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EDUC 500 Customized Learning Theory Paper Final Instructions Complete solution

by: Topseller Notetaker

EDUC 500 Customized Learning Theory Paper Final Instructions Complete solution PRG211

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About this Document

EDUC 500 Customized Learning Theory Paper Final Instructions Complete solution
Study Guide
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Topseller Notetaker on Monday November 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PRG211 at Ashford University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see in Computer Programming at Ashford University.

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Date Created: 11/09/15
Introduction Learning is lasting change in behavior that is the result of experience Due to social and technology development the learning environment is gradually Changing The social and technology are impacted by our external environment which becomes different in future As everything is Changing so the learning theories are also Changing along with it Currently the research is going on for developing new theories to fit the current situation Learning plays a vital role in life of every individual from the birth to become educated individual and effective Citizen The process of learning affects our behavior known as Behaviorism The idea of behaviorism is that only observable behaviors are worthy of research as other abstraction such as a person s mood or thoughts are subjective in nature Learning is an important concept in numerous areas of psychology educational social and developmental psychology This paper will discuss about some important learning theories Learning Theory and Its Importance The very first question as an educator is that how the teacher creates the setting in the Classroom for the learning to take place for the Children The first article that I examined by Cooperstein amp Weidinger titled Beyond active learning a constructivist approach to learning states that that constructivist learning moves from experience to knowledge and not the other way around The learning of an individual is guided mainly by four basic principles new learning develops on prior knowledge possessed social interaction with others increases the learning learners construct their own meaning and authentic tasks helps in developing learning In constructivist learning teachers arrange the conditions of learning in such a way that the students will learn what is intended out of it The constructivist approach if carefully planned and structured helps the students to discover concepts and develop requisite skills The activities carried out in the classroom helps in understanding the concepts on basis of which students construct the meaning and learning takes place The next article by Clark Threeton amp Ewing titled The Potential of Experiential Learning Models and Practices in Career and Technical Education amp Career and Technical Teacher Education author states that as per the experiential learning theory learning can take place through direct educational encounter or through day to day events This theory has the greatest potential within an educational setting and an ability to enhance the teacher education process The learning which takes place does not depend just on the learning style and intelligence but also depends on the characteristics of individual The Experiential learning provides an opportunity to provide students with richer experiences and improve student retention People learn based on the mind brain school and experience The experiential learning allows students to learn the course content in the way that best suits their learning style The students learn through experience re ection application and abstraction Further the students are made aware that learning never takes place in isolation In the article I have examined by Reynard titled Social Networking Learning Theory in Action author states that as per the social learning theory effective learning takes place through social interaction and no individual learns in isolation In the current digital environment the valuable social skills that support learning are the skills developed within current Internet based social spaces Instructors are required to innovate to model the same skills they are looking for in their students while maintaining a conventional ow in the learning process of passive reception pre determined levels of interaction regulated outcomes of information exchange and production Children learn at widely varying rates Children of the same age do not have same level of learning but the schools do not consider this and act on it We as educators should realize this fact when we try to individualize education based on aptitude and ability The learning theories plan in important role in deciding on the way the learning should take place and how the other person is made to learn In the current digital age the pattern of learning has started changing as students are shifting from tutors to more autonomous learners In the article by Kop amp Hill titled Connectivism Learning theory of the future or vestige of the past reviewed by me author has stated that new learning theories have been developed to replace the older theories that have become inferior The theory of Connectivism has been developed for the digital age Connectivism is a theoretical framework for understanding learning The starting point for learning occurs when knowledge is actuated through the process of a learner connecting to and feeding information into a learning community As per this theory knowledge is distributed across an information network and can be stored in a variety of digital formats Connectivism has been considered as separate learning theory It plays an important role in the development and emergence of new pedagogies where control is shifting from the tutor to an increasingly more autonomous learner Description of an Effective Teacher and Learning Environment An effective teacher enables to make learning happens in the classroom Teacher possesses knowledge but he has to mold to become effective in teaching and learning to take place Slavin identifies general attributes that are holistically what makes a good effective teacher Slavin R pg 3 2009 There is not just one skill set that makes a teacher exceptional the four components that drill down the chemistry to a good teacher are decision making capability self knowledge and self regulation application of educational research and re ection Slavin R pg 5 2009 To become an effective teacher the teacher need to combine all the four traits with different learning styles to create