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Midterm Review

by: lambdalambdalambdas

Midterm Review COMD 4489

GPA 3.5
Clinical Procedures
Dr. Ivey

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About this Document

Ethics, data collection, and intervention. Unit 1
Clinical Procedures
Dr. Ivey
Study Guide
comd, midterm, clinical procedures, pico
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by lambdalambdalambdas on Sunday November 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COMD 4489 at University of Houston taught by Dr. Ivey in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Clinical Procedures in Language at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 11/08/15
A desire to help others Strengths in social interactions Enjoyment of close contact with people Strong communication skills Taking pleasure in just talking Comfortable around people with disabilities Interest in the various processes by which communication takes place Behavioral Observations Measure presence or absence of behavior Determine frequency Determine situationsconditions where behavior occurs Observe severity or duration of behaviors Intervention 1 Eliminate the underlying cause 2 Compensatory strategies 3 Modify the disorder intervention implementing the recommendations made in the assessments portion 0 purpose is to effect change in communicative behavior to maximize client s potential 0 teaches strategies for overall communication rather than specific behaviors o scaffolds are gradually removed as client demonstrates independent mastery of target skill Products goals Processes activities Contexts settings Short term goals gt long term goal Long term goal gt termination of target behavior Behavioral objective performance condition and criterion lncrease complexitv of task bv Removing cues Varying targets Changing settings or condition Data Collection allows clinician to track client progress provides documentation to efficacy of treatment maximizes clinician effectiveness eg correct vs incorrect tallies or interval scales also distinguish between cueing levels and assistance the conditions probes administered periodically throughout treatment to measure progress no reinforcement novel stimuli internal evidence related to clinician experiences values and culture external evidence found in published works orjournals evidencebased practice 1 External evidence 2 Internal evidence from careful evaluation 3 Internal evidence from examination of clinician preferences Expert opinion gt case study gt case study with consistent outcomes in replications experimental trial gt systematic review gt randomized control trial gt meta analysis beneficence maximizing the benefit to the client nonmaleficence minimizing harm to the client autonomy functioning independently without extraneous influence justice practicing fairness PICO person intervention contrast intervention outcome that is desired 1 Develop PICO lnternal evidence External evidence Evaluate external evidence W WN lntegrate internal and external evidence 6 Apply and evaluate the outcome Treating Articulation Disorders 1 identify Standard English sound target vs erred sound that s being produced 2 Approximation until target is produced 3 practice increasing complexity each time 4 generalize the target sound to all situations Treating Phonological Disorders 0 teaching rules of speech 0 minimal pairs 0 focus is on patterns of errors 0 establish phonemic contrasts o generalization will occur to other sounds or sound classes 1 concept and discrimination training 2 production training at the word level Texas Early Childhood Intervention ECI Infants gt 2 years 364 days of age Individualized Family Service Plan or IFSP written documentation that captures info on child s needs 0 outcomes identified by family 0 actions procedures to achieve goals 0 strategies to assess progress Preschool secondary aged children receive their services from Texas Education Agency TEA Individualized Education Program or IEP written document identifying specialized resources needed for student to succeed academically Roles of an SLP Individual Service Provider 0 60 days to evaluate from the date of consent 0 cannot reevaluate less than 1 year 0 must reeval every 3 years c 30 days to complete ARD o 30 days to implement ARD decision 0 Teachers can t refer until after Week 9 of school 0 School has 15 school days to provide parents opportunity for written consent of eval 0 District as 45 school days to conduct the evaluation after receiving consent 0 School has 30 days after the eval to hold ARD meeting to review results and determine eligibility Collaborator 0 identify and agree upon problem 0 identify solutions 0 consider cultural needs 0 discuss possible results and recommendations 0 make decision that is accepted by entire team Consultant teach techniques and procedures so parent or teacher can work with child in natural environment Code of Ethics 0 Confidentiality Referral if you know you are not skilled enough to take the case 0 ties in with competent practice 0 Informed consent 0 Nonmaleficence o Bene cence o Nondiscrimination 0 Infection control 0 Prognosis and cures


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