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Exam 2 Notes

by: Emily Miller

Exam 2 Notes Span 1200

Emily Miller
GPA 3.4
Elementary Spanish II

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About this Document

Elementary Spanish II
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily Miller on Sunday November 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Span 1200 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Staff in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish II in Spanish at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 11/08/15
GOOD I 000 O O The Consumer s Republic America and Postwar Prosperitv An Affluent Society GI Bill of 1944 massive government program helps pay for college education for returning soldiers offers vocational training low interest home loans fuels the American economy helps with growth of white middle class The Golden Age of capitalism change in the economy that focuses on the consumer market Americans have a expendable income for the first time Changing economy Consumer market Television suburban themed shows follows the daily lives of white suburban families Suburbia mostly white families the father is the average hard working man women go back to being housewives after working during the war Leave It To Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet portrayal of the ideal children respect for those who are in charge of them but also become rebellious Cold War golden age of capitalism becomes good propaganda for the war How can the US Spread capitalism throughout other countries use of consumerism Soviet Union wants to spread communism June 1959 Soviet Exhibition New York hold exhibitions in other countries to show what is happening in each country quotSoft diplomacyquot This exhibition wanted to highlight industrialization bc they had rapidly grown in industrialization bc of communism July 24 1959 American National Exhibition Moscow us can39t use industrialization to show capitalism so they use consumerism to show off Soviet Union people were obsessed with the American culture Nixon goes to Moscow on behalf of America Cultural diplomacy showing off cars and clothes soviet union people loved the rock n roll display americans made a display of a white suburban house all the impressive appliances that white working class can afford to buy countries wrestling with consumerism Kitchen Debate Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev What Freedom Means to Us speech given by Nixon goes over the freedom of speech and religions about the free market basically what Americans hold up as key democratic values freedom means the right to consume and participate in the consumer marketplace Race African Americans were largely left out from experiencing consumerism they didn39t earn enough money Poverty poverty was still a problem in America not everyone had the right to experience consumerism Spokesservants IO 0 O Asphyxiation Conformity consumerism encourages conformity 1950 David Riesman The Lonelv Crowd the inner directed person existed during the 19th century they have this inner compass that guides them inner values for family and church that helps them determine right and wrong this personality dominated society bc they became good ideal characters Outer directed seen as a quotradarquot people driven by external forces allowing other people to tell them how to act very showed personality bc there is so sense of values or virtues personality now built on the idea of wanting to fit in Consumption thought to bring equality in society 1958 John Kenneth Galbraith The Affluent Society critique of white middle class and the federal government of grieve and selfishness thought people were wasting away their extra income of things they did not need money should be used to help out the poor and less fortunate solution was to raise income taxes federal government was fueling American selfishness Religion Human sin and idolatry Americans are putting their faith in the wrong places in consumerism and expenditures these things are shallow and won39t bring true happiness don39t try to find salvation in materialisticconsumeristic things materials ultimately fade away Reinhold Niebuhr an American theologian ethicist public intellectual commentator on politics and public affairs Beware of the Reds First Red Scare immigrants fear of working class unrest fear of sabotage and violence immigrants targeted Second Red Scare us citizens fear of government infiltration fear vulnerable people would be converted intellectuals and liberals targeted Origins of the Cold War O I I0 I I O I I00 I 0 World War II tensions US and Soviet Union ideas clashing over what to do with european countries soviet union wants to come in and take over Poland to avoid any german attack tensions over what to do with Nazi war criminals US wants a world court 1947 George Kennan s Long Telegram to the US government a recommendation about how America should deal with the Soviet Union Domino theory if one country falls communism then the other countries around it will follow suit and spread the culture Containment policy must accept what already is Russia is already communist but they need to keep it there keep it contained where it already is Postwar Europe Sphere of influence Marshall Plan created during this time of devastation and poverty Domestic AntiCommunism 1938 House UnAmerican Activities Committee HUAC meant to root out fascists working for the government shifts to finding communists that are working in the government don39t want people undermining the US government and military February 1950 Joseph McCarthy low level senator finally made a name for himself when he made a popular speech gives real details to fears of communists working for the government Tydings Committee goal is to investigate whether or not there are communists working in the governmentcongress found that McCarthy was lying still heightens the fears of communists in the society Popular Culture how people got their knowledge and ideas 1947 Motion Picture Alliance for Preservation of American ldeals Hollywood at the front of popular culture particularly focusing on communism Ayn Rand Screen Guide for Americans