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Art History Quiz 4 Study Guide

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by: Nicole

Art History Quiz 4 Study Guide AHI 101LR

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > Art History > AHI 101LR > Art History Quiz 4 Study Guide

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About this Document

Includes all images and terms we are responsible to know for Quiz 4. I also included a few pieces that we covered in my recitation class on Jerusalem last week, just in case they turn up on the quiz.
Survey Egypt To Renaiss
Watrous, L V
Study Guide
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Shikun Hwang
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Lauren McLaughlin

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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nicole on Saturday November 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to AHI 101LR at University at Buffalo taught by Watrous, L V in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 278 views. For similar materials see Survey Egypt To Renaiss in Art History at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 11/07/15
Quiz 4 Study Guide Jerusalem 1.) Temple of Herod, 10 BC -To win popularity with the Jews, the emperor Herod proposed to rebuild the temple of Zerubbabel (Temple Mount) -The area of the temple site was inadequate for his design and to enlarge it he built up a wall from the bottom of the valley, binding rocks together with lead and iron -Temple was built by priests & was divided into courts -The temple was placed on the exact site of the temple of Solomon 2.) Western Wall -Western support wall built during the widening of the Temple Mount Plaza -It is believed that prayers placed in the crack of the wall will be answered 3.) Church of the Holy Sepulcher -Identified as both the place of crucifixion and tomb of Jesus of Nazareth -Major pilgrimage center form Christians around the world 4.) Temple Mount -Rocky outcrop where Muslims believe Muhammad ascended to the presence of God on the “Night Journey” described in the Quar’an -Site of the first and second Jewish temples -Jews & Christians variously associate it with Solomon, the creation of Adam, and the site where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac 5.) Dome o f the Rock -Built on Temple Mount -By appropriating a site holy to the Jewish and Christian faiths, the Dome of the Rock is the first architectural manifestation of Islam’s view of itself as completing the prophecies of those faiths and superseding them Art of India 6.) Yakshi, 250 BC -Yakshi is a spirit associated with the productive forces of nature -The figure embodies female beauty & procreative abundance, therefore recognizing the generosity of the gods and the workings of dharma in the world 7.) Vishnu Creates the World, 530 BC -Relief in Vishnu Temple -Depicts Vishnu asleep on the serpent of infinity (Anata), dreaming the universe into existence -A lotus sprouts from his belly-button holding Brahma, first creation of the universe 8.) Eternal Shiva, 6 Century h -Huge bust on the south wall of the Shiva Temple -Represents his Sadashiva or Eternal Shiva aspect -Three heads represent Shiva’s nature as creator, protector, and destroyer 9.) Dancing Shiva -Signifies the universe’s cycle of death & rebirth, as well as a dance for every individual, signifying the liberation of the believer through Shiva’s compassion -Life is like a dance and you must find the rhythm -Shiva dances on Apasmara, a dwarf who represented ignorance Terms: Hinduism-Religion of India that emphasizes freedom from the material world through purification of desires and elimination of personal identity Vishnu-Principal Hindu deity, protector & preserver of worlds Shiva-Hindu deity, “the destroyer” Devi- Hindu goddess of love, maternity, and death Early China 10.) Tomb of Shihuangdi, First Chin Emperor, 210 BC -Model of the Palace holding over 6,000 terracotta soldiers meant to protect the Emperor after his death -Each figure is individualized -Took 36 years to build 11.) Bronze Wine Vessel, Shang Dynasty, 13 th Century BC -“Guang”-ritual pouring vessel showing a highly sculptural rendition of animal forms -Pouring spout and cover are modeled as the head and body of a tiger, while the rear portion of the vessel & cover is conceived as an owl -Shang creatures always have a sense of mystery 12.) Painted Banner, Han Dynasty, 160 BC -Early Han dynasty marks the twilight of China’s “Mythocentric Era”, when people believed in a close relationship between the human & supernatural -T-shaped banner represents this, painted with scenes from the 3 levels of the universe: heaven, earth, and the underworld 13.) Relief from Wu Family Shrine, Han Dynasty, 151 AD -Technique for carving reliefs was to cut away the background and then scrape it with vertical striations that provided a texture to contrast with the flat smooth surface of the relief design -Depicts a wide range of subjects drawn from Taoist Mythology & Confucian history 14.) Seated Buddha, Yungang Caves, 480 AD -Carved into a cave along the silk road trade routes -45 foot statue became visible to the open air when front part of cave crumbled away -Overall effect is remote & austere, less human than the more sensuous expression of the early Buddhist traditions in India 15.) Wild Goose Pagoda, Chang’An, 645 AD -Important architecture of Tang Dynasty-constructed for a monk on his return from a 16-year pilgrimage to India -Pagoda is a typical east Asian Buddhist structure 16.) Buddha & Attendants -Stele in high relief depicts a seated Buddha with two attendants -Seated in a yogic position on a pedestal supported by 2 lions -Right hand raised in a symbolic gesture meaning “have no fear” -Buddha has 32 distinguishing characteristics 17.) Travellers among Mountains & Streams à -Intense vertical landscape, nearly 7 feet high divided into 3 planes -Travellers are hardly visible-meant to represent human’s insignificance in comparison to nature 18.) Fishing in a Mountain Stream -Massive hand-scroll from Northern Song dynasty -Allows the vantage point to change as you move through the scroll -Again representing the insignificance of man-man is not trying to alter nature, but rather be united with it -Reflects Taoist ideals 19.) Twelve Views of Landscape -Long hand-scroll created for an educated audience aware of Taoist ideals and teachings -Development from the rational and intellectual to the emotional and intuitive -Nearly 8 feet long Photo Sources: 1.) 2.) content/uploads/2015/03/IsraelandJordan_Shannon-1200.jpg 3.) , content/uploads/2014/07/Church-of-the-Holy-Sepulchre-Inside-Destroyed- c.jpg 4.) mple_Mount_(Aerial_view,_2007)_01.jpg 5.) 5570190061.jpg 6.) 7.) ishnu.jpg 8.) 9.) 10.) terracotta-armypa-775171-qt27122012.jpg 11.) arc_pht.jpg 12.) Western_Han_Chinese_Silk.JPG 13.) 14.) 01/0013729e4a9d0bb4f56a1a.jpg 15.) pagoda-1.gif 16.) /jpg/buddha_and_attendants_1318305615315.jpg 17.) 18.) 19.) 18/jpg/48.jpg


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