 210 BCE Qin Dynasty China VS I Primaporta Augustus c 20 BCE Early Roman Empire 0 O O O Illustrates the kind of immense powers Found in his tomb Said to protect the emperor They all are individualized I The wife of Emperor Augustus I Atmospheric perspective not as linear I Blurry things are farther away clearer things closer to you I Garden state I Second style I Praxiteles Aphrodite of Knidos c 350340 BCE Late Classical Greece VS 0 Female personification Ara Pacis east facade 139 BCE Early Roman Empire 0 OOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Certain changes brought on by the P war Athens is no longer the most powerful The Greeks consider the Macedonians to be more barbaric Phillip the 2 would higher people to tutor his son Alexander using this philosophy to produce the great figure of Alexander the Great He overthrows the Persian empire Establishes Alexandria in Egypt Defeated many different peoples including the Egyptians Establishes Greek colonies in places as far as India Staging a more cosmopolitan culture expanded Greater sense of emotional depth and anxiety in art new cannon of proportions Greater sense of the individual and emotion She s nude Naked implies shame nude just means unclothed Semi modesty because she is covering herself The water jug represents the woman s womb Seeing a goddess in the nude is a major no The idea is that she s startled If a moral saw a goddess naked they would be killed This brings the goddesses down to earth and gives them some vulnerability She also has a provocative welcoming look This piece put art on the map many people came to see it I One interpretation is mother Earth I Shows he supports the idea of the family and the family unit I Prosperity I Promoting marriage and fidelity I Promotes a repopulation campaign 0 Ma Yuan On a Mountain Path in Spring early 13th century Song Dynasty China VS 0 Dionysiac mystery frieze Villa of the Mysteries Pompeii c 6050 Roman Republic 0 O O O 0 You have a sense of landscape but then it dissappears into a void The idea of a kind of nature as a starting point Nature doesn t have to be literal Leaving empty spaces for interpretation The individuals take on nature is key I Initiation rights I The figures seem to engage with other gures around the room so it draws your eye around the room I Iktinos and Kallikrates Parthenon 447438 BCE High Classical Greece VS 0 Pantheon c 118125 CE High Roman Empire 0 Inside contradicts the outside 0 There is another layer of columns inside that is the ionic order I Pantheon for many gods


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