provides recommendations on how movies should be made and what themes they should emphasize movies should praise the american way of life don t make wealthy as the villains don t want rebellion against social norms would be seen as communist Blacklists celebrities accusing people in hollywood of being communist names put on the list and those people would be brought to the senate and trialed for being a communist 1947 Hollywood Ten refuse to comply when called upon the senate claiming people have the freedom of speech and art people should be left alone the ten are thrown in jail James Bond hugely popular in america Spies become popular in US and europe spies big during the war to find out secrets something romantic about the spy life secrets hiding for the country cool gadgets 1962 Dr No Dr No wants to blow up an american rocket threatening america s power and dominance in the world 1954 Comics Code Authority thought comics were causing juvenile delinquents and causing rebellion against parents The Authority made writers follow certain guidelines as to what they can put in the comic books not as violent so kids didn t grow up as violent Captain America arch enemy was the Red Skull soviet agent becomes known as a communist smasher with the idea that he could help end the cold war IO 0 0 0 IO 0 1953 Arthur Miller The Crucible about the Salem witch trials mirrors the cold war people are spooked by an unreal force Miller says Satan wasn t real and that something else was causing this mass paranoia this encourages conformity you don t want to seem like an outsider or a communist Soviet League of the Militant Godless enforcement group undermine religion in the Soviet Union turn everything atheist sees religion as a rebellious communist force Godless Communism Bill Graham important figure in the cold war September 1949 Christ for greater Los Angeles tells americans they aren t prepared to win the cold war they are a sick society mentally and spiritually need revival to succeed indicates that the cold war requires civil duty and a strong militarygovernment Spiritual Warfare Pledge of Allegiance under god is added because God is the one determining what is going on idea that God was more needed in society show the world how we believe in God and how we are spiritual As Long As They Don t Move Next Door The Black Freedom Movement America s Achilles Heel during the cold war the soviet union uses the state39s racial issues as a defense mechanism Double V Campaign african american men and women who served in the military during WW2 they can victory at home and overseas can use international victory as a way to gain more rights at home but things do not change The Cold War massive amounts of decolonization Sphere of influence both countries wanting to expand their sphere of influence trying to to help the decolonized countries become more like them expand markets and culture primarily towards people of color July 25 1946 Monroe Georgia lynching conducted Roger and Dorothy Malcolm war veteran Rodger stabbed his white owner and taken to jail for assault charges another white owner pays his bail car stopped by a white mobbed and murdered other three people in the car Soviet Union again uses this issue of race to break down the state39s representation George and Mae Murray Dorsey November 1947 Francois George George invited to agricultural conference in Mississippi but was kicked out of the hotel because of his skin color he decides to leave even though he was invited to the conference by the United States 1954 Brown v Board of Education was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional IO IIO I 00 The Movement Grows 1955 civil rights movement grows August Emmett Till 14 yo black citizen murdered while visiting family in Mississippi he and his friends went to a general store and was claimed to harass the white women store owner Till s coping mechanism for his stuttering was to whistle as the woman claimed he did towards her September Roy Bryant and JW Milam go to Till s uncle39s house and drags Till out in the middle of the night beat him to death dumped him in a river and sunk to the bottom trial for Bryant and Milam after the body was found found innocent later admitted to the murder but were off the hook Till s mother wanted people to realize how awful african americans were treated to help the civil rights movement advance 1956 Look magazine December Montgomery Bus Boycott challenging civil rights on public transportation Rosa Parks Students 1960 Greensboro sitins sitins at restaurants challenge racial discrimination in public areas 1960 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee SNCC stems from the sitins black college students one of the most important civil rights organization in the country formed to give young blacks more of a voice in the civil rights movement 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer SNCC send black and white college students to Mississippi to register black voters were ready to face violence Poll tax a tax levied on every adult without reference to income or resources Literacy tax impossible for most people to pass blacks handed a law and had to explain it in order to vote University of Missouri important battleground for civil rights movement 1935 Confederate Rock built the confederate rock honoring confederate war veterans Lloyd L Gaines 1936 applied to Law School had exceptional grades denied admissions on the basis of race sets out to challenge this decision sues the university for this decision and their policy 1938 Gaines V Canada his case taken to the supreme court his lawyers wanted to challenge the law because all law schools were white the state could integrate or build a new law school the supreme court agrees that blacks should be included 1939 Disappearance Gaines disappears still unsure what happened to him pressures of the case and being in the public eye admitted he would have been happier had he not gone through the whole process 1950 First black students admitted to the university a majority of the white students agreed the school should accept blacks 1974 Confederate Rock removed taken to Boone County is no longer in the state capital 0 The Fight Goes