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study guide

by: Bailey Metcalf

study guide 2200

Bailey Metcalf

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About this Document

study guide
Major American Writers
Kenneth M. Parille
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bailey Metcalf on Sunday March 27, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 2200 at East Carolina University taught by Kenneth M. Parille in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Major American Writers in Foreign Language at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 03/27/16
1) Caricature- Clowes---1995 a) Summary: Caricature artist who draws “ugly” pictures of peoples faces at a county fair, young romance between Theda and Mal Rosen, story about art and history, pleasing the audience and telling them what they want to hear b) Metafictional or metaart- work of art about art c) Clowes starts off being unstable and unsure but becomes more confident d) Clowes draws the faces: i) Real vs true ii) Ugliness iii) Pleasing audience iv) Very detailed e) Art Forms i) Modern art with Theda’s parents ii) Fine art f) Romantic, realistic but the world never gives you what you want g) Story about art being unsatisfying facing life i) Wanting art to solve problems ii) Seeking authenticity iii) People performing and being fake h) Themes i) Realism vs fantasy ii) Slice of life iii) Romance iv) art 2) A Wrinkle In Time- Larson and L’engle----1962/2012 a) Summary: Meg who is a not so normal teenage girl doesn’t really fit in and her brother Charles is super smart, older twin brothers are the popular kids. Father who is a physicist is missing and mother is depressed. Mrs. Who, Whatsit and Which have super powers but help the kids, Calvin tags along on the adventure to find their dad. Tesseract means to travel in time to the different planets. Mrs. Whatsit metamorphosized into a horse/human. Father behind a dark shadow. The Mrs. W give hints and guidance to help on new planet. The new planet, Camazotz is controlled by “IT” a brain by hypnotizing the people. Shakespeare is quoted- the Tempest and famous poets, musicians, artists and sculptors are referred to. Everyone on planet is the same and it is bad to be different. Find father and he escapes but CW is drawn in by it and they have to leave him behind. When traveling back to planet Meg gets paralyzed by stone but Monsters- Aunt Beast cure her. Meg goes back to planet to get CW by using emotions and overcoming IT. Then they return home. b) Genre: (1)Science fiction (a)Time travel, space (2)Young adult (a)Teenager (b)Family relationship (c)Identity (d)Learn something and mature (3)Fantasy (a)Metamorphosized (4)Looks and appearances and how one can be different than they seem (5)Religious (a)Jesus (b)Good vs bad (c)Darkness (d)Lord (6)Gothic/Horror (a)Arched windows (b)Monsters c) Comic forms i) Color change with past and present tense ii) Author uses different shades of blue and black iii) Lots of white space iv) Eyes describe a lot-symbol v) The brain symbolizes authority or power vi) Foreground vs background vii) Curvy font viii) Abstract facial d) Morality and ethical i) Resist conformity ii) Acceptance e) Happy Medium- finding a balance f) Love is superior, family, art, humanist g) Time frame i) linear 3) Safari Honeymoon- Jacobs---2014 About a man and wife who go on a honeymoon to the safari. They have a tour guide who helps them along the way because of such a dangerous place due to toxic plants, etc. Parasites or bugs adapts to human things like tongue or goes through the butt plug. Winston is the little creature that sticks around with them. The husband and tour guide drink alcohol while the wife does yoga. Underwater they catch a jellyfish. There are forest monkeys which communicate to the people. They are wandering and the guide turns against the couple and the husband gets bitten by a snake and put into a coma. a) Themes i) Man vs nature ii) Adventure iii) Romance iv) Fantasy v) Horror vi) Mystery vii) Masculinity vs feminism (1)Stereotypes viii) Time representation b) Comic Form i) Uses all one color of green just different shades ii) Lots of diverse maze like pictures with plants iii) People are proportional iv) Scene/episode for pages c) Time frame i) Linear but science/technology comes into play d) Notes i) Safari- Adventure- city to the jungle ii) Honeymoon- romance to death iii) Plant pages show foreshadowing 4) Maus- Spiegelman----1986 The Jews are characterized as mice, the polish as pigs and the Germans as cats. Artie draws a comic book about his father’s life, Vladek, they are from is from NY and his mother committed suicide and his father is ill but lived in Poland during the war. Anja was his first love and she had a lot of money. She gets married but later becomes depressed and goes to a sanatorium. Vladek got drafted for war but found a way to escape. Jews are enforced with curfews and old people are taken in to the camps the rest of the families are shoved into a small safety place- bunker. Mala is Vladek new wife but isn’t he same as Anja. Vladek wants to fix something on the roof. In the end Artie learns that his dad had destroyed all of his mothers items so he wouldn’t be able to see them even though she had left them behind for him. Vladek goes to jail in illusion. Artie wants to find a jacket when he goes home as well as his mothers diary. They hang the Jews in public in front of the town. Prisoner on the Hell Planet a) Themes i) Nonfiction (1)Memoir ii) Father son relationship iii) Autobiography iv) Holocaust narrative v) Use of symbols (1)Swastika (2)Star of David vi) Survival- intelligence vii) Animal fable b) Flashbacks- time and drawings are sketched c) Comic form i) Everything is sketched lots of lines ii) Less white space iii) Black and white all the way through d) Comic Devices i) Stars for pain ii) Arrow pointing here iii) Dialogue is different throughout e) Imbedded panels of diagrams, tickets etc f) Time frame i) Linear told from 2 narratives- father/son and war memory 5) Ice Haven- Clowes--- 2001 Harry Naybors is a comic book critic, David Goldberg is missing, Random Wilder is a narrator of the town but a failed poet, who wrote the Ransom note and kidnapped David disguised throughout the entire book. Charles and Carmichael are the kids playing with the tennis ball and they see Paula who they fantasize over. Their little friend is George who has the bunny. Leopold and Loeb is a comic in which this short story is based off of. Violet Vanderplatz wants to be loved by Penrod, they get married but long distance. He never shows up for prom. Vida lives with her grandmother, Ida and writes for a failed magazine on a typewriter, she’s unhappy and lonely and follows Wilder around winds up being successful and going to Hollywood. Mr and Mrs Armes are detectives trying to solve the mystery however, Mrs Armes is having an affair with the police officer. Charles is secretly in love with Violet but she doesn’t know, he creates the whole in the wall even though she thinks it her step dad. Rocky was the basis of the whole and the entire story of art form. Carmichael is disguised as killing David with the scene with the whole in the ground. Blue bunny becomes a character escapes from jail and acts like a crazy person. Charles and Violet’s parents divorce she goes to AZ and then HI. She said she would want to marry a guy like Charles. a) Themes i) crime ii) teen romance iii)inside vs outside the story iv)communication v) male character dominance (1) they are all scrawny and don’t succeed in life vi)fiction vs nonfiction (1) nonfiction: Leopold and Loeb story (2) fiction- blue bunny aspect b) Comic Form i) Designed like a children’s comic strip (1) Bright colors (2) Thought and word bubbles c) 29 chapters telling 1 story about the town of Ice Haven i) different styles and layouts d) down play the crime- show victim first 6) Blue Italian Shit- Clowes---1994 A story told in the past about Roger Young- who creates a new persona to a punk rock attitude with John Travolta hair cut who ran after chicks. First roommate was Nat who walked around naked and David was a gay fashion major. New roommate, Larry was a creep and everything was made of cardboard, he was an atheist and a republican. He went downtown one night saw homeless men, saw the girl of his dreams and got laid at a concert. a) Time frame i) Retrospective- a look back in time ii) Linear in means to the diary


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