an atmosphere in the classroom that fosters children interest in learning An effective teacher plans to meet the goal of cooperative learning and maXimize on the task in the stipulated time The two components on which an effective teacher should focus attention are motivating students and the physical learning environment The first component focuses on motivating students for learning to happen effectively An effective teacher can use an audiovisual aids to eXplain the concepts to the students in an effective way The teacher should try to keep the attention of the students focused in the class An effective teacher uses effective feedback while assessing students work to create the positive atmosphere The use of technology in the classroom can significantly enhance learning and students engagement Learning takes place at fast pace for students who are given ample opportunities to use technology in the classroom The second component for effective teaching to take place is the physical learning environment The physical setup of the room by the teacher enables them to be effective productive and efficient in teaching A messy room does not show professionalism and also a good environment for teaching cannot be created Whereas a well organized room with proper furniture and equipments for teaching show professionalism and teacher take up their roles seriously and teaches in an effective way The well established learning environment in the classroom helps the learning to take place efficiently and the students also show interest Learning Characteristics In the paragraph above I have focused on effective teachers using multimodalities for creating a focused and efficient learning environment Teachers draft the lesson plan by taking into consideration several learning styles at one time By using different learning styles students become more engaged in the lessons and learning takes place at faster pace The students are able to understand the goals of learning so do not get bored or frustrated The temptation to behave poorly is eliminated as students are focused and engaged in learning Regardless of a student s personal learning style the students can learn in classroom that is well maintained and controlled effectively by the teacher The positive environment in the classroom enables students to learn to their full potential An educator must set the learning stage properly in the current educational climate For learning an effectively managed classroom is a firm foundation Structured learning environment minimize the need to track students in their educational careers as students regardless of ability level can learn efficiently This is due to the fact that all students are engaged in learning and the chance of learning gaps is minimized So proper management in the classroom helps in minimizing the time on tracking other activities and increases total time for tasks in hand Personal Re ection My personal customized learning theory focuses on allowing students to move around the classroom interact with one another and play games around in the class Playing games within the classroom does not mean playing board games There are several ways to make work fun by changing them into games and activities so that learning takes place effectively Learning is not just one way it involves two way communications between teacher and students in the class My personal learning style is kinesthetic because I like to have a physical activity involved in the learning process for learning to take place and participate in different activities While teaching in my class I use hands on approaches to teach so that students are able to understand the lessons easily I also incorporate some brain based activities and strategies in order to make everyone learn and reach the learners easily I teach by preparing the lesson plans which incorporates the objective or goal of the lesson the content of the lesson and the activities related to the topic The segments of the lesson plan make the learning easy and the students are clear about how their learning will look like The Parkers Learning Skills had very valuable information and insight into which I am as a teacher and person The study skills showed many areas of strength but the main categories were technology listening career oriented and life skills I am able to re evaluate my teaching style and organize my class after having clear understanding of my learning profile Understanding the learning profile helps to strengthen the teaching style and also strengthen areas within the students Conclusion For an effective learning it is important to understand different learning theories and their importance in learning process The effective teaching style and internal environment of classroom is essential for an effective teacher to carry out learning in the classroom Having a clear understanding of how students learn decreases behavior in the classroom and students learn in the way they like and do not get bored Mastering effective classroom management will help make the teaching eXperience better and the learning eXperience better for students Effective classroom management could mean the difference between a student passing and failing a subject grade state or national exam Good Support to students in moral social and emotional development give them confidence to become good learners Involvement of Parents also plays a major role in the learning of the students Knowledge oriented teachers easily understand the condition of students such as work pressure stress homework or any other factors Teachers parents and the learning environment all together play a role in the moral social and emotional development of the students References Cooperstein SE amp Weidinger EK 2004 Beyond active learning a constructivist approach to learning Vol32 No2 141 148 Clark RW Threeton MD amp Ewing J C 2010 The Potential of Experiential Learning Models and Practices in Career and Technical Education amp Career and Technical Teacher Education Vol 25 No 2 46 62 Jeffery CR 1965 Criminal Behavior and Learning Theory Vol 56 Issue 3 Grusec J E 1992 Social learning theory and Developmental Psychology The legacies of Robert sears and Albert Bandura Vol 28 No 5 776 786 Reynard R 2008 Social Networking Learning Theory in Action Kop R amp Hill A 2008 Connectivism Learning theory of the future or vestige of the past Vol 9 No 3 Slavin R E 2009 Educational psychology Theory and practice 9th ed Upper Saddle River NJ Pearson Education Inc Van Brummelen H 2009 Walking with God in the Classroom Christian approaches to teaching and learning 3rd ed Colorado Springs CO Purposeful Designs Publications


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