North white northerners were usually just as racist as the southerners they were fine with blacks as long as they didn t come to them 19101970 Great Migration more blacks start moving north millions hoping the north will bring less racial violence and more job opportunities Black metropolises Harlem expansion of an unique black culture stores restaurants magazine39s own communities Resistance northerners didn t want blacks stealing their jobs labor unions didn t want their labor being devalued White flight white people flee the cities for the suburbs wanted to get away from the blacks leads to the black ghetto from less infrastructure in the cities government stops caring about the places where the blacks are blacks lowered the value of suburbs Chicago important place in the civil rights movement Trumbull Park South Deering public housing built by the federal government for poor working families 1937 Housing Act gives the government to money and power to build cities for working class to live 1950 Chicago Housing Authority pass a nondiscrimination law it is illegal to discriminate housing based on race August 1953 Donald and Betty Howard black couple that moved in Trumbull park because Donald was a war veteran and technically deserved the house government realized they were black and they were then faced with violence the city police had to escort the couple wherever they went July 10 1954 baseball riot diamond in Trumbull park armed police officers had to be there during the black ball game fight breaks out between the black ball players and the white onlookers an officer tries to keep whites from throwing rocks and he is then tackled and roughed up whites kept him from doing his job his men do not help their superior officer 1966 Chicago Freedom Movement MLK leads this bring the successful taxes to the north main goal was to pass laws outlawing racial discrimination Cicero March black and white protestors march through Cicero to see their laws pass 1968 Fair Housing Act prohibiting laws based on discrimination makes it unlawful to refuse to sell rent to or negotiate with any person because of that person39s race Q We Plav Anvone Sports and the Black Freedom Movement Heroes cultural figures in the country Joe Louis moved north during the great migration held the heavyweight champion title in boxing for twenty years became inspiration for rural middle class people thought to be another Jack Johnson another Black Beast was told to treat whites with respect The Brown Bomber and the Dark Destroyer Joe s nicknames in the boxing world was thought to become another Jack Johnson I Respectability wanted to create his image as being respectable manipulated his words in I IIIO I GIO newspapers to make him sound literate June 1938 Max Schmeling heavyweight champion of the world between 1930 and 1932 idol of the nazis aryan boxer from germany in a rematch against Joe Louis he lost embarrassment to nazi germany Jackie Robinson received four scholarships for sports UCLA became well known black football player Military service serves during WW2 1945 Kansas City Monarchs signed onto their baseball team all black team that year signed with Brooklyn Dodgers 1947 The Noble Experiment his rookie year inspirational as a black athlete picked for the team because of his non violenceeasygoing personality wouldn t lash out when threatened 1962 Baseball Hall of Fame first black baseball played inducted 1968 Olympics Olympic Project for Human Rights to fight inequality around the world Tommie Smith 1 Peter Norman 2 and John Carlos 3 members for the human rights project all raced 200 meter for track wore beads after the race for the slaves and innocent black lives lost due to racial inequality John Carlos was australian and supported the other two s views All were banned from the olympics for taking a stance Aftermath 0 International Olympic Committee condemn the actions of the human rights project they did wrong for dividing up the countries To encourage and support the promotion of ethics in sport as well as education of youth through sport and to dedicate its efforts to ensuring that in sport the spirit of fair play prevails and violence is banned massive amounts of hostility for the two black man that took a stance Avery Bundrage the fifth president of the International Olympic Committee serving from 1952 to 1972 Back home received much hatred and hostility IO IOIOO 0 Integrating the Gridiron Football and the South 2030s shift to the south The New South rise of southern cities tries to become more urbanized Rural and urban values football brings these two ideas together Paul Bear Bryant football coach at Alabama helped make football popular southern hero for popularizing football 1956 Sugar Bowl intergration of blackwhite athletes playing on the field in the south Gentleman s agreement Northern colleges assented to hold black athletes out of all games with Southern schools Jan 2 1956 Georgia Tech vs Pittsburgh Panthers Georgia won 73 Bobby Grier played for the Panthers caused the loss for Pittsburgh due to a faulty penalty Governor Marvin Griffin governor of Georgia who tried to cancel the game rather than see a black person play in Georgia Student protests freedom of football riots black college students destroying the town because of his decision not having the game being played said the governor had gone too far in regulating college sports fighting for the freedom of football should be outside the government s control 1957 Senator Leon Butts tried to prohibit integration in sports thought sports would collapse if they allowed blacks to play more University of Missouri a part of the influential movement of integration in sports Dixie and Confederate flag confederate flag waved to celebrate when the home team scored Dixie song played during the game extremely racist 1957 Norris Stevenson first black player to sign with Mizzou for football team 1968 The Legion of Black Collegians fight at football game because of dixie and confederate flag was extremely offensive blacks approached them with their own flag to backlash at them created the Legion to deal with civil rights and equality changes


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